Session 284-2/14/80

Forces-Greeting to all here present now. We are serving many avenues areas perceptions and control throughout the world and find that there is a balancing factor that is taking place including a new economy into existence. We find that this to will affect major countries throughout the world. Because as far as your condition in America things will be working out for the best in its new enterprise creativity and culture. Culture being whatever you would make of it. As far as Iran is concerned it seems as they say that its coming down to the wire, but the wire could be far off on technicalities. But the situation there is a contagious for them to co-operate with America for they have the Soviet Union at their doorstep and now they are weighing very drastically what would be the balancing factor of who’s the worst enemy. Of course Afghanistan will never be calm and of course there will be tremendous eruptions and explosions. Of course Pakistan and also with India there should be that eruption. Hoping that there will not have to be these eruptions or explosions but more of a calming atmosphere and aspect, working for it and towards it with each passing days rest to be hoped for. There are many strange happenings that will affect major cities within your country and many new impulses and growing processes are about ready to manifest. Also dealing with the aliens from other planets and also dealing with us. But in reality there are big ah growth processes that are about to follow in the creative fields and if not we sure will have to try to make that happen.

Forces-We are ready now for your questions.

DD-Person at work has blood clots in their legs. Is there anything that can help that?

Forces-Well you know the magic formula of castor oil. Castor oil for everything from the tip of the head to the bottom of the bottom. This too elevation is necessary a tremendous amount of working off the feet is necessary, elevation, diet must be watched salt eliminated, sugars eliminated and water plenty of water to be absorbed in the body, a teaspoon of course apple cider vinegar in the morning and in the afternoon and at night will be a tremendous help. These blood clots are more of a stress (—) combination coming about. Also that factor will have to be put in order. Baths too lukewarm baths also have a tremendous cure for these blood clots.

DD-Thank you very much.

IS-What is the right method of hammering?

Forces-It is strange to say the right method of hammering. Your first method of hammering of course is that the person who is doing the hammering does not take their aggression out on the hammer. This is the tension is not focused on the hand but their whole hand hammers with a certain amount of grace at-easement. The hammering only produces the resistance shock, which goes back into the body if there is too much of a personal self will involved in the hammering. Just allowing the spirit to take over the hammering and moving or flowing with it could help a tremendous amount in the ability of the hammering.

IS-Thank you very much.

NN-Why in Moses blessing in Deut., why is there none for Simeon?

Forces-This is basically because of this particular tribe has been cursed and abstained from the blessing itself.

NN-Thank you.

LK: In the case of possession, knowing that almost everybody every day becomes possessed at certain times and in going to the extreme of, this case of possession that we saw in the movie and knowing how easy it is on a day to day level to have those moments where you become possessed. What has to happen for a case like we saw in that movie to happen, where that so total of possession takes over a person?

Forces: Interesting as it is, possession is also a two way street, while one might be reacting, you must remember that there is a reaction to, ah reactor around it. Ah the conditions of possession taking about in the body is gradual. More or less the, the expression of, of destruction and the how could we say it, this total hate and lashing out at all those around is a force that the society and the pressures in society has created a work tool with Satan. A large percentages of jobs are in Satan’s territories, there are very few jobs in respect that Satan does not walk occasionally into. What we are trying to say is that possession is a quality in which Satan enters within the body, it happens, and it happened to Jesus, where he was being tempted many times and had to go through that trial and test and tribulation, many times to succeed and many times to fail, but always to try it over again. This aspect of Satan works basically in a physical level and worldly level first, of the logical mind. And it uses the logical mind so expertly, that is, it categorizes and puts items into topics and subjects and outcomes. Not allowing the spirit at all to take over their lives, their allowing pure logic and not faith to take over their lives, therefore the spirit has a difficult time of entering and you would have the conflict there of the outburst or the war with the spirit versus the logical mind. The logical mind of course is Satan’s tool of using this instrument on a worldly level. There are many creative and outpouring efforts that could be done on a worldly level, but there are so many blocks and gates that it cannot really become expressive and stops the flow of that energy, but the unblocking of it or the working this out quality is very dramatically through the prayers, through the chanting’s of your songs and through your meditations has a tremendous power of uplifting gradually from that mire and putting you on a plateau that elevates you. Many of you wonder of, try to wonder of, what happens in meditation and prayer. It is a stepping stone from this logical mind arena and it does truly, without you knowing it elevates the consciousness and gives you inspiration on many levels. Today there are, a very few majority, a very few, receive inspiration and rejuvenation, because very few of them enter into meditation, they stay on a sub-link level of prayer and never enter into that state of, of the Rays, ah give it whatever name you want. How to ah prevent possession on an every day level, daily level occurrence’s, of prayer of course and meditation and keeping a ah, of the seal that you have or crest helps tremendously over your Heart center. For possession enters into the Heart. If you look at it you have the 4 beasts, you have the ox and the bull and the lion and the eagle and the man. Now the bull of course you all know represents Taurus and of course as the question was asked about Moses and the blessings and. In that time it was the Taurean Age, takes about 2,000, 2120 or 2,240 years for the sun to go through the Zodiac Signs. And when the sun equinox follows a particular Zodiac Sign, it enters that evolution and experiences that development that is going on in the earth. Of course at that time Taurus represented the Bull in which the people worshiped the Bull and placed the Sun Orb around its horns. Of course the Bull is a tremendous brute force that becomes base and destructive in its path and has that power of destroying all that it meets or understands, so the understanding power, becomes, if those qualities in you do not understand, well rather than to persevere in work, you destroy, so this would represent the Bullishness in us. The positive side of the Bull is perseverance, working, and the stick-to-it-iveness that the Bull represents, in order to give the Hierophant the raising of the powers. Of course you are now in the Aquarian Age which represents the mysticism and psychic and sciences and revelations, and would represent ah 3 stages of Aquarius, that of Saturn and that of Mercury and of course that of Venus, the 3 stages of, of your ah science in Aquarius. Of course these are triads and there are 3 degrees in themselves. So in these degrees you have 15 ah total, 15 degrees and 15 and 15. But the 3 degrees would represent that power in which once again the sounds on the earth need to evolve, instead of being just the base man in that of Saturn, understanding that in this age you are entering are all the religious occults happening. That is there are many groups forming, many systems. You are not to segregate yourself from one system versus another. You are a group yes, a learning experience course, and in these experiences of spiritual laws you must be open to receive and understand the other. And this is important, of course you had entered into a group that you were invited to and we would suggest to be a little bit more sharing of the tenets of your beliefs, a little bit more expressive in your creative energies. Of course it was kind of careful and all things considering it was advantageous to be carefully expressive, but your tenets and your beliefs, we are not asking that you go out and sow no, simply just be them and live them and the groups that you will meet, divisive and decisive and as they are, that level would be reached with each particular group met. And perseverance and patience and cooperation is needed with each group that you meet. They will not meet up with the standards that you have been living with, nor on the other hand, that other particular group feels that their standards are a bit different from yours. So this needs a certain amount of patience ah knowing that each group has something to offer, but not to subdue and dominate totally anything that you do meet. But this is what is going on at this moment, a certain segments of groups are developing into nucleus’s and the stronger ones and the more apt to survive and the more able to maintain themselves become polished and become resonance and sound carriers and refined and they are the instruments for the future days to come as the throttle, the throne bearers or the establishers of the four corners. And of course this is what you are all working at and on to become a center in which you will be used to become the establishers of the Law, as difficult as it might seem to be, the Law in itself is not accepted readily and must be proven by example and actions. Now you might be wondering how we got on this tangent from possession to the Aquarian Age, simply that we love to talk, (Laughter) but what we are expressing here is that possession comes in and goes through a different areas of cycles and we are mentioning the seal that you wear and the crest and in so doing we express the different avenues of the Ages of the 4 beasts that needs to be developed within man, which ties us into the present conversation that we are now following. But of course man must soar from his desires into the Eagle, the Eagle Man, where he becomes the inspiration and of course that would move you into Venus, that would be of the Aquarian section, never has it been before that man in this time of Age had moved from the base quality of Saturn, of all his precepts and principles into that of Mercury. Now through your prayers and chants, meditations, that will give you the energy and inspiration to move into the Signs of Mercury. And this will give you more what would be called inspirational inventions, which this particular aspect of Aquarius would represent. Very few then would go into Venus which would be the Love aspect of the Aquarian Age, that of the Christ Spirit coming in. So you have a great potential set ahead and before you to accomplish. Everyday must be met and before you know it, you’ll be in your 60’s and 70’s some of you and your life will be in back of you, but your ground work still must be done and each day becomes the biggest advantage and test in this cycle of development of the beast within, which ties us to the possession, cause when the beast within gets more dominance and more control then they refuse to relinquish anything. That’s where patience and perseverance and faith and love and compassion comes in, in subduing the beast within man.

JU-Some people interpret an agreement as a disagreement. Why is that?

Forces-Well this is the Charlottesville syndrome. There are many burned out tubes in some of those people that are not receiving what you are saying but they are coming from a different angle and different understanding of what you understand. So of course the disagreement would immediately happen because you perceive a word differently from how they would perceive the word.

JU-Thank you.

BH-Could you take us any further with the qualities of the centers?

Forces-We were working on the Solar Plexus. We would say the Solar Plexus again revolves with a tremendous amount of energy that if man would concentrate on that particular center he would be able to create out of that center physical on a material level. But it does take time to create from this energy this field. Healing and different responses of the Spirit can come from this center. We’ll leave it at that for the moment not to shortchange you but there is ah many different qualities of different centers that need to be understood but slowly.

DL-In one psalm it says they misused the instruments. What instruments are they talking about?

Forces-These are the, there are many different instruments the Israelis had the Israelites had. They had the instruments of creation and the instruments of energy and light and the power to move things. And they had the ability to perceive things and receive things. Also the instrument of giving foreknowledge and information, which became abused. Also the instrument of maintaining and subduing the beasts for during Moses time there were many beat qualities still left on the earth that these instruments of sound waves or focal points of reflectors had control over and they used these beast, beasts for their own ah wants and desires.

BR-Moses was the Bull and Jesus was Pisces was the Fishes. What will be the symbol for the Aquarian Age?

Forces-The Aquarian Age is the Angel Man it is symbolized in as the Angelic Being.

BR-Thank you.

JE-Can you continue with Saint Germaine?

Forces-We would but we won’t. (Laughter) We will at the next Session will give you…he was a very versatile man and very mysterious man strange he had lots of talents and many people tried to understand what he was all about but could never really get to close to understanding what he did. There are many secrets that are still left unknown to those who are involved with the Spirit for they cannot be revealed readily to the normal eyes or for them to understand for sure what’s going on.

JE-Thank you.

GL-Can you explain what the two balls of light I see in meditation represent?

Forces-This is the constant gyro that surrounds the human body.

GL-Thank you.

BN-What does the Pituitary or the third eye center look like to you?

Forces-It it looks like a (Nome?) (Nobe?) or more of a hanging dewdrop or water droplet and sometimes it maintains its size and sometimes it shrinks. All depends upon the client.

BN-Thank you.

DD-Could you help me understand more about the Bards or Druids and what they did with the Harps and the different rhymes?

Forces-Well let us just try to take with the Harps itself. The Harps were magical in themselves the shapes or forms of the wind moving through them. Those who had formed the harp saw on an astral level the wings of music moving and they took the forms of Harps. In fact some angelic hosts had carried Harps with them, yes for real. You thought that angels were in heaven playing on the Harps but its true, they pluck away. The Harp is a instrument of communication from the fourth dimension to the third dimension. And in the Harp communication is set up from the ethers directly to those listening from the fourth dimension to the third dimension. So there you have like a funnel that is created and funnel is surrounded around the Harp for those to hear and the sounds come through to heal the body and to give information to the physical body and the senses of the five senses.

DD-Thank you.

IS-With my feet.

Forces-The hot compresses should do it.

IS-Rest of the stuff?

Forces-You could go back and forth with it but it should be doing that for the feet as of the ability to make the blood flow around the feet in the area. Basically the problem is bone structure and one of the bones that you have is pressure on the other bones causing this tension and the built up of this pain. The very factor of relieving that tension comes through the water system.

IS-The hot water…?

Forces-This works at that bone residual out yes (—).

IS-Not cold…?

Forces-Yeah the more to the hot at the moment.

IS-Thank you.

IS-What is the Weavers Beam.

Forces-You taking up David. (Laughter) Kind of contagious. The Weavers Beam is the Staff or the energy of Authority and is inscribed the Laws of Man since the Beginning of Time. It also is a factor of receiving all sound waves threw them and producing an energy charge around it to control unseen rays.

IS-It had the ability to change matter things like that, lift things. Like in the Psalm asked about earlier where they misused the instruments?

Forces-This is the instrument they used.

IS-Thank you.

Forces-At this point we will be leaving, feeling the questions are getting to close to our answers. Information sometimes cannot be given readily it has to be carefully given and we know you can understand that.

IS-Is there anything that can be given just for me and the entity Tom?

Forces-In what respect.

IS-We discussed…?

Forces-You discussed them. We will only try to say that keeping the factions and the forces moving on and keeping that regulations and the laws of creative ability and keeping the heart open and that faith factor in light there should be some guidance and taken care of in the movement forward as all must move forward.

IS-Tom and the other aspects?

Forces-Your dealing with a astral finite quality and there always will be difficulty getting into the worldly or basic quality and it can’t really be done a 100 percent accurately. It just cannot be done in a lower level.

IS-Does it mean really there are no Spiritual people holding any kind of position/

Forces-No we didn’t say that, we didn’t say that you, its just they have held the position through certain doors that were being opened so the positions could be had.

IS-And these doors?

Forces-Do come open in time.

IS-Thank you very much.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.