Session 255-8/29/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have (——) throughout the world will be many encounters and changes and situations will manifest themselves in many different ways and with each passing day the world situation seems to be growing smaller and smaller with each nation trying to (—) the other. We find many different working relationships quite strange but then also it is quite interesting to see how one country operates towards the other. Should be much change (as far as?) countries are concerned in the days to come. Weather should be altered and up and down (—) and strange different (—) with the weather patterns is concerned. Certain minerals and gold will be explored and found off Florida and the (other?) eastern coastal states strange as it is. There shall be many changes with the weather conditions to come.

Forces-We are ready for your questions.

DD-Which one of the Egyptian gods would be best to study?

Forces-You have a god Orius who is the strongest part and parcel to study, the linage and the makeup of different items (hybrids?). From that point on you have a family network, the gods which would reflect the planets throughout the solar system. Each planet having a different variance and each star constellation having its different point to be met.

DD-Is that Osiris?


DD-Could you tell me what Horus represents?

Forces-This is the quality in the earth that would bring judgment and virtue. It’s a balancing factor between the will and the heart. When the heart and the will operates together there is Justice and Wisdom combined. It’s above (–). It also is a taker from the earth to bring on to the fourth dimension.

DD-Is Horus the similar to the Speaker Tarot card?

Forces-You will find as a expression of Force, communication, energy from one field to the other.

DD-The chessboard and the chess players is that something they have on their ships?

Forces-This is the calculation of 9th dynasties from the beginning of time to the completion of man in the earth or better yet for the soul of man through the earth.

DD-Would it be on an actual level like a board that’s used on the ship?

Forces-The board is the symbolism of the energy field belts surrounding the earth. It could be utilized affecting the movements of projections of ships.

DD-Thank you very much.

Q: Could you tell us please what will be the social structure in the Golden Age?

Forces: Will be communities living and vibrating together, each one having a High Teacher and a spiritual Guide, an insightful person with the sights of foreknowledge and each one of these High Masters will have under them, jurisdiction of seven to eight instructors. The instructors in (turn?) return shall give the plan and the system to the leaders, the leaders will have what would be considered the learners, the learners will give then to the followers. All the way down to the system, each one having a particular job and structure to work on. This would make the community or city or town cooperative with energy coming from the sun and with a great deal of creative ability surrounding that.

IS: So this is like cities that will remain cities and villages and countries?

Forces: There shall be no more villages or countries because everything shall be developed to the minutest degree.

IS- So in reality the commune idea will continue and take its full course in the Golden Age?

Forces: This is correct, the communal living will have its structure and tell each section or have its area of influence, be it every five miles or every 15 miles there will be a major community and then there will be a major council within the district and you will have a district council that will meet and the district councils, then you have what would be considered, the Guide or Guiders. The Guiders will be what would be considered what you would have (to?) answer to the Elect.

IS-: And will there be, who are the Elect, are they earthly people?

Forces: The Elect are those who from past lifetimes have created and developed their lives to take on the mission. There shall be for each operation of Council there shall be two Elects for each Council. Designated not by political means, but by past lives and amount of work operating to get to a point for the Elect in which they will hold a job for a period of 10 to 15 years, following suite and reviewed every 6 to 7 months to see how they are applying spiritual principles and as such they will have direct communication with beings from the other galaxies and the information to develop and grow a society as know from the Elect they would receive these laws and regulations to provide proper council from on down to the followers.

IS- Will there be also a world governing body?

Forces: There shall be a Council of Elects that would be considered the Hierarchies of the earth and each one would meet as a unified force for the Councils of the Elects.

IS- But that’s not yet the moment when they will reach the ability of movement in and out of the physical body?

Forces: This too will be a growing process and will be developed as time in that particular evolution accomplishes itself. (———–) a great deal of astral traveling done with this (—) and messages instead of telephone could be relayed psychically from one to the other by concentrating and focusing the mind on the person.

IS: Will they have, what kind of transportation will they have?

Forces: Solar boats and solar planes and solar trains and solar ships.

IS: But it’s not yet the moment where they can become total matter, where they can just put on a body at will like Jesus did after the resurrection.

Forces: That would be developed during this Age also.

IS: To a degree to bring forth in another Golden Age?

Forces: Correct.

IS-My feet?

Forces-Massage and Epson salt could help (———-)

IS-Thank you very much.

IS-And my general body energy is that what I’m feeling?

Forces-Yes but it will be all right.

BH-Were the Sons of the Prophets reincarnated as a group after that time?

Forces-They migrate together.

BH-Did Ezekiel or Isaiah come out of that group?

Forces-They had a great deal of influence on it.

BH-Thank you.

GL- Can you tell me (—-) and the meaning of the dream I had at that time.

Forces-Would be the emotional healing (—) was in the heart and also the effects of things (—).

GL-Any guidance for job?

Forces-Just try to create the efficiency and keeping it in order and allowing the sufficiency to pay itself back as time goes on and be patient for the amount of work and distance one needs to with this particular (—).

GL-Thank you.

JU-The symbol for the Tabernacle is Sword and Leaves. Would the Sword point upward or downward?

Forces-Cross-section together.

JU-Crossing Swords?


JU-Thank you very much.

NN Would the souls that you said would not be able to reincarnate back into the earth during the Golden Age, will all of them be in Saturn or where will they be?

Forces: Some will be on the moons of Saturn and of Jupiter and certain other moons. The Golden Age will be 1,729,000 years. Kind of short. (Laughter)

IS- In your counting how many years does that make in the cosmos or in the Universe. How many years does that count for?

Forces: In our years, about 4 to 5 days. Traveling time. Everything is relative now isn’t it.

IS-Why make it that short? It’s about a 5-day vacation.

Forces-Yes we must try to get as much in, in a short time.

IS-The vacation or the Age of Kali?

Forces-The age of the Iron Age.

IS-Is the Iron Age the Age right now?

Forces-Sure is.

IS-Its not Gold.

Forces-Sure Isn’t. (Laughter)

BN-Is it correct to think of the astral as causing the defects in the physical planes first via the electro-magnetic fields?

Forces-You can correctly say that.

BN-Thank you.

DD-You told me once how to use the Urim on a Spiritual level could more be given on that?

Forces-The what.

DD-The triangle with the beads?

Forces-This is a constant reminder of the panels that represents the ships instruments, but those also could be used as a prayer center to get the mind attuned to the point ah center. Each bead a certain prayer could be said on it, dedicate a certain mantra and repeat it as you go through and each line represents the evolution of the Spirit into matter and matter up into Spirit each one represents a certain major stop within surrounds the Universe of the earth. And each one bead represents a major development of mans evolution throughout the ages (—-).

DD-Where did that (—-) manifest in the earth then? (Same as manifested now?).

Forces-Patience, most, advise you to be patient, everything will work out accordingly. You must remember that everything has its proper time and place and purpose and one must not rush the other.

DD-Is there anything else you could explain on the Ship, materials or anything?

Forces-Making a scale model or designing as a basic structure, this particular ship would keep you busy as time goes on and then as time does go on you will be able to attune yourself to the force of these traveling vehicle for a teacher.

DD-Should I stop making it?

Forces-A ship can only be manifest on the earth when the ship centers within the body are put together in harmony.

DD-Would that be the middle ear?

Forces-Its part of the balancing system on the ship.

DD-What would be the rest of it?

Forces-Certain centers of the body.

DD-Could you give those centers?

Forces-We have the gonad center, solar plexus, thymus and the pineal.

DD- (And they (four?) fly the ship?)

Forces-They form the secondary system of the ship.

DD-Thank you very much.

NN-Are there any psalms besides 18 that were specifically used for the building of the Temple?

Forces-Psalm 144 and 43 were chanted while the construction of the Temple was being put together.

NN-During King Solomon’s time?


IS-Is that 143 and 144?

Forces- 144 and 43.

IS-Just 43?


NN-Thank you very much.

MK-The 3 types of dreams that I’ve been having, dreams of a message and a knot and dreams that are happening and dreams of lifetimes. Am I recognizing which are which?

Forces-That is correct.

MK-The dream last week of coming off a wooden ship with people here and others that I recognized in the 14th, 15th or 17th century?

Forces-Your beginning to making the commitment from the desires into the spirit (barricading?) from the 17th century.

MK- Slowly changing colors in the same dream from dark to (—)?

Forces-Moving on refining your inner qualities and making them express that of giving.

MK-Thank you.

RU-The Golden plate that (—) saw was that a ship?

Forces-The gold plate deals with a comet that came down in the size of an arc that was also a sunspot which affected the magnetic areas around his body.

RU-Why did that appear to him?

Forces- To tell him of the changes to come.

RU-Did he understand it?

Forces–Majority of the times prophets do not understand what they see, they only go by faith and do not question.

RU-Did he talk to his people about what he received?

Forces-He did.

NN-The dream on Sunday night could you tell me what that means?

Forces-Generally you’re trying to see the patterns within self and moving on forward through this stage. RH in itself stands for worldly beauty and of the earth the beauty and harmony but when the mind the conscious mind does not have time for beauty of the earth that is to concentrate on the beautiful earth all the time and to take on the earth qualities to refine it then the beautiful peace and terrene or serene qualities will leave in order for the soul to develop. That is when the soul is trying to develop for refiner qualities it must give up and away the comfortable ah serene qualities of peace and harmony in order for the difficult laborious job work ahead. This has a certain aspect in which the reason RH symbolize meant had to leave.

NN-Thank you.

IS-RH first dream where she stayed till the end has that been changed by her leaving?

Forces-Ah it is altered by her moving and changing it yes.

IS-Does she dream now?

Forces-More or less uncontrolled, unexplainable dreams.

IS-Her mother?

Forces-Yes she is also receiving heavy dreams.

IS-It never dawned on them the betrayal?

Forces-Oh yes they see.

IS- (—-)?

Forces-Some of the qualities yes.

IS-They can live with it?

Forces- Oh no they won’t dare say those things, they’ll say other things.

IS-They are conscious of it?

Forces-Indirectly and directly yes.

IS-But they won’t say it out loud?


Forces: At this point we are trying to explain the different evolutions of man, through the Golden Age 1,729-26,000 (? 1,729,000 to 1,726,000?) Years to the Silver Age 1,296,000 years through your Bronze Age 320 some odd thousand years to your Iron Age 480 to 32,000 years. (? 432,000?)

IS- It’s the what?

Forces: It’s your present Age now, 470,400 and 400 and about 470,000 with the calculation, give or take a few thousand years. (Laughter) It is interesting that this we are speaking about of Ages and that the development through each Age of a spiritual purpose and pattern and physical purpose and pattern.

IS- If to you a 1,729,000 is 4 days.

Forces: Well, that you could double to 8 days, give or take some days here and there, traveling time of course.

IS- If the whole time of the Golden Age on this Earth is one week to you, one week of your vacation or something like that. How do you measure our days?

Forces: Well like grains of sand going through an hourglass.

IS- Then what kind of a thing what kind of an Entity can pinpoint a human being in a grain of sand.

Forces: Funnel Secrets.


IS-Funnel Secrets.

Forces-Many people wonder what the Easter Islands were all about. There was a major heliport or a airport for the ah flying ships of the sun to come into. On top of the Easter Island structures were reflectors to catch the suns rays at different hours.

Forces-At this time we will be leaving. We will speak to you again soon, before this week is out.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.