Session 269-12/4/79

Forces-Greetings to all present now. We have watched and this your movements through and all the many areas and find many accomplishments and achievements in many perspectives. As far as the worldly situation is concerned it seems like the Irani situation has united the countries of the world in expressing their own feelings of disagreement with the takeover of the Embassy. Unless situations being the way they are should find itself an interesting focal point by Thursday and we expect by this Thursday some major happening to alter and affect, which would be followed through in the weeks to come. Well as far as we are concerned one must put his belief and strength in the Spirit and follow it, then take it forward (for what its worth). It’s the Spirit that can give counsel and guidance as you move forward. We would look to Chile as a negative aspects and as long as we are looking we could look to certain areas of the Far East and certain areas of the Mid East for frictions. Of course England is now beginning to set its house in order and maybe its time for it too become strong again in its own strength.

Forces-We’re ready for your questions.

DD-Could you help me understand the dream I had on the trip?

Forces-Is in reference to applying and guiding yourself on paths that would be constructive to a basic policy and system which includes steps and positions, like guidance in a dream or you can get your own guidance and understanding and analysis to be had.

LK-What does “Christ died for our sins” really mean?

Forces- This really has the affect the karmetic opening of the Law of Forgiveness and gives us the way of, the wheel of karma, that the souls can remove themselves from it through this particular Grace of Forgiveness or representing on a worldly level the Laws of Mercy and Grace. Forgiveness came in during His stage of development and Presence. So of course you have the Law of Grace that represents his Presence.

LK-Thank you.

JU-Is there some place in the Bible where Khomeini and the Iranian situation is predicted?

Forces-Well you have the verse that a Prophet will come and say that he is the Messiah, don’t believe him. So you explain that with that particular verse. There is also with the Iranian a connected with Persia and Israel. But Persia still has to be put under control and put under control and it will be Israel who will have the instruments and the technic to put Iran in its position.

JU-Thank you.

BH-Was Canaan the Son of Ham born on the Ark?

Forces-Before it left yes.

BH-Thank you.

NN-Would you give me an affirmation for meditation?

Forces-Lord in this hour I come before You to strengthen my faith, help me when I am weak to become strong in the Spirit, let my logical mind not take control, that my Spiritual being will have the ultimate say.

NN-Thank you.

Forces-You must understand people that your logical mind questions the Spirit constantly. That the logical mind feels it knows all the answers to everything, but how shocked we are and dismayed to find out that the Spirit comes forth and confounds always the logical mind. So at this point we (are) only saying to you Silence your logical mind and open up your Spiritual essence, your Spiritual powers, by doing so you can walk on territory that has never been walked on before. So Silence you logical mind and let your Heart open to the Spiritual essence for life.

NN-Thank you.

BN-Would you please tell me my spiritual name?

Forces-Yes. When you have earned it.

BN-Thank you.

Forces-Spiritual name has always been given to the individual when they have earned it. Not necessarily have they earned it but that it takes many years to earn it. That when the soul is ready to take the journey of commitment or begin that journey in the least form, then the name is presented. When the name is presented it takes many years to earn it and in earning it they either succeed or they fail and if they fail then the name becomes a chain around their neck, for that will ultimately not coexist with there physical or mental world but will be an out and out fight, but the spirit must have control. So when one goes to the spiritual name it is a commitment and if one back tracks on it the spiritual name must take precedence and it is the spiritual name that will not diminish it is the physical name that diminishes.

BN-Thank you.

BR-Could a prayer be given for before I go to sleep?

Forces- Lord through this day I have strived to do in my work to glorify your Name, this evening I ask Thy protection and mercy, to give me the strength to continue with the work that you have given me to do in my life that I might glorify your Presence.

BR-Thank you.

GL-Can you tell us more about what Black Holes are and their purpose?

Forces-Black Holes is the explosion of the star in the Universe that condenses on itself and causes a vacuum, which cause a funnel like shape to the other Galaxies. It is a rip in the space of the Galaxy and it is a rip in the dimension of time. So when one is pulled into a cylinder of the Black Hole it is a communication with another Galaxy. For people to be aware of this, become conscious of it means that there will be more communications from this other dimension through the Black Holes. Also again it represents the ideals of man, when they have not succeeded the star explodes causing the Doorway to open wider from the other galaxy and travelers could travel through this in the shortest period of time and to guide and to direct and to communicate with those who are on the earth.

GL-Thank you.

DL-I think the tile floor here represents the cellular structure. Could you tell what part of body or center? And that would mean the other tile floors do the same thing?

Forces- Of course they represent a certain ah genetic structure and (——–) or (——-) composition of this particular floor represents creativity and design and secrets of magic.

DL-Is it a particular center?

Forces-The Solar Plexus.

DL-Thank you very much.

JE-Can you give me guidance for my work?

Forces-Well we would keep on the right hand side the Bible, you could turn to it fast and on the left hand side the Dictionary to interpret it. Other than that allow your spirit to guide you through it and let your perception guide you and direct you and it should turn to be not so bad after all.

JE-Should I, Thank you.

Forces-Ask your question.

JE-Should I take the job?

Forces-We figured that would be your question. If you do take it we wish you lots of luck and we’ll guide you and help you through it. The old saying is what goes up must, well, but don’t worry about it the jobs on attack, so whatever happens to it you’ll be able to handle it. We would say go ahead.

JE-Thank you.

Forces-Don’t forget your God in the process.

IS-Jesus Parable of the Banquet people who were invited had excuses why they couldn’t come and so he went out into the streets and got anybody. How does this pertain and does it pertain to us now in any way shape or form?

Forces-It would explain your traveling to New York and explain the parable in which Jesus had sent the apostles out just to be and to see, to witness to different places of consciousness. They’ll be many a times where we will be sending you out now to different cities just to be sent there.

IS-All of us together?

Forces-Some will go to one cities others will go other cities.

IS-But we didn’t meet anybody.

Forces-You met.

IS-Thank you.

DD-How does the 14 stations of the Cross relate to the speed of light?

Forces- The speed of light receives its own propulsion through different stages and there are 14 stages it must reach in order to be effective and become the speed of light. In this respect each stage represents a different consciousness of evolution in that of giving up of certain qualities and elements until finally is reached a point of dormancy. In its dormancy it reaches its maximum state of efficiency.

LK-In Genesis when it talks about giants were they from another planet and were they higher developed than the people on the earth at the time and were they a link with you to help people on earth at that time to develop?

Forces-Half of them were yes.

BH-Psalm 14 and psalm 53 you said that one was before the human race and one was after. Could you explain that?

Forces-Just analyze it as one was before the physical body was formed as known as the human race and one was back before the formulation of the human race into the physical body, different consciousness or beings and states, different existence and experience of beings and states.

BH-Who made up that psalm that was before the physical body.

Forces-Well let us say it was a interpretation and expression made by a group of scholars, (—-), teachers of that experience.

BH-Thank you.

NN-Which Psalms would be most for the Liver?

Forces-That to spice up your life, 24 and 132.

NN-Thank you.

BN-Could you give me some idea what to concentrate on in my evening meditation?

Forces-That is the best moment the best hour to read certain parts of the psalms and to concentrate more on one particular psalm that night or one particular psalm that morning and move on from that point.

BN-What Psalm?

Forces-Starting from the first and continue, making a psalm a night which will give you some revelations and insights to a lot.

Forces-Remember people in order to have revelations and insights you must begin to put a spiritual basis in you. There are no revelations if you do not concentrate and discipline yourself to sit still and concentrate on certain words of the Bible. And in concentrating these words they can give you the revelation you have been looking for, for so long.

IS-Thank you.

JU-Could certain combinations of woods from different parts of the world be used to create certain energy fields or forces?

Forces-The Cedar of Lebanon has a tremendous amount of force coming out of it.

JU-In combination?

Forces- Just with itself.

JU-Thank you.

JE-Can you continue with your talk about St. Germaine?

Forces-Not at this moment. Don’t forget to ask us again even though we know we promised you that we will give you a recitation on it in our next meeting. It is still being promised you without negating the fact that we have promised it to you. During our next Session if all goes well we’ll be able to give you the information you need.

JE-Thank you.

DL-The hallway is the Thyroid, the music room is the Heart and the Gothic bedroom is the Leyden center?

Forces-Well the music room could be the Heart very nicely. The hall way is more of the Thyroid and the Pituitary gland that combination. The Gothic bedroom is more of a design or pattern dealing with the Leyden center or combination of the Leyden and the Thyroid center.

DL-Thank you.

GL-In psalm 48 who are the 3 kings?

Forces-This is more of a change within the physical consciousness versus the spirit, the spirit versus the physical and the physical fighting the spirit. It’s more of a transition from one consciousness to another with problems.

BR-Can a past lifetime of the Shah of Iran be given?

Forces-No not necessary.

BR-Thank you.

IS-Isn’t there a price for opening the spiritual side and closing the logical?

Forces-Opening up the Spiritual side and closing the logical. The price of evolution of the soul and movement forward.

IS-Physical consequences?

Forces-There is the certain cells within the body are vibrating and they cannot be slowed down once started.

IS-What are those cells?

Forces-Those deal with the stability of the mind, causing great deal of mental depressions and schizophrenia they call it, mild depressions as they call it. All this terminology is just the explanation of mind going through its bends and once the vibration starts it should not be stopped.

IS-Does it slow down other cells?

Forces-It brings the Heart cells into shape and function. When it is terminated it turns that into fat.

IS-The last thing you said…?

Forces-The cells around the Heart vibrate at a certain rate. When one turns away from the Spiritual path the cells that vibrated at certain rates and stop turn into fat.

IS-Thank you.

DD-What happens when the speed of light is obstructed by a straight line?

Forces- The Speed of light when it is interrupted by a straight line becomes what would be called the speed of Auk, or the speed of distance, or the speed of silence.

DD-I didn’t understand the first part.

Forces-When the speed of light is interrupted it is thrown into a different vibration, a different scale of measurement. It goes into the speed of a vacuum, causing the speed of a vacuum to be the speed of distance, of shape. E they say equals MC Square, which is the distance times space, but we say MC square versus the (Ought?) or the Auk. MC squared divided by Auk equals infinity.

DD-What is Auk?

Forces-Auk is a symbol used which would constitute that of dividing the system of sound and distance in complete half and at its rate, if divided in half, that distance formulates space. And in between that division one finds total stillness of space.

DD-Thank you.

DD-Is it a certain number or just a concept?

Forces-We could use the number Zero cut in half with a line at an angle. Auk is just simple a half a circle with a line at a 43-degree angle going through it.

DD-A half a circle?

Forces-Auk is to you a circle half with an angle of 43 to 45 degree angle going through it.

DD-From right to left or left to right?

Forces- Going from sun, sunrise to sunset.

DD-Thank you very much.

BH-What would be the results of having the Pituitary gland taken out?

Forces-Termination of Spiritual development for that lifetime.

BH-Thank you.

LK-In the Hierarchy is man the only entity that can incarnate physically into the earth?

Forces-No animals do it too and vegetables and plants do it also and minerals also do it.

LK-Could a higher entity in the Hierarchy incarnate physically into the earth as man, but be born into the earth?

Forces-The hierarchy sometimes uses the lower kingdoms to come through to help man.

LK-Thank you.
JU-Why were the 1950’s a turning point?

Forces-The rejection of moral and Spiritual values.

JU-For this country or the world as a whole?

Forces-Oh the consciousness of the world.

JU-Thank you.

Forces-With all the diabolic control or demonic control over the worlds order.

JE-Could you tell us about the Cherubim’s and why are they shown as fat babies?

Forces-Cherubim’s are known to be fat because they eat too much potatoes and they sit closer to the table of the King. The cherubim represent a creature from another galaxy or force field that these are the size or shapes in which they depict them to be. Those who have some type of revelation to the Spirit world and saw the Hierarchy in all its Glory ah you know of certain stories that they saw the Hierarchy, God the Father on a Throne with a white beard and all the other dumplings around, bigger and bigger. So the Cherubim’s ate from the food of the Kings. So they just represent their shape form and style of a different galaxy. Also they are total Spirit form and not necessary needing to mature into a physical maturity for they’re in themselves from the moment of creation born into a embryonic stage of consciousness and need not to develop into other stages of evolution or existence.

JE-Thank you.

GL-The 3 Kings were they in Atlantis and does that whole scene describe Atlantis or something that took place in Atlantis?

Forces-Yes you could put it into Atlantis and into the land of Lemure and to the land of the Changes.

GL-Thank you.

NN-Psalm 119 what does it represent that each of the Letters has 8 verses?

Forces-This represents this, you know the balancing of the physical and mental mind in the earth constantly through the spirit.

NN-So the number 8 has to do with balance?


NN-Thank you.

IS-What happens when a spiritual name is changed back to the birth name like if RU and RH did?

Forces-No it’s their retrogression from their spiritual commitment that has been charted for them to receive and to be revealed that name that was hidden.

IS-You mean the name is there once it has been revealed?


IS-Once it’s revealed there is no choice?

Forces-No should not be.


Forces-There’s no way to stop that destiny.

IS-Thank you.

DD-Could you help me to understand how to use the calculator I was given a long time ago?

Forces- Just take the first four layers, what you need to do is just go through each bead one at a time and do that at least eight times a day and then it will formulate its own force field. And then its calculations will not be on a mathematical level, mind you, but on a subconscious level of healing.

DD-Than you very much.

BH-The prayer that I say before answering the phone at work is that ok?

Forces-Yes that would be all right.

JU-Should I keep the job I have?

Forces-We see no problem with the job that you have.

JU-Any guidance you can give me on it at this time?

Forces-Just not to relax with it but do your best as best as you can.

Forces-At this point we will be leaving and speak to you again this week.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.