Session 274

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are watching observing the world situation and of course looks beyond imagination, (crazy?) as the next incidence. The world is generally very shaky and insecure at this time and find themselves very unstable from the cases involved. We also are watching those (as far as?) this country and (—) (—) their need for sacrifice is assured if they are to succeed with the (—) new (—). There is those (—-) that could stop the involvement in Iran (if) all the other forces of NATO would be involved in some operations of stopping this particular country. We find again this is our moments of transitions and tests most of all the faith is necessary so one could move on through it.

Forces-We are now ready for your questions.

DD-Is the Cube complete like it is now?

Forces-(—) is at this point, yes to orient itself in this completion.

DD-Thank you.

NN-Could you tell me what was happening coming home the way I felt?

Forces-Well lets here how you felt.

NN-I felt suffocated, hot and dizzy like I was going to pass out?

Forces-Well this could come by a tension that affects your work. We (—) (—) to release such tensions. Changing of certain forces of electricity and such as within you that causes this heat loss and off balance to happen.

IS-Same thing happened to me…?


IS-Thank you.

BN-What’s the Karma of artificially fertilize eggs and then implant them in women. Is it ever a good idea?

Forces-Its not really the best idea for its breaking some of the seals that have been placed so these females would not be able to have children for other lessons they need to learn. But if they choose to take it upon themselves to have them, well ah it will be good, but of course they’ll be the first to be disillusioned by it all.

BN-Thank you.

BH-What did it mean when Jesus told Peter and the other apostles would sit on 12 thrones, judging the 12 tribes of Israel?

Forces-Repeat part of it.

BH-When Peter said to him we’ve sacrificed everything and followed you and what are we going to get out of it and he said in the regeneration when I sit upon the throne you and the other apostles will sit on the 12 thrones judging the 12 tribes of Israel.

Forces-More or less the changing of different force fields again within this individual and the accomplishing of the same outside on a physical level.

BH-Thank you.

BR-Since there’s a Mother Earth that governs the laws of the earth. Is there a Mother for the Seas and the Oceans?

Forces-There is like a god for the (truth?) sea and ocean, it would be a force that would govern that yes.

BR-Thank you.

DL-Andrew throat problems, castor oil packs…?

Forces-Would have some affect upon him. He just needs to relax or to rest and even though this condition is there…

LK-How should the window in the Meditation Room be done the stain glass in the window?

Forces-Could be done in Gothic shapes or be done in Diamond shapes or the squares that you do have.

LK-So it would be shapes rather than pictures?

Forces-This would be good, shapes do have some affects. Pictures well that could also be good. But you must decide before the understanding that these shapes are all different in different meanings. To go and have a picture ah developed and taken. That should be designs that shall try to help you with these situations.

LK-Thank you.

DD-When you look at the cross section of the cube is it the Tree of Life?

Forces-Repeat your question.

DD-When you look at a certain angle of the cube it seems like I see the Tree of Life in a 3 dimensional form is that true.

Forces-Again yes this is true. It is formed within the circle with its own responsibility and paths is formed within that circle.

DD-Thank you.

NN—Lady with candle in meditation room is that valid?

Forces-That is valid.

NN-Thank you.

BN-Is there a way to store energy for healing purposes?

Forces-Run that back to us.

BN-Is there a way to collect energy to use for healing?

Forces-No its life, you cannot put it in a bottle, all energy of healing is done instantly and at the point of contact or the point of its own deliverance.

BN-Thank you.

BH-During Hezekiah’s time the Book of the Law was found by Hilkiah the High Priest when they were rebuilding the Temple. How come it was found then and how did it get lost?

Forces-(—-) preserving and keeping of it, so it would not be given or lost at the same time.

IS-It was the Bible right?

Forces-Parts of it and other sections of it yes.

BH-Thank you.

JU-In the previous Session they were telling us about other human forms on the earth in Oregon, in Tibet, the Yeti. How do these forms live what kind of civilization, what kind of numbers do they have and where do they live and how have they existed for all this time?

Forces-Some of them have lived within the earth and some have lived deep into the mountain areas and generally they lived off of the herbs of the land and fruits and berries and all sorts of vegetable intakes that they have. They are very telepathic in their structure and this helps them find food when they hear the animals finding it in the areas, they would go to it. So there’s a inner communication in that structure in itself. Generally they have a code of living and sharing and giving and some of the so-called Abominable Snowman’s could range from 4,000 to about 4200, about 7, 8, about 8 or 7, 78, 7, 7,800.

IS-7,000 years of living?

Forces-No the amount of them in the earth.

JE-Thank you.

BR-Is there a civilization under the ocean under the seas?

Forces-There is some strange items in the oceans yes.

IS-Intelligent life?

Forces-Oh yeah definitely yes.

LK-In Atlantis as the black forces became stronger and destruction began. Was there a final major act that tipped the scales and caused the destruction?

Forces-The greed for things and also the greed for energy.

LK-Was there a final event or just one day they finally tipped the scales?

Forces-Well as long as everything culminates in one act and they use that one act as an excuse to get the outcome. More or less the invasion of certain Kings lands and taking it over which causes other Kings to be upset and that causing the energy to be raised.

LK-Thank you.

DD-If the cube represents the Universe what part would the earth be in?

Forces-On the right to the mid of the section.

DD-It wouldn’t be within the inner diamond?

Forces-Oh no, no.

DD-Thank you very much.

IS-Is my understanding correct about the energy force that I discussed with ES?

Forces-This is correct.

IS-Thank you.

NN-Is that lady with the candle in combination with the forces of Michael?

Forces-Yes you we are seeing it to be that way, it could be applied that way um huh.

NN-Thank you.

GL-What does the…?

Forces-Run that back.

GL-What does Behemoth symbolize in the Bible?

Forces-It is a force that we could try to explain. But it’s a force of using self-power and the power of self for the energy from within rather than developing it further, it’s a limited power.

IS-It’s the animal force right?

Forces-Yes you could explain it to be this, its rather than going to the spirit its turning unto the force that is limited.

BN-Could you explain more about the intelligent life beneath the ocean?

Forces-Well they’re not really beneath the oceans they move around in the oceans and man is not so intelligent as he wants to think he is. These forces are very adequate and adapted to many things and ah there are some civilizations in certain crest underneath the ocean beds, which can survive very nicely in certain conditions. We’re being very general of course in this area because it’s a new frontier that man hasn’t discovered yet.

BN-Thank you.

BH-The Prophetess that Hilkiah goes to find the Book of the Law, it said she lived in a college in Jerusalem. Is that the School of the prophets?

Forces-There had been many Colleges put out by the Essenes and Prophets you could call it this um huh.

BN-Thank you.

JE-Atlantis was it destroyed overnight or many things caused it to disappear?

Forces-It was a combination of mis-arrangements and disagreement and (dog) (Zikon was howling) (Laughter) disagreements among the Kings, entering into different properties and did not just happen overnight it was many years before it was finally ah completed with destruction.

JE-Was it a last war how was it disappearing, what was there war like?

Forces-There war was done by sound waves that cracked their own land arrangements and it went by earthquakes and eruptions of volcanoes in their areas.

JE-Did it cause the earth to change rotation?

Forces-It changed it here and there yes it changed-different areas around the world it changed level (scope) with its beam.

JE-Thank you.

BR-Could anything else be given about Russia what’s happening there?

Forces-There is a great uneasiness within the country of the Soviet Union and there shall be great conflicts happening starting tonight in that area of the Soviet Union. That they would not release or let out but these uneasiness with the people in the Soviet Union is causing this conflict and these will begin to start bubbling and foaming. It’s a strange way of looking at these items but there is great conflict that will be coming from the Soviet control.

BR-Thank you.

DD-Is the earth on the East face of the Universe?

DD-Thank you.

Forces-At this moment we will be leaving and we will be with you during this week ups and downs or ins and outs it all is part of the development stages. There are those forces that even in this country must learn to have the faith and the strength to move on noting that things do change and move to its own progressions. So America should learn not to go into panic of (crisis) (prices) over the wheat because there are many things down the road that would be the best advantage. The logical mind and the mental mind has no room for the Spiritual and the Spirit is on its own without the logical and mental.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.