Session 539-1/3/89

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and a force field we are laying in a circle to prepare for the year to come. Of course this is our particular year and therefore all sorts of strange ah seasonal and freakish elements of nature will materialize our Presence for you. We will become closer and closer manifesting ourselves visibly so you would see us and we’ll show you different signs as the year will go along. So there will be a year where you will simply see the experience. We again will mention the poor Soviet Union; they are getting their butt kicked. No matter which way they will turn they will be wrong. And it is an experience, for their own Revolution is at hand. This is the year that they will try to look good on the outward level, but by 1990 they would totally lose it all. Of course Gorbachev will denounce this one and that one and bring this statue down and that statue down until finally someone will say well lets make a statue of Gorbachev. Now we will see that this man has a ah flammable ego and will get very upset and when he does watch out because heads will roll. Don’t ever get him upset; it is a very dad thing to do. He does wipe out and destroy whoever stands in his way. Our little friend in the other room is having a quite energetic conversation.

IS-She’s calling my name.

Forces-If you want to go see her, hold on a second.

IS-Can it be fixed another way?

Forces-You could always send the entity ES she fixes everything the other way.


Forces-It is all right we’ll fix it another way.

IS-Thank you.

Forces-We see that there are many different movements within this country, again Canada and we are focusing on Iceland still, if that country doesn’t start moving the melting of the ice will disappear it. Now the Soviet Union will have its own conflicts along with the Japanese earthquakes that will shake its own population unsettling it and bringing the volcanoes back up to action again. The dormant volcanoes will be the kind of dome, Dalmatian of, domination of reckoning of land and sea areas. You will also find in Taiwan a great unrest of (—-) with North Korea and South Korea. Of course Africa will be unwatchable and Libya will try to start up again its own war mongol attitudes. It is unfortunate that Libya will always have to be put into check. Kaddafi should be done away with, with a electric dog. But unfortunately this monster in itself is allowed to roam. We see that a great force of conflicts in France and England and Ireland is still very strong. If those could only follow into the spirit of life rather than into the destructions of Satan. America itself will still need to have a rude awakening with its own budget and how sad it is that it is in a situation of a depression and no one wants to say it. The economy is bad and the budget is atrocious. We also have seen that there are different groups within a focus point and this is that focus point of achieving a spirited compact force.

Forces-We are now ready for your questions

IS-The earthquakes in Japan does that mean they will try to take over other land?

Forces-They are already actively taking over America.

IS-Is that part of it?

Forces-It is one of the things that should never be allowed, but it is happening and there are forces to stand up against them further taking over the land in America.

IS-Will they be stopped?

Forces-They have habits of sending other people who are not Chinese or Japanese who will appear to look good, but then be Japanese too.

IS-Is that what you mean, Americas going to have to wake up.


IS-Is it the attitude of “You deserve a break today” that has allowed that?

Forces-Yes it needs to stop or else they finally will get a break, right on the head.

IS-Will it be acknowledged?

Forces-It will be said yes. It is already being said.

Is- How will New Year and rest of year be?

Forces-You’ll be with us the Forces; we’ll bring you along to do what we would want you to do. We will come in and tell you the things that will have to be done and we hopefully you will focus on to do it. We definitely ask you to lay up your judgments and not to be so harsh on judgments, but to be just as harsh on yourselves rather than on others. We would also suggest that actively getting involved in the house, you see that which needs to be done you go ahead and try to do it rather than saying to others to do it.

IS-Is there anything to be said to other people?

Forces-We’ve already spoken to you all as a group and cannot allow your emotions or depressions to take over or phantasies of laziness you must move on, absolutely there’s no choice you just positively have to move on or else if you give in to these emotions or feelings which is childish and stupid then you will be eaten up by your own emotions.

Is-Will we always have what we need for any project that comes along?

Forces-Oh yes, you, you.

IS-I mean as far as hands?

Forces-Yes of course.

IS-What do all the people want from us?

Forces-Well there’s a certain amount of jealousy to those who are illiterate and there are those who are educated who are very proud of you. So you just have the idiots who are illiterate who are jealous and then you have those who demand to have your own strength and your power of glow near them. So you have the two opposites but both are just as important in moving on.

BN-The Biorhythm concept is that valid?

Forces-Well they’re not a 100 percent accurate, 40 percent accurate.

BN-Did they have the right length for each cycle?

Forces-Not really.

BN-Is there a correct length that you could give me?

Forces-14 days, 7days and 14 days.

BN-Which is the 7 emotions or physical or mental?

Forces-It’s the mental.

BN-Its from birth?

Forces–Well sometimes you have to develop that too.

BN-So you can’t just be plotted out?

Forces-Oh no.

BN-Thank you very much.

NN-The Nazi Party that’s in the United States do they have power and also are they having any kind of direct affect on the economy?

Forces-If they have 10 people in their particular group that is an affect, as far as the economy well we could always blame the economy on them too.

NN-Thank you.

TV-Could you give me some guidance for things to do this year?

Forces-Focus on your Heart and activate your actions from your Heart rather than from your mind as has been already suggested. When you operate on your heart and through your heart things get done better and more productively for you.

TV-Thank you.

ES-Can you tell us about Armenia and what Gorbachev had to do with that and was it an underground bomb?

Forces-Well we wouldn’t say that but you will have to understand that he has his hand in that.

ES-Thank you.

DD-Tom said about the Grid paper being the Accuser?

Forces-Yes it is.

DD-And the overlay would be the Handwriting of the Angels?


DD-And the Book of Numbers would be the interpretation of that?

Forces-You could yes.

DD-Could you tell me how that works together?

Forces-It is applied within its own ratio.

DD-The Game of Life, the computer game with little dots, am I going then right direction with that?

Forces-Well its, you are, you’re achieving some success with it yes.

DD-Is the rules they gave in the Game Players of Zan by M. A. Foster is that the right rules to use their rules?

Forces-You could apply those yes.

DD-Is there better ones?

Forces-Those are satisfying, for the moment they can be applied.

DD-Also on the circular calculus, another idea is to divide the circle into 8 parts?

Forces-At certain times yes, not all the time.

DD-What would be the other times?

Forces-Other times just to be remaining it into its whole total-ness, ah there are different seasons for that.

DD-Is Mars Adam?


DD-So the Face on Mars Represents Adam?

Forces-Yes. Man was created in the Atmosphere of Mars. The Garden of Eden was not located on the earth but on the planet of Mars.

DD-That’s where the Councils at.


DD-So Woman was created on Venus?

Forces-Woman was created on the earth.

DD-Thank you very much.

JU-Can you give me guidance for this coming year?

Forces-Maintain your disciplines and keep to them faithfully and do not see what others are doing but see what you are doing alone.

JU-An affirmation for this year or continue with the one you gave me?

Forces-Affirmation “Allow me to walk on the path even though many might not be with me, on this path allow me to carry the Light for others to come”

JU-Thank you.

BH-Is it all right for me to get involved with astrology?

Forces-We have no problems with that.

BH-Thank you.

BH-You’ll help me with that?


BH-Is it all right for me to drink decaffeinated coffee?

Forces-Oh yes.

BH-Thank you.

BH-Is there anything…?

Forces-We don’t want to say but there is a certain energy force that’s coming around the areas that will turn this to gold and the Spiritual force of commitment is important.

BH-Thank you very much and thank you for helping my mother get through her (—).


MIM-Is there anything I should focus on through this year?

Forces-Focus on the so-called metaphysical details and understanding them in, in their own entirety, this would help to be applied on a conscious level (for the work later?).

MIM-Thank you.

DL-There’s some thought that large does of vitamin A are good for eye sight is that true?

Forces-A is good but only to a certain extent of course.

DL-Is there a particular amount.

Forces-Well that varies from person to person.

JE-The crystal I got for Christmas can you tell me where did it originate from and what kind of preparation does it need and how can it be best used?

Forces-Well we see it in the South America area and you could store it away during the days and when the moon is in its ecliptical form, could be put on the shelf, that the shadow of it. And then seeing or reviewing it could be done usually less than 3 weeks.

JE-Thank you very much.

IS-Catholics in house…?

Forces-Well it is a powerful force, but it’s a basic force that needs to be gotten over. It is a force that is a base line, but it’s an earth magic force. Catholicism is a very powerful force on a earth level. But its not the basic force that we are springing from. It is a jumping from that force into a higher from it, but very few who are born Catholic understand that they need to jump further on into its evolution.

IS-They weren’t good Catholics when they came here?

Forces-Well maybe they become a little bit better when they leave.


Forces-They develop on their level and on their course. Of course this particular house moves them forward in that development but then by the force of them leaving they go back to the same pattern that they would naturally find them selves not really after they leave they do to a different level. But they would never achieve that level if it wasn’t for the house.

IS-Another level…?

Forces-Let us say they’re going through there own personal evolution and they cannot go back any longer.

IS-They evolved…?

Forces-Well let us say they are going through a evolution.

IS-What will happen to AD and BD?

Forces-Unfortunately they would burn themselves out in themselves.


Forces-Well they would naturally go to their level, as they would find it in time. It is not that they would be ended but their level but their level of development has to continue in it and they cannot go back against it but they are forced to move forward in it.

IS-People from years ago back…?

Forces-For more work to be done.


Forces-Well its not that you will have to be bothered with them but the work still has to be done.


Forces-In themselves.

IS-Involved in it…?

Forces-Well we did not say that you would be involved in it but we are just saying the evolution (of that quality?) is there.

IS-Is there anything for the entity Tom?

Forces-One day at a time.

IS-Anything for me that can be given?

Forces-Just carry on the Spirit in which you are focusing and ah receive the force that we send down for your guidance.

IS-Any involvement I should change on physical level?

Forces-We would say that one-day (phone rings).

Forces-We will allow you to answer that.

IS-Hello. John.

Forces-He had to get involved in the Session.

IS-I told him to call later.

Forces-Oh yes he just knew he had to get involved with this energy.

IS-Why are they circulating these things about us?

Forces-Cause they focus on the (—-) mind the peasants have wondering what is going on in Camelot tonight.

IS-In 2000 years nothing has changed the work is plentiful but the workers few?

Forces-Listen to the sounds we will send you.

IS-Thank you.

BN-What would be on the fourth dimension as time is to the third dimension?


BN-Could you explain that?

Forces-Rubber Band. It’s the same analogy as butter and the rubber band.


Forces-Why don’t you think on that and then we’ll get back to you to the symbolic and the literal interpretation.

BN-Thank you.

NN-At the time of Jesus people got upset about “eat my body, drink my blood” they thought he was perverted?

Forces-Oh yeah.

NN-They really thought that?


NN-Thank you.

TV-Would ah…? (Forces say)

Force-Good nifty sounds.


Forces-And Force we are making for you.

IS-Can everybody here it?

Group-Several people say yes.

Forces-We want to show you our signs and do not lose your faith and your understanding of our power. We can have it Thunder and Lightning in the middle of winter isn’t that wonderful, and have it snow at the same time.

TV-Should we have a garden this year?


TV-What should we plant?

Forces- (———) right (——–).

TV-Thank you.

ES-Could you tell us about Runes and how far they go back and when they got started?

Forces-Any certain time a building was built and it fell down that was when it started.

ES-First Runes…?

Forces-Ah they started in Atlantis time.

ES-Thank you.

IS-When Atlantis existed was that the highest civilization?

Forces-No. You had one on the etheric level that was higher.

IS-Was that Mu?

Forces-If you want to yes.

IS-What was it?

Forces-Yeah that’s, could be.

IS-But they were that close to each other?

Forces-Yeah they were.

ES-Did I have anything to do with Runes on Atlantis?

Forces-Yeah you did, yes.

DD-On the Grid structure should I start with one of the letters of the Handwriting of the Angels as a seed?


DD-Also on Mars how many million years ago was it inhabited. Did it have trees and vegetation like the earth?

Forces-Well we wouldn’t say no to that.

DD-How many millions of years ago was that?

Forces-Well not to far after a million before the first (tier) (year).

DD-So Adam was kicked out; when he first thought of a companion he was sent to earth?



IS-Which came first?

Forces-The chicken. Adam was both force but in order to divide he had to manifest it on the earth.

IS-Did the thought of division come before the manifestation on earth or did the manifestation on earth create the thoughts of division?

Forces-They both could be compensated together.

DD-Thank you very much.

JU-In Kabbalah class talks about a list of different qualities to work with. Is that qualities they each were working with then?

Forces-That was the phase they were working with at that time yes.

IS-Why is it sometimes in the Bible in the reign of Kings, good kings, bad kings seems like there is no pattern?

Forces-No pattern.

IS-So how long you ruled a kingdom had nothing to do with whether the person is good or bad.

Forces-Well not in that particular lifetime but the evolution as a whole takes in consideration.

Is-So really the pattern that it shows reward on a physical level is not necessarily a sign of divinity?

Forces-Oh well we wouldn’t say that either.

IS-Sometimes it says he did right in the sight of God and he gets a reward.

Forces-Well sometimes they get immediate payback for the bubblegum they put in. Sometimes they don’t. Any other questions.

IS-Thank you.


BH-Should I change my affirmation for this year.

Forces-Let the wind within and the wind without turn me around to face that of the rising God of the East to direct me to the Spirit.

BH-Thank you very much.

MIM-Was I an old soul or a new soul and what period of time did I come in to the earth?

Forces- Old soul and a young one. 2000BC is when you first appeared and 200AD you appeared again.

MIM-What life form did I come in as human or?

Forces-You can’t come as a cock-a-roach. All forms are Grade A.

MIM-Thank you.

Forces-In 2000 BC you were also a very strong powerful force in the Israeli army or the Tribes of Israel, now go back to your tribes of Judah.

Forces-Now go ahead were ready for your next question.

DL-When a person uses a castor oil pack sleep comes on. What in castor oil makes that happen?

Forces-It creates an enzyme within the body that soothes the mind that creates the sleep.

DL-Thank you.

Forces-Same system as when you take endorphins.

DL-Recently in past year or so there’s been lots of new seemingly good instruments created to play new kinds of music but everything played on them sounds dull, lifeless and flat?

Forces-It is because there’s no Spirit.

(Tape switch)

DL-Thank you.

DL-And does it?

Forces-We call them bush hogs.

DL-Thank you.

JE-You were telling us about Mars. If my sign is Aries and Mars is the planet can you tell me the symbology of that?

Forces-You had a life on Mars in fact you were involved with a major civilization there but you were also aspect by Uranus and so therefore you had the affect of psychic revelation but remember Uranus also must be tempered and disciplined and not to give in to emotions.

JE-Are souls always born under the same sign?

Forces-No because you go through all the Zodiac signs as best as you possibly can, but you will always have major signs that you are aspect (—) major signs that you are focusing on Aries will always be predominate in certain signs with you.

JE-Can I ask another question?


JE-The crystal should never be in the sunlight and should be put on the back step at night?

Forces-No, no, no, no it should never be in sunlight never direct sunlight and the crescent moon and the full moon is when it should be, can be put out.

JE-I can put it outside at night?


JE-Keep it covered during the daytime?


JE-For 3 weeks?

Forces-That’s all.

JE-After that what should I do with it?

Forces-You can keep it in a box or into a case and when you have a reading from it, it can be put in a room with candlelight. And therefore the force can come from it.

JE-Thank you.


IS-This year we haven’t done the water thing.

Forces-It is not necessary it was done on a different level.


Forces-The entity did it in a different way.

IS-Other things that weren’t done this year that have to be done?

Forces-No the thing is being done gradually.

BN-How does laughter improve the immune system?

Forces-It allows the system to rejuvenate and send what you would be considered enzymes and healing elements into the body.

BN-You mentioned enzymes being chemicals does it do it in an auric level that bypasses that too?


BN-Does it turn on the…?

Forces-Sincere laughter.

BN-Can you describe the aura when a person laughs?

Forces-Yeah. It’s a mess.

BN-What kind of mess?

Forces-It just goes through a scrambled mess.

BN-Why does it do that?

Forces-Because that’s what is necessary to move those negative ions out.

BN-So it breaks up the obstacles?


BN-Does it open doors to higher forces?

Forces-Well (——) yes.

BN-And then does it cause a swirl within the lymph nodes?

Forces-Sure yeah. And chocolate pudding in the head.

Forces-At this point we will have to be leaving and will talk to you again soon.

Forces-Greetings to all here present.

Group-Our Father.