Session 386-11/10/81

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and (around) in different ways. We have the changing force that is coming through and the new field of endeavors and understanding for your projects.

Forces-We are now ready for your questions.

IS-All the discussions that Ezra had with Uriel and some of the signs were like the wood that would bleed, what would that mean?

Forces-This would be the industry for building and industry for wood creativity, industry for knowledge and that is the purging of that knowledge in a sacrificial way.

IS-They had wood industries in those days?

Forces-Yes, yes also takes it literally that there is that process in which the bleeding of the wood the sap coming out of the tree.

IS-But that was given as one of the signs?


IS-So is it different in those days, what’s the difference?

Forces-No difference it is the same.

IS-So why did Uriel give it as a sign?

Forces-The sign is the same for that process and age and symbol for the coming and going of certain angels.

IS-So when he says that the time will come when the stones will talk and the wood will bleed and the sun will come during the night and the moon will come twice during the day are all these signs things that have happened, happening or will happen?

Forces-It will happen.

IS-Signs of very premature babies living?

Forces-Uh huh.

IS-So we are really right in…?

Forces-In the middle of certain signs yes.

IS-Thank you.

Forces-There’s no question that you are in the middle of the story and at the highest point of the story and where everything is dependent upon what you all do.

IS-Uriel is explaining to Ezra that not until those signs come can Justus come on the earth.


IS-Is he refereing to the Higher Forces coming down?


IS-Thank you very much.

DL-Beethoven’s choral fantasy and Bartok Symphony for orchestra one makes you exalted at the end and the other you’re at the same place before you started?

Forces-Which composers.

DL-Bartok is complex but why the difference?

Forces-The centers of the Spirit within the body, the Love center being vibrant in Beethoven while the other is not vibrant.

DL-Do people like Bartok sort of miss their mark or are they working on some other aspect?

Forces-Well more or less missing the mark of the Spirit.

DL-Thank you very much.

GL- Person at work what is it in his past lives that lead him to manifest in this way?

Forces-More of items that had to be worked out dealing with the Roman Empire and his life at that time.

GL-Was he ever a giant?

Forces-Was in the Roman Empire.

GL-Thank you.

JU-The rebirth or rise again of the Nazi situation. Could you tell us a little bit of how that will manifest it self and what we might do to affect it?

Forces-Say again.

JU-The rebirth as predicted and as we can see the beginnings of, the Nazi situation, can you give us some information about how that will manifest itself and what we might do to affect it if anything?

Forces-Well that of Love and giving and working with the items within selves that we need to work on. It has already raised its head of selfishness and greed and wanting dominance. Of the working against it is that of cooperation in the spirit.

JU-On a world scale can we affect it?

Forces-It will be affected.

JU-Thank you.

ES-The tiny twins we are getting a couple of times a week is that what IS was talking about?

Forces-Yes. It is also part of a learning process for your section.

ES-The nurse and doctors in the unit?

Forces-Of a Spiritual quality yes.

ES- Because they die?


ES-The one that was dying today she was the stronger at first. That seems to happen a lot the strong one initially dies or just seems to be a pattern.

Forces-One gives up the Spirit so the other might live a lot of times.

ES-That decided after several weeks?

Forces-Of moving through space and time yes.

ES-Thank you.

IS-So the character is stronger not the body that is able to sacrifice for the other one.


IS-It only seems physically stronger its the soul quality.

Forces-Um huh.

BH-With Archangel Uriel coming in and the shooting star that Tom saw could you tell us…?

Forces-Well the passage of Spirit that enters into the earth.

BH-Thank you.

JE-What do White Deer symbolize?

Forces-The Spiritual leaders.

JE-Thank you.

BN-What do souls in a comatose state as far as withdrawing support prefer and what’s the best way to handle it?

Forces-This is what you would call flip the coin in the air whatever you say heads or tails before it lands. Whatever the case might be or whatever the Spirit might assume over the doctor is always the right way.

BN-Do souls have any preference?

Forces-Well lets leave it like that for the moment.

BN-Thank you.

NN-The dream with my Dad in it?

Forces-It’s a symbol of an aspect within himself.

NN-Could you explain?

Forces- More or less the qualities that you are viewing or seeing that he’s working on.

NN-Thank you.

LK-In the original story of Frankenstein In all the introductions or prefaces they make a big deal about how the person who wrote it told ghost stories with Byron and Shelly and it was written from a ghost story or did it really happen?

Forces-It is more that it really happened.

LK-So it did really happen?


IS-King David and the 7 descendants of Saul was there any other way than for David to take those 7 descendants of Saul?

Forces-There is no other way to eradicate it.

IS-He was also…?

Forces-Eradicating the fault.

IS-Is it still today like that?

Forces-Let us say it is worked in a different way through prayer, through extradition or the exiting and different other ways that comes about.

IS-Today if King David had lived he would have been killed 7 million times, put in jail you name it?

Forces-This is correct. Half the things that are written in the Old Testament would have put the Prophets in and the Kings and the important people of the Spirit in prison for their doings.

IS-How do we do it today for it’s the same Spiritual goals?

Forces-That is a very interesting question but you are caught in the battle of semantics and you are caught in the battle of politics and politeness.

IS-How do you get around it?

Forces-We go under it.

IS-Do you take out people from the earth all together?

Forces-When we feel there’s a need yes.

IS-I don’t mean through death but…?

Forces-(Just) they disappear.

IS-So the Spirit has to use all kinds of other agencies like Mafia is that true?

Forces-Well you know the answer and what we give you so now lets go to the next question.

IS-Thank you.

DL-Was there actually a character that was Judah Ben Hur and if so is he alive today or would we know him from history?

Forces-Interesting why are you asking this question.

DL-Its one of those fables and you don’t know if it is really true or not?

Forces-You’ll find the man living in Virginia today.

DL-Would you be able to tell us more about him or where he is or who he might be?

Forces-Do you have any ideas.

DL-I immediately thought somebody in the group here.

Forces-We’ll let you all think on that and then we’ll give you the answer when we come again.

GL-The dream that I had this afternoon with Cassius Clay and the white light and blue light around his head could you explain that and the feeling I had in my Thyroid center?

Forces-These are qualities or elements within self that’s being worked out.

GL-What was the face that I saw?

Forces-These are the qualities made visible.

GL-Was it negative I don’t understand?

Forces-All these qualities that are being worked out aren’t positive they have to start off negative, you don’t work out positive qualities.

GL-The face looked Satanic turned around it was a baby.

Forces-Bringing the Christ Spirit into your life.

JU-With the economic deterioration…?

Forces-A bad scene.

JU-Very bad.

Forces-Yes. We will help no one until our product is good.

JU-So there is no area that one can go?

Forces-Area is always in the area.

JU-For money or something, governments and states and local will collapse on a economic level?

Forces-Collapse economic level, Spiritual level first.

JU-Is it conceivable they will let states and cities go bankrupt and fall apart?

Forces-It has already happened.

JU-Things like treasury bonds and government investments and all that?

Forces-Only paper.

JU-Thank you.

Forces-Anytime but remember what goes up must come down Regan is not in a good position and we’re going to help show him in many different ways that he’s not in a good position.

JU-So is it best to keep support…?

Forces-Ring around the conflict pole one man up and one man down one man over and one man out one man (Buddha?) one man. Go ahead we’re

JU-Thank you.

ES-In the First Book of Kings where they talk about Solomon’s Temple what is the sea with 12 oxen?

Forces-Let us say these were different force fields around the Temple and then took on physical structures around the design of the Temple.

ES-Do they correspond with the gates?

Forces-In the body.

ES-There were 3 different force fields for each gate?

Forces-Yes. Remember you can’t betray what you can’t understand, you can’t walk but you can run, you cannot sing but you can talk, all these things are part of us all these things are given to you. Don’t be the first be the last, the last is first.

ES-Thank you.

BH-The group of Initiates in Temple Beautiful…

Forces-Go ahead uh huh.

BH-and does(————-) could you give us another incarnation?


BH-Thank you.

JE-Who was Charlton Heston at the time of Christ?


JE-Did he manifest these things now?

Forces-He just being a direct spirit for these individuals to come through him.

JE-Wouldn’t he have to be an initiate for those spirits to come through?

Forces-Why not.

Forces-We can use who we want to use when we want to use them.

JE-Thank you.

Forces-Isis go ahead and say what you have to say and we have to go.

IS-I’ve been waking up with nausea?

Forces-This is a heat and also the time and season and changing of the weather.

IS-Am I doing all right?

Forces-Yes you’re moving along uh huh.

IS-Thank you very much.

IS-And for the entity Tom?

Forces-Moving along.

IS-He’s not been sleeping for several nights.

Forces-Receiving information.

IS-Thank you very much.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Forces-We’ll be back to talk to you soon.

Group-Our Father.