Session 334 12/17/80 to 12/18/80

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are here as we had said and ah being in the area we seem to affect it more and more. We’ll these are the things you have to live with while we have come so close to affect the electrical outputs of course. Now that we are in the season to be jolly we might as well enjoy it. We have scheduled a few things for your behaviors patterns and for your behalf and we figure you might enjoy them very much. We ask that only the Spirit remain with you and be careful in your driving not to be too anxious and to be concerned how you drive. We also would suggest that during this month to watch your candles and matches and not to leave things lite for this is the critical time for flames and fires to go around (—) in this season. Now that the house report is over and your national warning system has been had we can go on to other categories. Your weather completely interesting as it might seem we are trying to maintain a certain temperature for you so you won’t have to be too cold. We know how much this infuriates you when it gets down below a certain temperature we are (awful sorry?) for having offended thee and we detest all our sins (Laughter) because we dread the loss of thy faith and the pain you’ve held, most of all because we have offended thee who are all good and deserving of all our love, the hope of thy grace, hope never, never, never to upset you. Now that we made our contrition we hope you received it with the act of faith and trust and hope and love and whatever else you have left in there. Yes it is a moment of trials and tribulations but if you do your best you won’t get too many licks. Now as far as your weather is concerned I know you’ve been praying for snow and we might let a few flakes drop from the head and let it snow a little bit but snow is something that is nice to look at but difficult to get into but we’ll see what we can work out, maybe we’ll have everyone get snow so you can look at them and we’ll not give you snow here. Then if you want to really look at snow you just go to Culpepper or Williamsburg, Stanton, Lynchburg, the big city of Lynchburg very interesting. All right now that we have done all 3 elements we go into the object of ah, well it could be almost anything you want to go into ah…

IS-Is —–upstairs…?

Forces-You could take a look go ahead someone can take a look.

IS-Its Fanny.

Forces-Well we’ll leave and we’ll come back later.

Forces-We didn’t even get to the basics of what we want to discuss, but we will talk to you in a few moments. Ah we’ll come back don’t worry about that we just wanted to hold your hands.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now, bye. (Laughter)

Group-Our Father.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We return too continue talking with you and (—) that these moments should be filled with lots of purpose. We’re ready for your questions.

NN- Uzzah who touched the Ark and died in King David’s time, was it because he wasn’t a Levite or he wasn’t sanctified?

Forces-He did not adhere to the tenets or laws of not entering or passing (to?) this. This off course made the tremendous amount of electricity enter into him and, and did kill him.

NN-Thank you.

LK-Can you tell us about Noreen the psychic?

Forces-She’s given to a great deal of inspiration it kind of weighs and comes and goes but the amount of one who does send her the energy she can receive what is there but its not a bad contact but the impulses to come and go responses.

LK-Thank you.

GL-Could the seal for the Leyden center be given at this time?

Forces-More of the Scales of Libra and that of (?) and a color of orange along with ah the quality of the constellation of the Big Dipper and also the sounds of the note of D.

GL-Thank you.

JE-What happened to Moses Ark?

Forces-There are several of them in copy and there are the original ones that is left in the Pyramid.

JE-Which pyramid?

Forces-The one that hasn’t been found yet.

JE-Thank you.

JB-Is there any prayers or readings that would be helpful for this time of year?

Forces-Prayers are common in that of the Heart, to be read from Proverbs of course and that (is) always helpful along with the Book of Enoch and the First Book of Kings.

JB-Thank you.

HI-Is it true that disobedience to God has an effect on the Genes for 3 to 4 generations afterwards, that on the other hand the Love of God has a positive affect on the genes for a 1,000 generations?

Forces-This has some basis of truth.

HI-Thank you.

BH-When God ask Moses to lead the people out of Israel why did he hesitate?

Forces-This is self doubt and fear.

BH-Thank you.

IS-What do the Mennonites represent to us and what do we represent to them?

Forces-What the Mennonites represent is the Leyden centers, searching for the Spirit, opening up crudely but beginning to open and what we would represent to them is the inside story of the Spirit that they cannot identify with but long to understand.

IS-But they know its Spiritual?


IS-Thank you.

DL-What was left out of the conversation between Nicodemus and Jesus by Constantine?

Forces-Constantinople and Council Nicene.

Dl-And that’s when it was left out?

Forces-This was a derision and withdrawal symptoms of taking it away from the text for they thought the people could not readily understand it openly and this was a whole dissertation between Jesus and Nicodemus on the creativity of people and the ability of re-procreating from body to soul, soul to body, all this had underwent many changes (to) come up to the version it is now.

JU-Is there any spiritual or occult studies I should go into?

Forces-Repeat your question.

JU-Is there any subject or area of study that I should pursue?

Forces-Mainly the things that we had given to you at this moment to work.

JU-Thank you.

ES-I just want to thank you for the help in my meditation, thank you very much.

Forces-Um huh.

BR-What happened to Lenon when he went over to the other side?

Forces-Well the rest period had happened.

BR-Thank you.

DD-Could you explain what is the nature of what we call the ships and how they start off in the 8th dimension and how they travel the system which is in the locks, the process by which they start off and travel through this.

Forces-The Ships are the inability and the ability to project and reappear into dimensions. Ships are another force of Angelic Beings, which is the Hierarchies or Angelic Hosts. Hosts are Angelic Ships, Hosts being Ships. Ah many visions of Angels had been flying in spaceships or hosts, another name for spaceship is host. Host of many natures could imply many things but a host in (—-) is that in which ah the elements of a civilization, society or dimension is given food or given sustenance or is taking its food from, this is what you would call host and this what the meaning of the name. A host is also a private culture and environment. The Angelic Host comes from the Angel word (An-eletic-off-lic) angelic ah quality of possessing the Host State and manifesting it on the earth. There are many changes in this state but there are also many fundamental laws that imply the building of a Dome Type condition. When the Host or a, spaceships do travel they normally go through the time warp sequence to the conditions that they are needed. No Host or ship ever is found in areas that they are not needed or implementation or inclination of their substance. All ships are found in areas that they can handle. Therefore the ships are operated by a energy of the sun but not that of that same sort its stored and manufactured away. Its more also handled by a crystal type affect of inner reflection and energy that can last oh from a period of 4 to 40 years. Ships are very deviation and different type of conditions and locks ah it can affect the physical body, mental body and Spiritual body. Ah these ships also hovering above affect the Atmosphere and environment of the area. This should take care of you as far as ships are concerned. Flying saucers or ships can go in devious manners and appear and reappear through their warp zone affect. But the Laws are still the Laws and they are still being obeyed by the Laws.

DD-Thank you.

IS-Are there regular ships that do not change something like this earth, maybe more sophisticated?

Forces-This is what you call the Grand Ship or the Grand Prix type understanding or the novel, novelty ah foundation in which they are (inside wares?) to a level in which they need to be replaced.

Is-Are the other ships affected by the mood or vibration of the occupants within?

Forces-This could be true.

IS-As they come down from the 8th dimension as they come down into the 3rd dimension will then the 7th dimension there consciousness be a little bit less and then a little bit less until the 3rd dimension. Do they go through these changes?

Forces-These are certain lock systems yes.

IS-Is there any way for the 8th dimension…?

Forces-Unravel into the 3rd dimension, yes this is the meditation process, of calling upon the Overself to come down and take possession.

IS-There is no being that can come from the 8th dimension into the 3rd dimension without changing?

Forces-This is not true.

Is-So they can?

Forces-Well they can but they have to have some agreement or written clarification of what they are about to do.

IS-From who or to whom?

Forces-From that which (is in?) (assumes?) control of the situation to the individual.

IS-Thank you.

DL-My parents from my way of thinking who don’t know how to give, freely or generously, maybe I’m misjudging them but what is to be done with these two people?

Forces-(—-) continue to grow old. You live your life and occasionally when it snows say how nice and keep on walking through it.

DL-Thank you.

JU-What is the energy field I feel in the gonads when someone is negative?

Forces-Its an energy field you needn’t not to handle too much if you recognize something’s going on we must learn to click ourselves off from being sensitive or aware to this center or else we have a tendency of standing in the middle gettin hit constantly by it.

JU-Is there anything that can be done to disperse it?

Forces-Not to recognize it in a direct way but to work other things out first. Then when there’s no alternative then (your) direct action is a direct approach.

JU-Thank you.

DD-Could you explain what relationship the Host that Jesus consecrated relates to this?

Forces-The Host is a direct relationship of the flying saucer vehicle and represents to the Higher Self the return symbol of the soul.

DD-Thank you.

HI-Are we to revive the arts that they had during the Renaissance or is it something different we have to do?

Forces-In time.

HI-Thank you.

BH-The situation with the girl in the book Initiation by Elisabeth Haich did I go through something very similar to that?

Forces-In a slight way different forces here and there but yours is consistency of vibrations and understanding of nucleus (subliminations), it is also a thyroid changing inside the center that was being affected.

BH-Thank you.

NN-The words “Still small voice” if that was translated directly from the Hebrew is that the most exact?

Forces-That would be near to exact for this moment.

NN-Thank you.

JE-In the Psalms it says several places that the Mountains moved like rams and the hills like little lambs or skipped like little lambs. What does that mean?

Forces-These are the explanations of the non ability for that which is very light to become very solid, but also that that which is very solid to become very light or that which looks impossible to move it can at one time move. It represents the logical mind over the Spirit that the logical mind sayeth no but the Spiritual says yes to all.

GL-Is there anything in the electrical work in the house that needs to be looked at, at this time?

Forces- The system seems to be working well here and there some odds and ends but (at) this moment we search nothing for major improvements.

GL-Thank you.

LK-You were describing the ships and you said they were made of Angelic Hosts and yet when they I guess descend through the dimensions or go through dimensions they finally end up in the 3rd dimension appearing to us as like a metal type of object. What is it like when you start off in the 8th dimension for you or do you actually enter in to some type of a vessel or you just project yourselves?

Forces-Lets say the 8th dimension is like a Flame Burning constant glow and more of a radiation of heat.

LK-But it is something that you actually enter into?

Forces-Oh yeah its something that is to (over) enter to.

LK-Thank you.

IS-Who is the person that the psychic said that talks too much?

Forces-There is a connecting link with RU in this past experience of her talking as the entity, as she changes into Beth and the Beth aspect is more pronounced here. Also you have an indwelling factor that cannot be revealed at the moment for we are working on some improved situations.

IS-But she did pick up something correct?


IS-The whole thing that she picked up was that correct?

Forces-It was given to her by us.

IS-That was what you meant?


IS-Thank you.

JU-Could you give a picture of what was studied or what took place inside the Egyptian Temples and schools?

Forces-This can be given but will be a wide range talk. A lot did take place and did take place, which cannot be said directly right now. Repeat it again for another Session and we’ll start from the beginning of it.

JU-Thank you very much.

DD-IS was talking about a certain Angel representing the elliptical force is this how they get the shape of the ship?

Forces-Names were taken from what would be considered the lyrical sense or (liptical) sense. All names were pronounced by song waves and it is the song that vibrates the ships.

DD-Thank you.

BR-Two Sessions ago you explained to DD that a plane when it takes off, it needs ah to get out of the hanger, then from the hanger to be taxied to ah the runway. How does the spaceship from the 8th dimension take off?

Forces-The spaceship takes off from a pulsation force of accumulation of light waves of Love and Spirit of condensation of that energy into a point of a needle in which at that point it disappears from the 8th dimension and travels through the slots of the 7th.

BR-Thank you.

HI-If the arts were perfected during the Renaissance why must it be brought forth again?

Forces-They were not perfected to the height, they were cut short.

HI-Thank you.

IS-If they were to come forth again it doesn’t necessarily mean HI has to bring them forth, its not a must?

Forces-They will be brought forth by a sequence and a system that is coming forth ah this sequence and system is underlined by a pattern and the pattern given out in a circle, circle and what would be considered a forest (force) of plants (planets) ah the more or the more developed the art become the more the centers are expressed and put into the earth and these centers are made to be lighter, made to be open with the arts of the creativity which is also affected by the planets. So we all have an equal share in expressing the arts, but also to the expression of the arts through the planets that you have a time for that moment.

HI-Thank you.

BH-The apostle Paul wrote a lot did he have a greater affect than other apostles?

Forces-Paul had a tremendous affect over people because he spoke more on a strength image, but really on the great feeding of the people in their strength.

BH-Thank you.

Forces-At this moment we will be leaving and will speak to you again soon. We would also suggest that keep (mind) of the Spirit and all things we will work with.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.