Session 332 12/14/80

Greetings to all here present now. We are observing many ah celebrations this season also have watched your light (and) find them to be very (———-and nice). Houston’s landing frequency comes out rather nice for the pulsation tone that could give a certain (speak). Most important as we move through this moment we must stress always the answers have been given to you first, the question is what you receive second. Try to apply that in your life and in (your) weeks to come. The answer has been given to you all you have to do is hook up to that monitor and then the question will be received. Many of you will receive many different gifts from us in different ways. We have set aside a certain force that will help you to learn these secrets of the laws of the earth. No man or woman is desperately left alone with no hope whatsoever there is always the right car or the right plane or the right person that will help with problems that you already have the answer to. Remember there is no problem that you receive that it is not fitted that you also will have the answer for. We have watched the Soviet Union and they are about ready to make some (lunges) we feel sorry but nonetheless such is the fast moving status.

Forces-Yes. Questions.

IS-Book of Joshua’s conquering, all the names are either Hebraic or Aramaic as far as I understand. What does it mean that the Hebrew Language or is it Aramaic was already in existence and was the language of all those Canaanites, Jebusites and all those people?

Forces-Each one had its different (diverto) and dialect. As time moved on it wore out styler and (diverto) and language itself and merged into the language that you see today.

IS-So the Israelites when they came over did they speak a different language?

Forces-They spoke Hebrew a large percentage, but because a lot were very aware of many qualities, they knew what they were doing (and) had to take care of it.

IS-Was there an Egyptian language at that time that was different from Aramaic and Hebrew?

Forces-This is correct there was a language. It was much slower and to the point in many conditions.

IS-That is not Arabic of today?

Forces-Well let us say because of the circumstances that are geared up in the office this is the angel that was sent to take care.

IS-The Hebrews that came over they already knew the language of the people living there?

Forces-Some of them do yes.

IS-The language that we have today Hebrew or Aramaic was picked up not from the Hebrews but rather from all those Canaanites?

Forces-This is very strong and possible.

IS-Did the Hebrews have their own language that was not Hebrew, not Aramaic, not Egyptian between themselves or did Abraham Isaac and Jacob did they at that point pick up Hebrew carry it into Egypt because they picked it up at that point in Canaan?


IS-Abraham, Isaac and Jacob they lived in Canaan did they pick up the Language of the land which was Hebrew and Aramaic then carried it into Egypt where some of them still remembered it when they when they went back into Canaan and adopted it as their own language since the other nations were destroyed or disappeared. Or did Abraham where he came from have another Language. Or was it the Hebrew Language? (Laughter)

IS-Was Atlantean Language different than Hebrew and Aramaic?

Forces-Much more etheric in nature than what it is today, much more spirited but much more active as far as meeting people and of course language do their changes constantly and new situations and headaches of course also watching this person that he does not get worse. In those conditions you can see where he is. That’s what you need. (Laughter)

IS-That answers something else?

Forces-Yeah well you understand what we are saying.

IS-Should I ask the other question?


IS-Was Aramaic and Hebrew…?

Forces-There are some forms and records that will be discovered ah before this year is out that will bring new language to the Hebrew people and the Egyptian heritage of common denominators in which spoken was Hebrew, but not Hebrew as you know it, Ancient along with the Aramaic writings both being a very diversified and nomenclature condition. This should be strongly felt around April or May.

IS-Going back to Babel…?

Forces-Nothing goes back to the time of Babel; it is still now the present time of Babel being undone.

IS-Did they have…?

Forces-The time of Babel mind you people, is that quality of the logical mind Babeling in your mind, where it babbles all day long and babbles like bubbles, bleu, bleb-d, bleh (laughter) bleh dabba dah (laughter) This is the Tower of Babel and this is ridiculous in its own sounding properties knowing that there’s much more to learn and sometimes watching you Babble is quite hideous in its state of evolution and consciousness when there’s much more to do. But you do work it out just when baby has done anything in the diapers you have to clean the diapers and start anew. Ah we feel the same way when people get lost in different thought forms and they babble and this is from Zion to soloed down to numb street sweepers. Everyone feels his babble is more important than the next babble, well its not because there’s no babble any different from any other babble. Maintaining a certain amount of subduedness and silence is much more tolerable and much more growing, much more beautiful than the babble is a babble its. I don’t know if we answered your question.

IS-Its all right…?

Forces-Doesn’t really matter does it. People are still babbled, this is how Babylon became and how you are still going through Babylon, our logical mind, don’t use the logical mind use the spiritual mind.

IS-Thank you.

DL-Is there something to add to the garlic vinegar mixture for the odor?

Forces-Run it back for what is the garlic whatever.

DL-The hair mixture.

Forces-Oh. Let it toe have its. We have a suggestion we go around bald up here and we have no need for hair mixtures now because there is no hair. Don’t have to worry about shampoo and how you comb your hair in the morning, you wake up and you shine immediately or whatever. We have our helmets we put on we just slip over you know friction free. In wintertime we not worry about that we have our muttons, its called muttons. Muttons are contraptions like skin type aluminum foil, but its not but you put it over your big head our big head of course and it keeps the heat in and allows not the heat to go out. Similar to your electric socks or something like that.

Forces-Go ahead your turn.

Dl-Is there…?

Forces-Oh yes how did that smell, ah go, smell all you want there’s nothing better you can do, the smell is also very good for the head scalp and cell tissues around the brain. Its very powerful stuff for the capalar (Capillary?) systems of the brain skin tissue. (Laughter) Just don’t bath in it.

JU-The sequence of Psalms I’ve been reading?

Forces-80 is the good one to stick to.

JU-Any others…?

Forces-Try 80 it counts.

JU-Thank you.

Forces-For 80 is a recommitment and asking for the reevaluation of 80 for (four?) is a great one for all of you to read if I do say so myself, and I do say so myself.

JU-Thank you.

DD-Could you give me any more information on the thing I’m working on?

Forces-Your system is a system that will take time for you if watched you grow and (croak) with it, we only ask you to have a little bit more ah you cannot struggle with it, you must allow the spirit now to come in and show you what needs to be done. It is nothing more on a logical level that can be done for the revelation of itself. It must be relaxed and the Spirit must give. No one can work hard for something that they want for knowledge. Wisdom has to be entered into and Wisdom only comes by the Spirit at the right time the right moment and living spirit. So knowledge and wisdom is like two accords ones seek after material and fundamental principles the other seeks after resurrecting those principles.

DD-Thank you.

Forces-Try to record your dreams down this will give you some understanding of what you need to do next.

DD-Thank you.

ES-I need to make a decision about my car soon, should I sell it or get insurance, or should I fix the muffler?

Forces-Which one comes first.

ES-That’s what I was asking you.

Forces-Well it’s not our car so (Laughter).

ES-I could either fix it up and sell it or…?


ES-It doesn’t matter which one I do?

Forces-Well it’s not our car you know, we don’t have to drive it, you’re the one who is driving it. Now if you want our advice you can ask for our advice, what we would do, we wouldn’t bother with the thing. But ah you got to budget yourself differently so you can afford a car.

ES-Um huh.

Forces- Huh huh. But try to budget yourself first put your car on mothballs or whatever and see what happens if that doesn’t work get rid of it “what one cannot handle one does not deserve” old proverb I don’t know if its Chinese or not, but doesn’t matter at this point does it.

ES-No. Thank you.

JE-What happens on a higher level when the earth celebrates Christmas?

Forces-Its more of a bringing into of an accountability of the Spiritual World and the levels of consciousness in which man try’s to fight but it is a very high time in which man turns to the Spiritual level, its also a very high time in which the spiritual level of spirituality is more in tune to the earth and the people of the earth. If people could only celebrate Christmas everyday not get bored or tired with it a lot of spiritual and a lot of magic will manifest on the earth readily than it does on an everyday basis.

JE-Thank you.

Forces-And man is more attuned to the Spirit so more movement can be made in this few weeks ahead.

BH-Last Session…?

Forces-Don’t know if he finished, are you finished.

JE-Yes thank you.

Forces-Your welcome go ahead.

BH-Last Session you said this is the year of Burgundy.

Forces-Burgundy right I like to drink a cup

BH- and the thymus…

Forces-Red Burgundy best wine Martello (—) Martello yes I know, go ahead, go ahead…

BH-Representing the thymus the blood and the pineal.

Forces-What’s that.

BH-The year of Burgundy.

Forces-Yes if you drink a wine Burgundy it helps the lungs and the heart and the blood its good for a cup won’t hurt no body. We would advise at least one drink of wine a week that would hurt no body. Done moderately and not like DD (Laughter) a very bad condition. Go ahead.

BH-Last year you said…?

Forces-Burgundy right (—) having a difficult time getting it together. Go ahead we’re listening. Um huh.

BH-Last year was the year of the Lion and Solar Plexus

Forces-Go ahead.

BH-Being Yellow and Green I was concentrating on psalms for the Leyden and Solar Plexus…

Forces-You want something new now.

BH-I just wondered if I should switch my concentration?

Forces-Switch. Yeah change it to 144. We would also read that of ah Exodus this is (—) time of Exodus and John 3rd Chapter any time.

BH-Thank you.

NN-What is Holiness?

Forces-What is what.

NN-What is Holiness?


NN-Where it talks about it in Psalms, something like Holiness becometh thine house.

Forces-Yes I hear I know. Holiness is the quality in which the lower centrums or what would be called the Malkuth forms into the level of the Yesod, the Yesod is the level under which (Zipheroth), (Sepheroth), you know the rest ah Zipper. (Zacheroth) forms a formation in which we would consider that of Holiness. Holiness is the prospect of silencing the babbling mind, logical mind of course. Try it someday try and stop your babbling minds for one day, don’t listen to yourself that’s all just tune yourself out. You give more trouble to yourselves than the neighbor next door. This is true Holiness; true Holiness is a state of being Holy or without the Babble.

NN-Thank you.

Forces-Yes anytime.

Hi-Dream about the

Forces-The Beatles.

Hi-The group the Beatles that a new female force would come in and they would become famous again.


HI-Prophetic or symbolic?

Forces-Its both, both aspects there is a great possibility that this will unite a great spirit into the earth and bring a great form of ah Uhmmm well ah. There’s a great force that can come into the earth that would be very creative through it. It could also lead to a, ah, ah, ah black destructive force.

JB-What is angel food?

Forces-Angel food huh I don’t believe it, angel food where did you find it out, what, what, what.

JB-Thought I read it in Matthew.

Forces-Matthew, angel food is found on the 3rd isle of A and P along with fairy dust you know. Yeah we like being here also. Angel food well when you come across any let us know we could use a bite. Angel food I never heard of it angel cake I heard yes. All kidding aside we like jesting around with you sometimes, jostling your nerves. Angel food is found in the morning hours when the dew hits the ground if it’s the right conditions and all that manna forms on the ground and this is what you would call angel food.

JB-Thank you.

Forces-Yeah I knew you would appreciate that.

IS-So it’s the manna in the desert?

Forces-No, no, no, angel food can fall anywhere, dew has the power of forming anywhere. It could be in the desert if it wants to be, but nobody would find it, but it its that um huh. Go ahead (—-) whatever go ahead.

BR-With the days of Grace that have just passed,


BR-What did it really mean?

Forces-Well it would mean that if it wasn’t the days of Grace, it would be the days of hell. It would have been much more intense then what it had been and ah now we’re trying to give some other, other conditions. It got people kind of real you know tenseified in point that some people didn’t want to keep their life insurance plan anymore, they wanted to cash it in, they didn’t think they were going to live another day to see it to be spent. Ah yeah it was a very, very strenuous 24 days in which many things had to be lessened or if we didn’t do it that way they would, by law of course you know that right yeah. Things would have been a little bit more complicated and complex.

BR-Thank you.

GL-Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces-Try to keep your minds eye on the Spirit and the positive side of service and this is your salvation. Other than that we would center on Chapter of John and Chapter of Numbers for you.

GL-Thank you which Chapter?

Forces-John and Numbers not betting but numbers.

GL-Thank you.

Forces-We only trying to help you along, so far we told you to stay away from betting (—) drink or wine and ah all sorts of things. Go ahead.

GL-Thank you.

LK-When someone ask my opinion on something I said, but not what I felt and a few moments later on I understood that’s not what I felt. Why does that happen?

Forces-Well give us your opinions and we can correct it.

KL-You mean about particular things?

Forces-Ah one particular thing we’d be bored with the others.

LK-When Tom after meditation told me about John Lennon being shot I said I was glad and then I found out he had been killed I felt really bad and said that’s not what I really felt.

Forces-Well what you were saying was what was being accomplished; a quality of the mind was being transported, but transmuted into the Spirit world. Also there was a lot of Harassment and, and great destruction caused upon a Spiritual purpose that these people had to do and he was one of the focal points that stopped the movement. So this is what you were referring to.

LK-Thank you.

Forces-Sometimes when we say something we are saying something to a complete different thought form and we are not really aware of what we are truly saying when it finally comes out, that you said wha, wha, wah, what. And what your really saying is a certain aspect or focus point on certain things and not on generally wishing him to be… (End of Tape)