Session 235-?date

Forces-Greetings to all here (—–) now. We have been moving through the storms and clouds of rain and have made our (age?) of washing away for the next (—) of those (flowing’s?) near (—). We find a general movement of energy and strength and many areas of changes. A great deal of fluxuation and trying to balance out (twos) in situations but the progression comes in stability. We would stress that you center around the spiritual fibers, prayer that these qualities will branch out and give you the whole of wisdom, and standing things need to be done. We would say that if you do read the Psalms this has been given before but 121 to 135 during periods ahm 10 o’clock to 4 o’clock you would find that your life would be in a better condition and ability to what would be called stress moves and lead by the spirit in your dealings. We find that the branches of wisdom comes from that of the ability of putting into the spiritual banks those prayers and supplications to do that which is right. (If?) The mind is given constantly to the spiritual factors then it simply stands to reason that on a worldly level you would be doing that which is perfect for the spirit. We find also many changes and demands coming forth as far as your economy is concerned and the demands for stability again to be encountered.

Forces-Ready for your questions.

DD-Can you tell me a little bit about St Francis was he another character in the Bible?

Forces-St Francis represents that quality of searching and inner commitment to ideals of the Spirit along with the directional elements of knowledge applied through the Alkem wisdoms of the ages.

DD-Some of the Schools say that he was Pythagoras and Thomas Moore?

Forces-This could be a possibility of being but remember it is the Presence of that particular life that he centered on developing those inner qualities.

DD-What does a Riddle mean what does it do when seeking to solve Riddles?

Forces-Something that would reveal the truth without affecting the ethers of the earth.

DD-It goes below the conscious level and gets inside?

Forces-Something on that schedule.

DD-Thank you very much.

DL-Guidance with the L brothers?

Forces-We would stress just the fact of try to gear through a particular state of learning, a particular trade or mission or concept or book or life or belief. But remember you cannot do this by yourself so therefore it might take months just to accomplish a simple feat so just gear yourself for patience and not to be too concerned about what you should be doing in months to come for this one thought will take many months to accomplish.

DL-Woman named Olivia at my office?

Forces-Dis-attach from judging her, just generally dis-attachment altogether, just do your work as best as you can but do not set a judgment value on her for by doing so you become attached to her.

DL-And I’m not really stealing her job because of selfish desires of my own?

Forces-That is in direct answer to a question that must be asked and answered within self. It is a job that needs to be done; I cannot release you from all guilt if you think you have some. If you feel there is not guilt there then you have none.

DL-Thank you.

RU-In the Book of Chronicle and the Book of Kings Bathsheba is referred to at one point Bathsheba and another point Bathsheua why?

Forces-This is in reference to a certain consciousness, one coming from and one going to, there is a difference in movement in this from the lower aspect in the expressing of the future deeds to come.

RU-Thank you.

RU-Did David have any other daughters than Tamar?

Forces-We do find that there were several unmentionable daughters mingling around the tribes of Israel.

RU-It refers to David as having concubines but some of the women are specified as wives and others are just names. Did he have all those as wives? How many wives did he actually have?

Forces-One to many?

IS-Was that Michal?


RU-Thank you.

NN-What is it about the Rosary that makes a different movement through time and space seemingly faster?

Forces-The more you say it the faster you go and the more you say it the more you develop the ethers around you to through an area that needs to be moved through makes it easier and finer to be receptive to those spiritual avenues in front of you.

NN-The book Prophecy (ecological horror story about the evils of industrial pollution) could you say where different place around the country where something like that has actually happened?

Forces-Well there are certain qualities of the Book to be true and certain qualities of it have manifested in Maine and Canada and certain qualities in Siberia.

NN-Actually like a monster?

Forces-More or less.

NN-Is that part of the monsters from the deep?

Forces-More or less.

NN-Thank you.

JE-Can you tell us about the oldest civilization before Atlantis the very first one?

Forces-Well, there was recorded the land of Mu. Of course it has nothing to do with Sun Young Moon, (Laughter) but there is a land what would be called of the Sun which is called the land or the space of Ari. And in the space of Ari was the beginning and concept of the spirit of man; sons of god, that did not really manifest on the earth, but did manifest in a position in the galaxies of life and the cosmos beyond. From there they had their sect and molecule structure of existence in what would be called a sunflower design. Each which what would be considered circumspect a revolving center of light by love and beauty creating and resound the impulses and expertise of giving engulfed in the beauty and ecstasy’s of existence in the primordial creation of being. This was the beginning of what would be considered the colony or the colonization of planet earth. In this area, there was space beyond belief that in considering the quasars beyond the heat and light pulsations of its general force, they had a play ground that was immense beyond compare. In their growth pattern, there was this development of sounds waves of energy force that rejuvenated, revitalized and rekindled a certain amount of wisdom and knowledge. In this growing pattern, these qualities involved with the sons of man to be considered the sons of god enkindled wisdom and knowledge continually in which they encountered other civilizations past, present to come of all decrees all lessons all learning, all trials, juries, all conditions of sustaining, receiving, rejuvenating those powers of wisdom knowledge and applying them in their daily is correct, correct activity. You will also find that as they would express in this elliptical orbit, they moved or resound or revolve with speed of energy in which they became more developed and more emphasizing the factor of energy, pure energy giving out rejuvenat-ive, rebirth and recolonize the worlds beyond. At that point they moved gradually to the area of this galaxy coming in through the certain Formulix Felix fear or more or less the elliptical pattern into the Belt of Orion, through this quality they merged into the what would be considered the Lions Pelt or more or less the Lions Paw. Coming into this galaxy, there were many paths and patterns happening to take this particular, develop certain solid qualities and characteristics that were of ethers of elements of air bouncing in and out and never really being of the same quality but just visualizing certain characteristics of growth and forming the planets which would be considered Saturn and the belt that surrounds Saturn has a ixsla, exodus, “exzumeus” quality in which the pen branched off with the communications of the Angels and Archangels and other Principalities within the Thrones of regions. In which again there was these constant relations of informative discourses and rapport and growth patterns, developments through many channels and reservoirs of learning. At a certain point, they decided they would rather live closer into the solid molecular structures and got involved with amoebas and what you know as paramecium’s and one celled creatures and also involved with other creatures that are no longer here on the earth, on and on and on, then one thing led to another as it always does and one small act leads to a bigger act and, and other qualities from the Archangels and the Spheres and the Thrones had to make the solid gasses in which certain forms of planets so called spirit planets had to be established. Of course, the Saturn planet was constructed first along with the planet of Uranus and then there was a tremendous war, collision between the Angelic forces which caused a great rift in the decision between the sons of men, the sons of darkness and the rest I guess you have written knowledge of.

JE- Why was there originally the split of the angels?

Forces- Power over the creations within the new galaxies being made.

JE-Thank you very much.

RH-If you were on a spaceship the way they show darkness, stars and planets if you kept going would that be infinite or is there a point where that would go into something else like another color or…?

Forces-You would go into something else all right. It’s not as eternal as scientist think it is.

RH-Would you change dimensions?

Forces-You would go into something else.

RH-Would it be whiteness?

Forces-It wouldn’t be whiteness.

RH-Is there another planet in the Universe that has humans in the same development?

Forces-Well you have the anti-planet that’s opposite this that would correlate to this planet.

RH-And there wouldn’t be any, other than that?

Forces-Oh yes we have dozens of these kinds.

RH-And some day we’ll probably meet them?

Forces-And some day you’ll probably meet them.

IS-Actually each Universe has one?

Forces-Correct. Near or so one.

IS-Something that is a physical manifestation of all the laws?

Forces-All the regulations.

IS-Thank you.

RH-Could you tell us about Wisdom teeth?

Forces-Wisdom teeth come from a basic factor from the horse family. They’re also a certain quality of development within the individual to acquire insight and certain amount of wisdom and application of truth.

IS-So in reality they are connected with wisdom?


IS-And so in reality they are necessary?

Forces-Yes in certain conditions yes.

RH-What does the Ring around Saturn represent?

Forces-Ring around the collar. Ring around Saturn.


Forces-Represents the barrier, we’ve said this before. All those souls that are trapped on it, they cannot move.

RH-The part with the hand that would represent the same thing?

Forces-(—-) on the hand it represents a certain limitation but a certain wisdom in the occult.

Tape changed part missed

BR- one who married Mary did he have children from a previous marriage?

Forces-Yes he did.

BR-How many?

Forces-He had two.

BR-Were they also at the time of the birth of Jesus?

Forces-Yes they were.

BR-How were they affected?

Forces-They were astonished.

BR-Did they become like apostles?

Forces-Well they became the servants of the, of the Light.

BR-Do we know their names from the Bible?

Forces-Well we have confronted with them occasionally throughout the Bible.

BR-What did they do?

Forces-They cleaned up after everybody.

BR-Thank you.

BR-The Cayce readings suggest that Seth was reincarnated as Benjamin and Saul is that true?

Forces-We find this to be true.

BR-Thank you.

Forces-At this point we will be leaving and we’ll speak to you again soon before this week is out.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.