Session 325 10/11/80?

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We have watched and witnessed many force many new influences coming into the earth. Now begins a period of psychic revelations and understandings and parcels to the psychic world. There are many points to this observation and many strong accents to the force that is coming in reference to these. There should be many revelations and semi cures within the areas. We would remove the dogs from the area. With these elements the power and understanding of them occult, metaphysical and wisdoms of these powers will come great evidence to the continuation of the soul and its revelation in the earth. This great lesson and prospect and power undivided and unfathomed for there shall be tremendous amount of proof and its own physical constituents of research will have at there disposal those clinical and exorbitant inclination and extraditions of animal data and surveys. In short it will be the whole truth and nothing but the truth in the spirit. So as time goes on this truth will become more and more prevalent. We plan to paint some nice sky’s for you, pink and violet and blue and green and orange in the coming days and this will be our signs for you of many important researches and incidents into the page of history. There are many overtures that will happen in reference to the spirit and to that information of growing knowledge. Tibet will have a tremendous force for it will rise again in its own fragments. But it will also have a compelling force in its own right.

Forces-We are now ready for your questions.

NN-Did each of Jacobs’s sons and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob incarnate in Moses time?

Forces-They had certain parts of parcels of giving those talents and qualities down, but not all of them incarnated at the same time.

NN-Thank you.

IS-But Judah is mentioned there and in the days of Joshua. They call him Judah the Son of Jacob. Was it the original Judah?

Forces-For that particular case we can refer to and point out that there underlying notions would agree yes.

IS-Thank you.

LK-What’s the significance of finding the 2 new moons of Saturn?

Forces-New information and consciousness of psychic revelations and temperaments of personalities.

LK-Thank you.

BH-What did it mean that the 12 apostles names were written in Heaven?

Forces-12 apostles repeat.

BH-When Jesus said that the 12 apostles names were written in heaven?

Forces-These are the qualities and attributes all man must follow and go through in his development.

IS-So they’re actually becoming new laws?


BH-Thank you.

BR-With the dream that I had the other night everybody went back to New York then we went to Virginia Beach.

Forces-Repeat the dream.

BR-There was a marriage taking place and David was real happy a person I had know Frank and Tom was hurrying to go to New York and we went there but the person wasn’t found and then we went to Virginia Beach and we kicked off our shoes and sat in the sand.

Forces-It means that there is some work that will begin in Virginia Beach but will encompass a settling place and a home of different force fields and a foundation for the future from that place.

BR-Thank you.

IS-And Frank in New York?

Forces-Frank could represent that of a message.

BR-Thank you.

JE-What’s the significance of the Return being played today?

Forces-The beginning of a focal point that we had promised that the creative arts are about to happen for you.

JE-Thank you.

IS-What will be the result of todays playing?

Forces-Well you must understand they will be excited but cautiously excited, nobody really comes rushing through. You’ll have a greater many requests for the records causally that is. But inwardly it would be quite rampant.

IS-Is it also the kind of people that would listen to this kind of program and that being played on the classical music. You are dealing with a different caliber of people?

Forces-Of course.

IS-But it was favorably received by…?

Forces-It has been received very good.

Forces-(——-) they’re proud of it because it comes from the city of Charlottesville you know what we mean.

IS-So they’re bound to…?

Forces-Accept it with open arms.

IS-So there will be more continuation of…?

Forces-Oh yes.

IS-Thank you and thank you for putting it on.

ES-Should I transfer to the ER?

Forces-Don’t rush it dear.


Forces-(—–) you go when you have to.

ES-Thank you.

DL-Than k you very much for helping the woman’s bleeding to stop in the Hospital. And is there anything they can give to Barbara. Should she seriously consider dropping school there and coming here and Karen of course is worried about her job.

Forces- (You) kind of working things out aren’t we. These conditions can be seriously considered.

DL-Would there be any advice for Karen?

Forces-Time will tell.

DL-Thank you.

IS-Is Regan really serious about, he’s going to listen to the moral majority and to those other fanatics?

Forces-He’ll tell you that now and tomorrow he’ll tell you something else, next day it’ll be something else, he’ll have a good time with the man.

IS-Didn’t he actually say in his conference he said that just because he wanted to be elected? Nobody picked up on it.

Forces-Some did.

IS-Did he actually says it?

Forces-More or less.

IS-But he did right?


IS-Throwing things on Carter?

Forces-No President coming in to office wants the problems of the past President; they always seem to draw the line of what the other President did.

IS-Paul Weyrick threatened the incoming vice-President that he had better buckle down or he’ll take him down.

Forces-Watch and see.

IS-What is happening in this country this guy had 3 senators apologizing to him and they didn’t seem like the bad guys.

Forces-These things happen.

IS-But something will be happening to that guy Weyrick or whatever his name is?

Forces-It is not the best situation this President has a tendency of becoming a strong dictator.

IS-So the religious won’t influence him?

Forces-No he’ll put them in their proper places, he wants power and not to give it to religion.

IS-The way religion is now is almost dangerous?


IS-Thank you.

DD-Could you give me a form I could put the 142 you told me about in a graph and use the rules that were given?

Forces-More of a T type formation, forming a T and a L.

DD-Do you have to put them close together?


DD-Thank you.

BH-Could more be given on tuning in to the Holy Spirit?

Forces-More that of a Middle C or that of the Silence and concentrating with a certain color be it yellow or blue, more so blue and that of listening to the Silence and allowing it to affect you.

BH-Thank you.

BR- Two things happened today the Return and the cat being hit and then getting a unicorn?

Forces-Well there are more channels being met and more forces being worked with. There are more changes happening and more structures on a spiritual level that is being formed.

BR-Thank you.

BR-With the cat that was a sacrifice?

Forces-More of putting it into the astral world.

BR-How come I found it?

Forces-Unfortunately you were the one who was home. More or less the protection on an astral level by this cat from the black forces. As we had told you it was for.

BR-Thank you.

IS-Did it do what it was supposed to do?

Forces-Still doing.

IS-Thank you.

JE-Have they discovered oil in Nelson County?


JE-What significant changes is that going to bring about?

Forces-Well you see in the mail you receive today their all trying to make some tax thing in which reassessing your land values, this way the big companies will find out who has what and what is vacant to who.

ES-Is there any advice for me right now?

Forces-Patience and try to perceive the highest and the best you can do and lots of learning and reading and research to be done.

ES-Anything special that I should be reading now?

Forces-Learn the spirit.

Forces-At this point we will be leaving will speak to you again soon.

IS-Any advice for the entity Tom or for me?

Forces-We’ll talk to you, things we have planned it could be good to do, we’ll talk on it.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.