Session 326 10/12/80?

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We have watched major transitions happen and we are still watching closely Israel in its transition. The Soviet Union also is making moves towards the Poland and making law enforcement and sending tanks of various sizes in the areas. The Soviet Unions are concentrating more interestingly to that of Iran and trying to take it over. There shall be opposition in that course and the Soviet (—) will have its own encounters with the Soviet Union and there should be some exchange of fire even major weapons. Should be some also challenging decisions with Korea and China along with that of those areas in the Philippines. We have some strange weather coming again and also some new discoveries on that of the market and have not been revealed yet but there are major discoveries that have been made since the 60’s that the government have secretly been working on to ah send certain objects through the channels of waves making them reappear 50 miles away. There shall also be some major sightings again of the Solders and we have picked certain areas of ah Alaska, those areas of Mississippi and parts of Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming and more so in these areas.

Forces-We are now ready for your questions (at) this moment.

DD-I came to the conclusion that this device I’m working on was represented by the Elohim is that true and could you describe it?

Forces-Well it is the fundamental facets of that to be true more of a crooked or waveled lines of 6 with a 2 pronged pitchfork affect.

DD-Thank you.

DD-Is it anything like the device described in the Book by M. A. Foster the tangle of wire?

Forces-Something similar but a little bit more complicated.

DD-Thank you.

DL-Barbara in New York?

Forces-One day at a time and more so to calm herself down, just the calming ah affect should be taken into consideration and acceptance of some transitions of friends and loved ones to the other side.

DL-Thank you.

JU-All the pieces of music written by Saint-Saens it seems like there half finished or disjointed could you explain what it is?

Forces-There are certain times when it was not completed because of impressions and moods. This would be the general condition.

JU-Thank you.

JE-Can you tell us what affects the Voyager has traveling through the Saturn’s field transmitting pictures back to earth?

Forces-(We would) say psychic and spiritual Revelation being given to the earth on its responsibilities on religious matters and spiritual purposes ah and handling of them.

JE-Thank you.

BH-Could you tell us what they will find when they open the New Pyramid just found?

Forces-Stones inside and different plates.

BH-Any records?

Forces-The plates would have it.

BH-Thank you.

IS-At one point you said there was a specific Pyramid that could only be opened by the people that closed it is that that Pyramid now?

Forces-One of four.

IS-Is that how some of us got there is by Gladys Davis being here taking that part from us and going to Egypt?

Forces-This is correct?

IS-Thank you.

BR-In Kabbalah class it spoke about the separation. What happened to the Levites that they were separated?

Forces-More of a turning away from the Word of God and forming their own opinions of God.

BR-Thank you.

NN-Did I understand correctly that I am to read Job 16 now?

Forces-Yes you could work that one.

NN-Thank you.

HI-Some people I meet I become uncomfortable when I look them in the eyes is that me?

Forces-Maybe your just not to look in their eyes. Try to look over their forehead or into their hair rather than the eyes.

HI-Thank you.

JB-I had in a dream figure 388?

Forces-Well let us say Spiritual Dominance of the balancing of the material and abundance and ah more of a creativity and evolution to come of that of inner secrets and wisdom that would take time to develop. More or less that of the giving aspect to follow the 388 number.

JB-Thank you.

GL-With the electricity any advice?

Forces-(—) things are working to the point of completion in many respects. We would say it is moving all right.

IS-He’s now on the right…?

Forces-Different avenues that have been fulfilled and ah many new interests and understanding that shall be given.

GL-Thank you.

LK-Antarctica before the earth axis changed what type of land mass was it and did it have any kind of civilizations and what type of civilizations?

Forces-Well a tropical nature had many etheric forms on it.

LK-No physical forms?

Forces-There have been forms on a physical nature but etheric in quality.

LK-Thank you.

DD-It was said before that the Principalities
Created the Elohim I understood as tools. How did they use them and how does it relate to this ah device?

Forces-More or less creating of electricity of forming it and controlling the left hand side quality. The left hand side quality is formed by negativity and by electricity in its faults. Replenishing the positive side in the earth giving back the strength to the earth.

DD-Is this device of the left hand then?

Forces-More or less.

DD-That’s not good is it?

Forces-Once it is dissolved into the earth it returns in a positive affect.

DD-Thank you.

IS-Jerry Falwell, is my feeling correct he’s not the most dangerous but that other guy?

Forces-The most dangerous ones are the ones you don’t see up front those are the ones that are very quite at first and then make a loud explosion. Jerry Falwell of course has his down points and his qualities of weakness and he also has a lot of lessons he’s learning.

IS-What is his that’s the correct name of this other guy?

Forces-Well let us say your saying it right.

IS-Thank you.

DL-Is there a particular namesake psychic link up with a particular individual and if so are the conversations and missing time slots directly dealing with that entity?

Forces-A very good possibility yes.

DL-Thank you.

JU-Am I to be involved with the writing of poetry?

Forces-(—-) you can do that yes.

JU-Would it be worthwhile to do?

Forces-It will be when other elements are completed in your development.

JU-Thank you.

IS-Am I understanding what I just…?

Forces-Um yes, yes.

IS-Thank you.

JU-What affect does Voyager have on Saturn as it travels through its pattern?

Forces-More of a strange encounter and what would be considered contact of its influences and expelling some of its secrets to be revealed at the moment.

JE-Thank you.

BH-When a soul goes over to the other side does it meet up with souls it was close to who are already on the other side?

Forces-Yes they do.

BH-Thank you.

BR-Past couple of nights I’ve waken during the middle of the night, one night I was crying the other scared every night I’ve been waking up. Could you explain whets going on?

Forces-More or less a purging and cleansing of different elements within and a growing process of evolution.

BR-Thank you.

HI-With the hell that is in the inner earth is that the same place as that which is in Saturn?

Forces-Well let us say Saturn has its own particular hell.

HI-Thank you.

IS-Saturn is not entirely hell the whole planet?

Forces-There are different avenues and ah plateaus and levels of consciousness in Saturn.

IS-But Hell proper the one that is talked about?

Forces-Can be taken from this planet.

IS-Or it could be underneath the earth?

Forces-Under the earth is also could be the symbolism of it consciously.

IS-Is there though the real hell?

Forces-Oh yes there is.

IS-And which one is it?

Forces-That is which is inside a person and is not responding to the spirit.

IS-Thank you so there is no actual the physical hell?

Forces-We don’t understand the physical hell forms on a four dimensional level that cannot be a physical consciousness.

IS-After a person dies?

Forces-There is those elements of hell that he encounters that have been created by him.

IS-Thank you.

JB-Any thoughts expressions or ideals for this coming Thanks giving?

Forces-More of a Christ Spirit and that of the understanding of the Cosmic Lord of positiveness and quality of awaiting for the positiveness as a manifestation of the Spirit.

JB-Thank you.

GL-The stars that we see at night are they the dome of creation and if so what is beyond them stars and space?

Forces-Well they are considered the dome of creation, beyond that is more domes and more creation.

GL-Thank you.

NN-Why was (———–) cursed.

Forces-More of a, more of a promise of ah atonement to come.

NN-Thank you.

DD-Is it good that I’m working on the device?

Forces-It has its merits.

DD-I’ve been working on it along time and involved deeply in it.

Forces-It is ah deep prolonged working period.

DD-Is it positive for my development?

Forces-It has its aspects of teaching.

DD-Thank you.

DL-Did I have physical handicaps at the time of Jesus and next life I think I know and the third one this time on the spiritual level. Is that correct?

Forces-You are working on pinpointing them, they seem to be, seem to be quite near to some types of completion.

DL-Thank you.

JU-Could you give me some guidance at this time?

Forces-To see the (—) avenues of things that need to be worked with around you and to put into practice a schedule and system to do them.

JU-Thank you.

JE-The pyramid they found now who built it and the things that are inside it, what’s on the tablets and the stones what were they used for?

Forces-More or less these came before the First Giza Period and built by the early people who visited from the Yucatan’s. Inside is laid certain relics and symbolisms and histories of a particular person.

JE-Which person is that?

Forces-One of the Great Servants of the country.

JE-Thank you.

Forces-The Servants name at that time was Lydall or Lydien or Ormos Lydell Aletis, again we come up with the same sounds, question.

BH-The reaction of the people when Jesus said “no prophet is accepted in his own land” and they chased him out of the city and tried to throw him off a hill.

Forces-More of a santanic force and also the violence of the ego.

BH-Thank you.

BR-Which pyramid holds the Ark?

Forces-We would say the one between the third.

Forces-At this point we will be leaving. We will be working on the different avenues and aspects trying to get this into proper scope…

Tape Stops.