Session 327 10/13/80?

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We have watched this many items taking place this week and have done many intricate things and laid many foundations for the process involved. These days ahead and days of inner growth and knowledge and inner force of strength and wisdom. There is great spiritual strength and forces that will be loosed and released starting tonight for a period of 24 days for the work that we have planned. We are now setting up certain elements and forces of force fields and that in which would be akin and aligned with other takings. As the moments outside are troubled moments, things are getting tighter and people are getting more concerned about there own economy. We have planned many celebrations for them that will have to be forced upon them to do. That is conditions beyond and the conditions that they would have to work with. It is not a negative connotation but more so positive in the development of their own growth and force of wisdom. We find that in the great strength in days ahead they’ll be shown that of revelation and much revealed and there shall be a force that will carry the work further.

Forces-We are now ready for your questions.

NN-Do they have situations like we saw in the movie (—) in this country?

Forces-There are a lot of situations in this country that they do have that would end like that state.

NN-In Texas?

Forces-Texas ranks the worst. In fact in Texas there shall be plagues and there shall be a curse on Texas in their own force of greed, which should be worked with in time. But there are many wrongdoings that are going on in Texas that shall shock the world.

NN-Thank you.

LK-I’ve been accident-prone the last few weeks…

Forces-Lightheadedness and failure to yield the right of way.

LK-With that and the other things with my body like my face breaking out, my eyes swelling up you name it is there something…?

Forces-There is something in the air but you are also affected by the unresolving planet Saturn that affects you tremendously in your horoscope.

LK-Is there something I can do about it?

Forces-Wait until the information is over with.

IS-What is the right of way that you meant for him?

Forces-Ah failure to yield right of way is that of what it means to look before he leaps.

LK-Thank you.

GL-Could you please explain what the Arch of Time is?

Forces-This is what would be considered the magnetic pole of records of time that are kept arched over the earth.

GL-Thank you.

JB-Any guidance that can be given to me at this time?

Forces-We would suggest that in your own ah force and creativity that those things that are around you is a period of inner learning now and inner knowledge that is the cycle you are going through.

JB-Thank you.

BH-When Jesus tells the apostles that ah don’t worry I’m leaving but we’re going to send another comforter to you and He’s referring to the Holy Spirit. Does that mean the Holy Spirit wasn’t around before Jesus brought it in?

Forces-The centers within the body were not able to hold on to the Flame of Love, which opens up the centers for Wisdom and Christ represents that Love and when He opens that Flame over the Heart then the Wisdom in the Thyroid can open and make that able to see, speak and hear and then perceive other things beyond.

BH-Thank you.

DD-Could you explain what you mean by the crooked or waveled lines of 6 with a 2-pronged pitchfork affect?

Forces-This represents the course of anatomy, which man has been developed in which when Adam was created before the carnal flesh he had a fork or a pitchfork affect in which male female was balanced in his spheres. When santanic force evolved it formed the third prong in which had represented the between interference between that of the male gender and the female gender or the male cosmos and female, or the male sphere versus the female sphere. It also represents that in which everything has been created and developed to (two) in which is a tuning fork or point of interest in cooperation there is always that of the male female and it is up to us to decide the middle section that of santanic or that of spiritual. We have great understanding of that of santanic force, but also we have little understanding of its affects. We have also a great understanding of the spiritual force but also no understanding of its causal affects over the period of time. But we have more reality and data over the causal affects of spiritual matter than santanic matter. In the pitchfork reliance or acquisition this enlightens the brain in which sees, that which is heard. There is a force that is considered the ah Knowing your Centers ah could be found in a religious bookstore or Knowing the ah Balancing the Centers in which describes the pitchfork aspect, but books is not what we are interested in. It represents again that growing or evolution channel in which man must enter into male and female together balancing out both factors and bringing it into a Middle Path in which all creation and relativity and all devices of discovery must coincide, comprehend and also align self to the constructive and egresive posture building of what would be considered that of creation. From creation all is made from this principal and it is the principal that is set down in theory on paper or thought first then put into the ethers or thought ether paper and then put into a physical mobile and supplies that of the energy in which will create a new force and field of endeavor. Your prayers or thoughts and understanding is creating a force field around the house it will get thicker and thicker and bigger and bigger as time goes on which would allow a tremendous force of good and spirit to hover and to cling on to, this gets larger and larger to the point of a sphere of strength and this then takes over and starts creating on a physical level the cities that are formed on the spiritual.

DD-Thank you.

HI-Are 5 of the 10 commandments for the left-center brain and 5 for the right center brain?

Forces-This is correct the first five is the right center and the last five is the left center.

HI-Thank you.

JE-You were telling last night of the new pyramids that they found you were saying that some of the records were describing a certain person there. Could you tell us about this entity if we would know him later in the Bible or any past incarnations after?

Forces-You would know him but he would not be found in the Bible. He is just in its own form and state early part of the Egyptian period.

JE-Thank you.

Forces- Roughly around 1250 BC.

JE-What was his achievements that they created a pyramid for him?

Forces-He acquired great wealth.

JE-That was all?

Forces-That’s why they had to build the pyramid. (Laughter)

JE-Well then…?

Forces-Yes Jesse.

JE-Why is Gladys Davis involved in it?

Forces-Because stored into some pyramids around the area probably this one there had been spiritual laws that had been left by the declining priest kingdom in which had left the Laws of the Keys without telling anyone so it would be found at the most critical hour.

IS-Is that now the time now the most critical hour?

Forces-Coming to be we are approaching what would be considered the Kings Chamber.

IS-The will?

Forces-If it so be the will.

IS-The entity Tom had made a reference that he had opened the will center that’s it now?

Forces-This is a center within himself that he had opened up to work other things out that once open would continue it.

IS-But he had it open all the time except he closed the affect of that center is that it?

Forces-It was open but not open to this on the earth.

IS-I see so it’s all right isn’t it?

Forces-It will be all right for the rest of you it might not be. Not you, figurative speaking but for the world in general.

IS-Thank you.

JU-Can you give me help on my meditations?

Forces-Try to place some copper coins on your hands this will help in your balancing affect.

JU-Thank you.

DL-The entity JS.

Forces-There is some creative construction going on, we find more so in the Persian Empire dealings with the kingdoms at that time ah more so during the Alexander the Great era.

DL-Any particular character or relationship?

Forces-More of a merchant and philosopher.

IS-Is it good for the group that the entity Tom has opened that thing and did I understand that correctly?

Forces-For the group they will be protected from it and would be helpful in the use of it, for the world will go wild with it and do not know how to apply it.

IS-Thank you.

Forces-Colors is more of a, it will be seen for the opening of it, will be lavenders, blues stark very bright greens and Pokka dots.

IS-Is this in clothing?

Forces-This would tell you the signs that they have been opened.

IS-Thank you.

IS-My dream last night did I understand correctly?

Forces-This is correct.

IS-Is that why I wake up with a headache?

Forces-this is correct.

IS-Was that part of the fight that is going on?

Forces-This is correct.

IS-Thank you.

NN-Once the (—-) is made manifest through certain actions then a blood sacrifice is the only thing that can reverse…

Forces-Reverse what.

NN-Reverse when it does manifest or when the 72 elders come in and (—). Famine caused by Saul killing the Gideonites.

Forces-There has been a interesting affect but there is that sacrifice that can go into affect from it.

NN-Thank you.

LK-When Gladys Davis was here she mentioned something about the soul works with a past incarnation for 7 years and at the end of 7 years it works with a different incarnation.

Forces-Correct. There is a 7-cycle incarnation for minor souls that they keep going through cycles with minor encounters and minor souls do go through the 7-cycle period. Major souls do not gravitate to the 7-cycle period they are of a different nature and gravitate more to a 42 to a 72 hour and 72 year period.

GL-Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces-More or less the strength and perfection of your work it is also that of producing and putting into force the ah corrections needed (which?) has come up a long way. Prayers of Malachi could be read and that of the St Andrews chapter could be reviewed.

GL-St. Andrew?

Forces-The Book of Andrew.

BR-What will happen to the world since Tom’s will center has been opened?

Forces-People will have to be forced to make decisions not by choice but because of conditions and nations will get smaller and smaller in there own ah development.

BR-Thank you.

BH-Tom mentioned to me motivations of Brain Surgeons and he wouldn’t tell me any more?

Forces-A large percentage of Brain Surgeons were in the Atlantean and Luth, Luthian period of taking or wanting to explore the control and finding the Holy of Holies without them knowing also the quiet bizarre way of understanding this mysterious brain. The Brain for them is the biggest challenge because they see in front of them the Universe.

BH-Thank you.

HI-When Moses started wearing the veil was it because the children of Israel had fallen after the worshiping of the Golden Calf?

Forces-More of a cleansing correct, yes.

HI-Thank you.

Forces-Yes. Yes um huh.

JU-At the Auction was the young man there because Tom was there and he had to be near him and experience that?

Forces-This is true.

JU-Someone that might be destined to meet him or?

Forces-To correct his path.

JU-Thank you.

IS-Was Abraham an Assyrian because he’s referred to in one part of the Bible as the Syrian and if so what was the Land of Ur where his father came from?

Forces-Let us say that he had relatives from the Assyrian line but not Assyrian in nature.

IS-But he himself was not Assyrian?


IS-Thank you.

NN-Is there something about the stone Chapel at the University, for 2 days I did the same thing and find it hard to believe it was coincidence, reading those Psalms?

Forces-There were some gates you were closing and you were helping to close those gates that’s all.

NN-Thank you.

LK-Some people naturally do certain things well; another person who isn’t a natural may want to learn to do it. Is it kind of a futile thing for that person to try to learn?

Forces-No it just takes them a little bit longer.

LK-Thank you.

GL-Could you explain the process that’s involved how things filter down into the body through the DNA structure and Genetically how its carried forth?

Forces-Its carried forth through eons of time and its filtered down through the thought forms and the right thought forms open up the right channels.

GL-Thank you.

BH-In the Book Initiation by Elisabeth Haich
when she’s being creative and she begins having revelations in the creative process. I’ve heard of that before and what makes that happen while in the creative process?

Forces-More of being a channel.

BH-Thank you.

HI-Could you give us a lifetime of Abraham in the ancient Atlantean period in which he was prepared for the part he played in the Bible?

Forces-You want us to give you an Atlantean era for Abraham.


Forces-Let us say he led the people out of Atlantis and he also had clinged on to changing some of the abominations in Atlantis from what they were.

HI-Thank you.

Forces-At this point we will be going but will speak to you again tomorrow.

Forces-Greeting to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.