Session 328-10/14/80

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We have been hovering around and watching the developments and find it interesting. There are many things that the new projectile and buoy of the photo taker or picture taker is uncovering in outer space finding Uranus to be a strange planet with very strange conditions and surrounded by strange satellites. Also going out into that, there is a great possibility that they will locate a moon that has a very large rotation around this planet, to the point of leaving the sphere of Uranus in such conditions.

Forces-We are now ready for your questions.

DD-Thank you for my answer in the last Session.

Forces- We knew that the answer was a good one. (Laughter)

DD-It helped me a lot. Is the base of the triangle as I have it here represent the time line would be the past and the height would be the present and the hypotenuse would that represent the future?

Forces-It not only represents the future but also represents that within the body that extends from it and gives life to those that (—) creates or those that is created. (—) does not only give life but the most essential part of life is the creating of life and in such the creation of creation is life more than that of life itself. The creation of life is that of any form of expression in the arts is a very high sphere of glorification and therefore this represents the glorified line.

DD-So as I have it the past, present and future is correct?

Forces-The Future is the glorified line. The past makes up the present, but the present also makes the sum composite of the future.

DD-Is my diagram then as I understand in connection with the device correct?

Forces-You will find it to be correct and moving on for more development yes.

DD-Thank you very much.

DL-With the activity of the fire what force or angel or archangel is involved, what happens to the activator what happens to the recipient and what happens to the link between?

Forces-Where you coming from, we are only simple folk. (Laughter) It is run by a force of angelic or angel force that is a combustion type affect. It comes from the sys-phanac order and is affecting different areas around in a rolling motion and this rolling motion has its complexities in the form of a 4-leaf clover and is affected by a circular pattern in a Z affect. Hapanim is the angel called that governs it.



IS-That’s the Face (Presence?).

Forces-Well then the Face of the Lord shined that Moses could not look upon it.

IS-Thank you.

DL-Thank you.

JU-When computers reach a certain level of complexity is there an intelligence that inhabits them?

Forces-Computers are only the creations of man in the 20th century, like the robots that were created during the Atlantean times.

JU-Thank you.

Forces-Any time.

JE-Is there something still in my eye because it’s still bleeding?

Forces-You do have a, a more of a laceration of the top surface, a very slight vein has been cut or ruptured which takes time to heal and ah rest awhile on the eye, potato peels will help and again rest the eye and ah give it a chance to heal and do not be impatient.

JE-Thank you.

HI-What will one experience now that the Will center is open on the other level?

Forces-The will center being opened there shall be more blue skies and more of a blue atmosphere. But there’s also more of a aggressive style of approach and more of a summoning of a spirit Wind that will bring Revelation to the people in America that will make them separate from the world in there own spirit, in fact America will form their own religion that will have a great strength in the world.

HI-Thank you.

IS-Its not going to be a Baptist one?

Forces-The Baptist shall fragmentize into many different parts and will cease to become.

IS-Is it because they have reached out to far like the…?

Forces-They have not reached out to far, it’s that they have corrupted too much.

IS-So it’s always the Tower of Babel in another way?


IS-There’s like a limit and then it goes.

Forces-There hour is up.

IS-So Jerry Falwell, Weyrick all of those is the beginning of this fragmentation?

Forces-That is why you hear much of them for the crumbling has started. When you don’t hear of the religion are they strong.

BH-With the research on the drugs with the genetic affects on the children, shall I just go to the library and look up the drugs and I’ll find the articles in the journals?

Forces-That would help you out.

BH-Anything special you can help me out with?

Forces-We’ll guide you send people your way.

IS-Could she also have something from?

Forces-It will work out.

NN-Could anymore be given on the 24-day period that was mentioned in the Session last night?


NN-Thank you.

Forces- 24 days open up for some spiritual energy to be give and we had promised it and therefore it will be done.

NN-Thank you.

BR-Could you explain the time where Adam came out of the water?

Forces-He came out of the water in a form, in of a, more of a Spirit form nature and then gravitated to the water within the forming of the body nature.

BR-Thank you.

JB-Prayers to help protect from negative projections from RU.

Forces-That’s…, ok we will help you. Center on the 69th Psalm along with the forty 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Also read that first chapter of Deuteronomy’s and the first chapter of what would be called Leviticus and first chapter of Machial and the forth chapter of, forth chapter of Daniel, more so Isaiah.

JB-Thank you.

GL-The connection between the Spirit world and the physical world. When we think in our actions they get translated up into the Spirit and then there reacted on there and then filtered down into the body and into the DNA and form whatever happens after that. Can you explain more about the process and how dreams are involved in that and do the Tarot Cards tap into that force field?

Forces-Well let us say it’s going to take a while to answer all that. Dreams affect the DNA structure as had been said by the productivity and their what would be considered every DNA cell or gene is changed every 7 days so in every 7 day period when a decision is made to keep on the path then a molecule in the DNA structure is altered and over a period of days you can change at least 54 DNA structures within you to a more positive evolution. The evolution of course takes long to manifest in the physical level but what is happening is everyday either it is getting worse or it’s getting better.

GL-Thank you.

IS-Is Friday night when the Candles are lit that would be the opportune moment when the Shekinah is invited in too do that to do that particular commitment of the 7-day cycle?

Forces-Oh yes that’s very powerful that’s exactly what it means.

IS-Thank you for helping us choose the Mazda Car. You said at the time something about the Toyotas and just now they have found out that the Toyota is just like the Pinto it lights up very fast and just now have they found it and I thank you for that.


Forces-At this point we’re leaving we’ll talk to you again and be with you as the weekend progresses.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.