Session 329-11/20/80

Forces-(starts in middle of sentence) taking its place in the world and find again many interesting things. As far as the Soviet Union is concerned there system is not doing very good. It is in fact crumbling within and many avenues of discourse is now beginning to rise. It is a sad system and a system that creates much anarchy. They are looking for a way to escape this. Their major problem is that of holding many different types of groups, but also many different types of personalities and religions. Their major problem is the Moslems that they control and have no control over. This is their crucial point and it lies in a very sore spot in their development. Another major but smaller religion they control and is causing much problems is that of the Jews, wherever they go they could make it good for the country or make it utterly terrible. So we have these two conditions that are in affect. This should fall into the Soviet Unions destructive powers. Then you have the wars and the Soviet Bloc of control they are now more and more trying to produce from the control of Poland, which is trying to maintain its own freedom, its also manifesting these qualities. We have great and utter destruction in many respects especially into the government forms but for the movements in South America.

Forces-We are now ready for your questions.

DD-When you talk about the lines of
6 does that mean like 6 waves on either side of this like a tuning fork?

Forces-The lines of 6 can be interpreted as such. It is also the Strength of every given place and building for each place has 6 lines and each building has its 6 lines in all the force is aligned in not only landscaping but seascape and that of buildings have the 6 lines that make it a strong and forceful place.

DD-As far as the device is concerned is it sitting the way I have it here in the picture?

Forces-Yes you are applying it right.

DD-Thank you very much.

GL-The wire from the sub-panel to the main panel will that need to be changed?

Forces-It could be altered but does not need to be.

GL-The wire to the range in the main kitchen does that need to be changed?

Forces-If it is only serving that place there is no need.

GL-Thank you.

HI-Is there a profession on the worldly level that would be good for me?

Forces-Your profession is quite difficult to achieve for there are those in which would take much time and much money but also much discouragement. Dealing with people and sharing of those qualities is a beginning of a great asset. Ah this should have some positive as, aspects and wait and be patient (for) other doors to open for you.

HI-Thank you.

NN-What does it mean, “light was against light in 3 ranks” in the House of the Forest of Lebanon that Solomon built?

Forces-It just talks about those qualities within the soul that gets buried in the body and also further and further from the spirited ideals.

NN-Thank you.

BH-The Book of Remembrance that is mentioned in Malachi could you tell us anything about that?

Forces-This is that Book in which all has and is recorded of the Book of Life and this is open to those when their initiation path has passed a certain stage and this knowledge is revealed to them.

BH-Thank you.

BR-The KGB are they trying to get power and people from Cuba to the PLO?

Forces-Well this is what they’ve been trying to do for many years to control Africa.

BR-Thank you.

JB-When a person gets older do they have difficulty regenerating there energy, they need less sleep I understand?

Forces-Well their energy supplies is given unto different directions, they cannot regenerate as a 7 year old nor a 14 year old, they do have different temperaments and styles that do begin fro 53 to 54 years age.

JB-Thank you.

JE-What caused the earthquake and the fires this week?

Forces-This is the opening of the 24 days period that we had mentioned.

JE-Thank you.

IS-So it’s a purification?

Forces-This is true.

JU-What do I need to do in this 24 day period?

Forces-Well for you the watching of the thoughts and trying to keep a prayerful attitude especially near the afternoon would be helpful for your development.

JU-Thank you.

DD-The number 142 you gave before in relationship to putting it on a graph paper. You said it was in the form of a T or an L. I haven’t been able to put it on a graph paper and work with it?

Forces-It is formed in an L shape to a right angle, it’s the lines times by 3 and given to the 4th power and then you can superimpose it upon the lines.

LK-Is the stuff that is on my face poison oak and is there any way I can make myself less sensitive to it?

Forces-Well it is a poison reaction and it deals with the poison family. Ah this that your very sensitive because of the makeup of your soul and the quality that is inside you, its very difficult to make one less sensitive but in time it will put itself into balance.

LK-Is there any kind of application to take the itch out of it?

Forces-The running of water would be your best treatment cold water too should have its tremendous amount of force and the creams that you have could be good for it but also the cold water would help out a lot.

LK-Thank you.

GL-Could there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces-As we have suggested the different parts that you should read in the Bible. Just be patient and keep on walking and it will work itself out the things that you need to manifest.

GL-Could you tell me where I could find the Book of Andrew?

Forces-It will be given to you.

GL-Thank you.

Forces-At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.