Session 72-4/18/75

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching you as we have said before closely in your trials and discipline. We are not asking for much. But we are asking that you all become aware of what you are involved in. Up to now things have been easy for some. For others they have done their best in coming through in what they believe in. These souls have advanced rapidly on their spiritual development. There are those who are not moving as fast as would be desired. What can we do to help you all in movement? Clinging on to the entity and the one named (IS) for responsibility is not wise nor good. It is needed that you all depend upon what you believe in and letting that be your own responsibility. Up to now, you have shaggled that responsibility to us. We are here to help you, yes. We are not here to take away your responsibility in life. It is only with a looking into that we must come up with a proper situation that you will come forth from that which is within; that you will not hold on to the safety boats, but learn how to swim. With all that we have given you for the past two and a half years, three years, it is about time that you show some physical form of faith, stepping off from that of your past actions to transforming your past actions into something presently different or more in harmony with what you believe. We have watched the situation, not only with the one who has left, but we have watched it closely with the one who is married to her. We only say, let your conscience be your guide, with that love in your heart and the strength in what you believe, you will be guided to do what has to be done. We ask all here to cooperate with one another. And we ask that you all begin to care for one another, as we have tried time and time again to re-emphasize that factor. To lay down your own physical problems and desires; not always wanting something comfortable: a comfortable chair to sit in or more food, more drink, more sleep. All these are signs in which tells us that you’re moving not on your own responsibility. But now, you are just swaying back and forth, drifting as it is, with life. We cannot afford to have drifters. We must have those who have the paddle in their hands everyday to determine that this is what they believe in, this is what they want. We do not want to keep you here against your own free will. Most important it has to be your free will that you are here, and not us forcing you to stay here. We do not plan any great defeat if you leave. We are not keeping you here with shackles. We only want those souls that desire to be here under their own free will, not that because it is comfortable. It is not comfortable to serve that which is disciplines to be done, sacrifices to be laid down. If you are to gain this life, you must lose it. All these are just words, for we have said them so many times before. We mean it! What more can we say? Are we just a talking device, as it was so clearly put? But nonetheless, we are not, in our own good time we shall show you the wonders and miracles of God. But in our time, in our own time; and before you know it, it will be your time. The situation in the world is very critical. At this moment there are times of war rooming and rummaging around, the beginning of the third war world, world war is at this moment being prepared. And it can only be stopped by cooperation, through prayer and sacrifice. And you wonder if it can be stopped, for all prophecies prophesy to that moment. Yes, it can be stopped. And then again, at the present course of enactment, can it be stopped? Only when you begin to realize how much power you all do have in your thought, will you realize you do have that power to stop it. We are now ready for your questions.

NN: In the Psalms, is it possible for there to be like a group of eleven as well as twenty-two and seven?

Forces: This is very possible.

NN: Is Seventy-three to Eighty-three one of the groups of eleven?

Forces: This would be correct.

NN: Thank you.

JU: Is it… can you give us any information on the soul evolution or… of the one that was George Washington? So we could understand more about the entity because history doesn’t really come clearly about it.

Forces: History really does not come clear about anything. If you look at the past, history isn’t real. It is only points and facts and things that are out of context. In Washington’s time you would not believe how he conjured, how he changed whatever it is the course of events. Today he would not be looked upon as a proper man. Maybe he would be with Nixon. But remember, we are souls that evolve. And that which is present now is merely the sum of that which is in the past. Very few souls were accurately portrayed as what they were. They had influence, power, and prestige. In order to become famous this is what you need. Washington, known as George Washington as you know it, traveled greatly in great length. His soul evolution is here in America again, a great political figurehead, more or less owning half of New York City. At this moment we are not interested in going into the past life of his. For it is not needed for the development of this particular group.

LK: For (DD), is there any information you could him on computers? And would computer programming be good for him?

Forces: If he enters it with a proper attitude, he can achieve what he wants. It is not a field that is closed off to him. It would be appropriate if he kept a positive attitude.

JE: Could you give us information about the lifetime as Jesus when he was Apollo?

Forces: That I would like to, but again it would cause so much confusion, so much discord, so much criticism, it would be difficult for us at this moment to reveal it to you. But we will give it to you at a later date. For the spirit or the development of the man named Jesus has gone through all sorts of planes of development and evolution. It is that moment his test in many lives. So is it at this moment your test. But what is what you do with this moment that will be in the weighing scales for all.

RU: Was Moses’ Egyptian mother completely aware of the whole plan or only part of it?

Forces: Moses’ adopted mother was aware of it through intuitive feelings and only part of it.

RU: Did Moses have an earthly father?

Forces: Let us say yes.

RU: Thank you.

IS: The conversation that the entity (T) and me had this evening, late afternoon about the year…

Forces: It is an interesting perspective. We have noted it and it might be that quality to develop in this group. That quality, not what would be called freedom to allow these entities to express and feel and be what they think they would like to be. It is an interesting aspect of responsibility onto themselves, too. But again, there is that tie that must be watched and worked with. The time element is not right. But then again it can still be worked into a pattern, a plan, a purpose.

IS: So it’s no for the moment?

Forces: We will see as we progress, as we move on.

IS: With the young Kennedy, is that somewhere correct? Is it him or is it…

Forces: We would say as listening to what you have said, nearly accurate.

IS: That means another child of this age from another prominent figure as such?

Forces: For this entity, he is not the best and will not contribute to the factors of this nation. But of course, there is one that is nearly the same that is nearly as prominent that will be protected to a sort of time and then will come forth.

IS: But he’s in the same age group? That’s the correct age group, isn’t it?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now, in this group, what should be done for this moment for these responsibilities to be given where they belong? Individually and as a group. As a group, meaning maybe with food and…

Forces: That we would say, as far as that of Wednesday, it should not be a Farina or wheat diet. But it should be what they decide it to be. As far as the fasting on Thursday, that too is not really necessary. Not that we are taking it away from you as a chastisement, but that it is not needed. If the mind does one thing and the body does another, then what good is fasting? It is not needed. Proper attitude is needed first. Therefore, building up the body where it is the weakest until comes to that point where you are capable of taking on a fast without holding any grudges or holding any measuring rods or sticks for those around you. Fasting is not really fasting if you still measure what you are losing from it. It would be advisable rather than to commit it, not to fast at all. Meditations are very important if the group is to survive. If a day goes by with out their meditating as a group all together, there should be trouble ahead. We cannot take away the meditation, for it is very important. It is the essence that makes this group different.

IS: Then I had a question about Maharini, the transcendental meditation. I know that he’s giving just a physical thing, but is he, is he correct in anything? Is he…

Forces: He is correct to a certain degree again. At least forty per cent. But remember, he is being used to prepare the people, but for what purpose and cause are they being prepared? There will be those who are only with him for the prominence and stamina and title that goes along with it. They all become teachers if they meditate properly. So it is still the standard. It is not the best system devised. It is only a system to make people aware of the inner self which will flood a different category all together in the years coming soon.

IS: But yet his meditation is not really a meditation.

Forces: It is more of a conduciveness to the physical body’s feelings rather than to the inner feelings. For he gears a person to relax on a physical level. Therefore, you will have your reward on a physical level.

IS: But doesn’t proper meditation do that anyhow? The complete…

Forces: Proper meditation does this as a first start off. But this is not the only thing it does. But with his meditation he leads them to this only.

IS: So he still… because when I saw him on the show, it sounded, certain sentences as if though you were speaking. And that confused me.

Forces: At least forty per cent of that was us. As would be said, we do work in strange ways. Work with it very nicely. But we do try to work with these individuals that have touched upon that source or that light and try to guide some souls from or to a different development.

IS: Now, the vacation that we took to San Francisco and California, what was it all about? It didn’t seem like…

Forces: It was, in respect, no vacation at all. It was a spiritual battle, which was going on, not only from your side, but from the side that you left. It was in one respect a test of the group in their own responsibilities and what they want. In fact, their secret thoughts in what they want. But remember, they have everything for them. But they now must decide to want it, to take on their own responsibilities and believe in what they want. Some believe it’s being forced upon them. Others believe it is comfortable. But in those beliefs, there are also those beliefs that they believe in what they are doing. And that is the responsibility we are trying to bring up higher and higher. Certain things could be done to manifest this responsibility in each and every one of them but, as far as leaving to the west coast, it was to prepare a certain vibration for you so that certain undertakings can begin.

IS: For me personally?

Forces: Personally for you.

IS: Is that why I got sick?

Forces: This is a changing of the structure once more again.

IS: Is it that I can never enjoy those kind of things?

Forces: Those kind of things aren’t meant for you. You are a powerhouse and must be conducive to the work and will of God, at the appropriate times.

IS: So it’s not my fault that I don’t enjoy these things?

Forces: On the contrary. You weren’t built to enjoy these things.

IS: How about the thought that I also had about sending people by themselves on their vacations and what have you?

Forces: We find this remarkably interesting. We think individual development must bear individual responsibilities. And the foremost thing that can bring out their individual qualities, not only being with one another, but sharing that responsibility with one another, is by taking that trip for a week away and being with themselves and experiencing with themselves. And growing to love one another deeply in that experiencing. This is another form of sharing the responsibility. We are now entering into a new cycle, which means in totally: to share responsibility.

IS: You mean to say the group without (T) and me to go? Or individually?

Forces: The group without you and this entity that we speak for. Also if they would like to go on an individual couple, that is individual sections, couples can go to sections of the country to develop and work and be on a vacation together. Or if they would like to go as a smaller group, this, too, is possible.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Why did the Lord say to Gideon about the drinking of the water for choosing the army of three hundred men? What did it mean, the ones… that he chose the ones who… who lapped the water putting their hand to their mouth rather than choosing the ones who bowed down…

Forces: It is that which is responsibility. One who gets right down to the nitty-gritty and gets fully involved in what one does shows forth their own manhood and strength and discipleship. That strength is what God is looking for. The ones who know how to drink when it is time to drink. And the ones who get up when it is time to get up and move.

NN: Thank you. Also in that group of eleven Psalms, does it affect any particular center or centers?

Forces: It would affect the first two centers.

NN: Thank you.

RH: Is there any guidance that I could receive at this time? For myself?

Forces: We have given you much in the past. Listen and re-read the Sessions that have already been given to you. Try to understand them. We can only ask that you would take on that which is your own responsibilities, for you have a great chore and a great blessing at the same time. You have that which you have chosen to take. You also will have your reward, which is a very good size. Reward is within. That which is without, that which is temporal is the things you will try to gain for your soul development. There is no particular problem unless you start thinking and creating the problems from within. There is no problems because you can do when you want to do.

RH: This morning were you in the meditation room this morning?

Forces: We can only say that we are always there.

JU: In the… could you maybe explain something about the karmetic pattern involved with the Jewish race in terms of the rejection of Jesus the first time? Why that… in the discussion with (D) the other day it seemed that maybe it was part of a pattern that had to be fulfilled that way. But may we have more understanding of why it happened in that way… or was it to be looked on more as a sin?

Forces: It is not a sin. It was a pattern indeed in which had to be played out. But you must remember that there were those Jews that remained Jews and believed at the same time in the Messiah. There was no great disinterest in what Jesus did. In fact, there was a great deal of interest in what he did. It just so happened the boards of discipleship, or what would be called councils of the hierarchy were involved in their own greed. And this we must look into in ourselves. That are we really interested in serving God? And if we are, we must learn to give God his ground to work on.

JU: Did… did that pattern have any relationship to the time of the fall of Adam? Those souls that came in at that time, is there a relationship there?

Forces: If you would look, it had that type of relationship throughout the whole Bible. Everything is just the same as it was in the beginning. It just takes on a different place on the stage. It just is re-enacted in a different section.

JU: Thank you. Also is my understanding of the last Tarot reading that (HI) and (I) gave, is that correct?

Forces: It would be termed very accurate.

JU: Thank you.

B: Is there anything that could be given with my meditations in helping me with them?

Forces: We would say, go into the meditation room with the feeling of giving it all within, surrounding you by that light and peace and then waiting for him to speak to you, that is, through the silence. Do not ever struggle in meditation for physical signs just be peacefully and calmly and it will all come.

JE: The other stories in Greek mythology of all the gods, could you help us understand those stories and what they really were about?

Forces: They were the descendants of what would be said ancestors we knew. There were also the complications in the physical plane, as you know now. It was a foretelling of the centers developing then, also. Each particular flights, or each particular god represented a particular center in man. To go into detail would take time again. But in short, mythology is an interesting object to look into for information of the present now.

JE: Were all the gods… were they real? I mean were they… were they from you, the Forces?

Forces: All the gods as you know them as gods, were in existence near or around the earth.

JE: Did they physically have contact with man?

Forces: Some of them physically did.

JE: And also what did you mean by, “ancestors that we knew”?

Forces: Let us just say friends.

JE: Thank you.

RU: What can I do or what areas could you give me to help work more on taking responsibilities that I’m not taking?

Forces: It is not taking on the responsibilities; it’s the measuring what you have already taken on that concerns me. Remember, it is for your own benefits that you are involved in what you are involved in. Everything here was geared for you all here. Everything that has been given to you has been given to you on a chalice, on a plate. Everything has been geared to be given to you directly: physically, mentally, and spiritually. You have been worked with. Now we only ask a small compensation that you cooperate in your daily activities to work. It is not a great thing to expect of, for there are many thousands of souls who have to work without the compensating factors of achieving or receiving blessings. Here you want to relax and receive at the same time. Children, you must wake up and realize that in order to survive as a group you must work and take on that responsibilities that are all around you. If you do not, you shirk those responsibilities and fall into the worldly situation, then you are only bringing the worldly environment into the vacuum.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: It would do no harm to pray while you work also.

RU: Thank you.

GL: Is there anything that we need to do for the children now that we’re not doing?

Forces: Guide them as you have been doing. Feed them for they always need food. Play with them as you have been doing. And spend part of your existence with them as you all have been trying to do. But remember, they are at a point where the development is being molded, in a different pattern, as it has been asked for. A different pattern now we are molding these children, not on the physical level, for that time is now over. Now takes on more of a mental level.

GL: Which direction is this pattern heading towards?

Forces: We are hoping that it is heading for that spirit of the mission that you are all trying to achieve.

RU: Does that mean that now our mental attitudes and thoughts, not so much… especially is affecting them?

Forces: It is more now in the mental than the physical. The physical has now been taken care of. Now it is the mental attitudes. The physical has been taken care of in a different manner. It is now being transformed into the mental aspect.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: In fact, it was the mental aspect that we were working with also. Now we are concentrating more on the mental aspect, which sifts down to the physical.

IS: The dream I had in San Francisco about the gods fighting?

Forces: That is exactly what is happening. There is a great battle going on in the spiritual world.

IS: And is that what was portrayed in the… in the places we went to?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The grabbiness and?

Forces: That was just pure black force, or negative force around us.

IS: Were we alone there of the white force?

Forces: You had a dome around you and not anyone knew that you were there.

IS: The visit to Mexico?

Forces: It was more of a refresher than that you had to. It was to take on certain aspects that that particular place had.

IS: Weird. And it probably wouldn’t have hurt anything even if we ate… ate there. Is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

IS: These Mexican people, this border town they have more spirit than the whole entire…

Forces: California coastline.

IS: Now we also passed through Nixon’s house and I know it must mean something because it wasn’t… we didn’t know it’s on our route.

Forces: It is to drop a few pillows or what would be called trying to protect the interest of the white forces. Remember, there is that time or element in which we can interfere or help out this particular man.

IS: Is he white?

Forces: It is not to be said white, but there is a choice that he has to make. And the day you left or went there is the day he was making a very important choice.

IS: You mean he still has a choice to make?

Forces: Continually. There is a choice that had to be made on that day.

IS: And those… you said though that George Washington seemed to be the same category as Nixon.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Yet he’s the Father, supposedly, of this nation.

Forces: Correct.

IS: He was involved in making the constitution. Or was he?

Forces: We would say he was involved to a degree. There were many other men around him that were more involved in it.

IS: Who are the persons that it actually came through?

Forces: Well, we would say the one whose name was John Hancock.

IS: Hancock? I see. So George Washington was just… happened to be a charisma head-figure?

Forces: If you would say it in nice words like that.

IS: Why couldn’t the entity see the light? The entity (T) see the light and yet you were here?

Forces: It is a great deal of stress that has been placed upon him which is affecting this link that we have made with him. It is fragile, and at any moment it could be broken. And that is why we are also concerned about the responsibility that has been brought up in this course of discussion.

IS: What can be done about it?

Forces: That has to be done by the group. In order for us to continue to communicate, if it continues to get out of hand like a cancerous cell, then we have failed in our particular section here. And by the forces of the Law, must terminate communications.

IS: Last week when we came back, the feelings that I have been encountering after a day, were they correct?

Forces: Partially.

IS: Why did I have that strong thing of getting out of California?

Forces: Because if you would have stayed one more day, the black side or forces would have discovered you. Interesting, as it might have seemed, the entity that we speak through did not reject this, but immediately proceeded as a course of action knowing it instinctively.

IS: Why is it interesting enough? I mean he always…

Forces: Interesting enough for a lot of things.

IS: Doesn’t he always…

Forces: That perception is there all the time. We have just said, “interesting”, “interestingly enough”, to emphasize the fact as if he didn’t know.

IS: What can I do now for the entity… I mean let’s say if this group fails?

Forces: That will have to be up to their selves. They know that the responsibility for harmony is a most important factor. If they go into moods or depressions, this causes a great strain on this entity and on themselves. It causes a great strain on the structure of the group. This should be controlled. That’s why communications to the group daily or communicating their feelings and not fighting them. Communicating them and expressing them, and working them out and not leaving that place of discussion until a proper, positive attitude is worked out. There is nothing we can do if this group fails. So much love has been pumped into it, so much love that it is beyond counting.

IS: But if the group fails does it mean you no longer going to talk? Not to the group, but you’re not going to, be communicating through the entity (T)?

Forces: We will cross this bridge when we meet it.

IS: Thank you.

DL: Could you help me understand the dream last night of when I was the number one-four-seven?

Forces: It represents the creation, the balancing and the peace that should be within in order to fulfill the church centers around you. It represents the cycle of completion. Also not would be called completion, but the fulfillment of a mission that you have been placed here to do.

DL: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell us more about the “stenites” as you called it in a session? I think it was about two years ago. Or you said, “Consume the unconsumable”?

Forces: This all represents the elements around us. It is very obvious that one might be able to understand that there are worlds and galaxies invisible to us. That, that which is positive that emanates from us can be absorbed immediately, and that which is negative cannot be absorbed. These elements are always gathered around us: one to take in and one just to store up. That which is stored up must be met eventually.

NN: Thank you.

JU: The mantra, the chant that I’ve been using in my meditations, is that right to continue to use that?

Forces: It is a personal feeling. And it is a feeling that you must bring within yourself. It is not wrong, but it is better to use one word.

JU: Thank you.

JE: On Easter Island, the big statues there, can you explain those?

Forces: They were just raised there by some in optical force or that which was a feel of the presence and those who were there raised them for us in respect.

JE: So it was the inhabitants on the island that made the stones that were…

Forces: Helped to make them.

RU: Does that mean the force that you said raised them was that the same force as building the pyramids?

Forces: This is correct.

GL: In the Temple Beautiful, can you explain more of… and in the Temple of Sacrifice more of what happened there? What were some of the spiritual disciplines or…

Forces: Almost to the same what you’re following now. A little bit more stronger. Some had to remain by themselves for many years before they could be operated on or worked with. One had to do with the mental minds or the attitudes. Others also the physical body. Each attitudes or actions were defiled and categorized in that which would be called positive and negative. When the positive was over-balanced, then it manifested a physical form on the entity’s body. Colors, electrical lights, solar energy, and also cloths and materials were used in both temples. It was not was not just a one or two-week affair. Some went in and never came out. Some went in and came out forty, thirty, twenty years later. But it was a constant effort to save that, which was distraught in material things. To save as we are trying to save.

IS: Is the thing that I’m thinking of correct?

Forces: It is correct.

IS: For, now the other question I have… can I ask it?

Forces: Proceed.

IS: About the entity (LI) and the entity (L), what could be… what could you suggest to be done with… it seems that money and things…

Forces: As far as this situation, it has approached us once more. To bring down the rent of this (L) to that of a point of void and this entity will not have to contribute into the land or rent fund. With this would give him appropriate means to work one way or the other into figuring that right expense or amount to be given. But it is a responsibility again on his behalf that we will try to help and guide him. It is a heavy moment, but not as heavy. We will walk with him and guide him to what he has to do.

IS: The other thoughts that I had about him… they were incorrect?

Forces: They were partially correct. It could be discussed. But remember, meeting the situation head on would be the best thing at the moment so that we could produce and work with other things around.

IS: But what would be head on? To accept what’s…

Forces: Accepting it is a situation we must all learn, but accepting it with wisdom. And you must understand that God has a plan devolved in this. Have the faith to give us that time to show it to you.

IS: Now about… would it be wise for (L) now to keep on calling in his name the money of the house?

Forces: It would be wise to transfer it to the one whose named (JE). Have him as a back up for it. But it would be wise to transfer to his name, the one who is named (JE), even though there appears to be no problems.

IS: Thank you.

DL: Did they actually perform physical surgery in the temples or was it done only on the astral?

Forces: It was an electrical surgery done on the body.

DL: Like with light or sound or…

Forces: Sound and also light.

DL: But there were no like scars or things like that as we know them today were there?

Forces: The body was never opened physically.

IS: So actually wasn’t just the physical things that they had worked on, but rather they were like Search for God groups for twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And you came through… it was the same situation?

Forces: Correct.

GL: Is this how we should also work with our Search for God groups as far as categorizing both negative and positive in this?

Forces: If you can do that daily, it would be well.

IS: And in the house, the decorations, the colors that are being put in, in the name of decoration, are they anything to do with…

Forces: The color vibrations? Correct. They help to heal and transport the spirit into a force field beyond your understanding.

IS: So actually every time we re-decorate and things, is it… it’s like we change a treatment on a patient?

Forces: Correct.

RU: So each room is like a… one of those categories or different thing…

Forces: Correct. Each room represents a particular healing with a particular center.

IS: Now you said that it was exclusively, I mean over there for me, to bring in something new to. Could you tell me anything about it?

Forces: It is only that which is, we call new. It is (——-) new people that you will be meeting, to handle them. It is not more so to be equipped for self, but to be equipped for them.

IS: About the conversation then. I’m going back with what you just said with the conversation that I had with the entity (T) about my feelings.

Forces: It is interesting. But remember, it leads you to a higher plateau of understanding. It is a normal reaction, which brings us to a higher awareness.

IS: Am I personally moving then?

Forces: You are moving. It is beyond your understanding, but you are moving.

JU: Is there a parallel between the gods involved in Greek mythology and the functions of the tribes of Israel that would help us understand this?

Forces: Let us not get too complicated. We have enough already to work with. It is what would be said, partially correct. The land, the air, the sea, the fire. All these represent certain aspects within man, which are represented in the twelve tribes also. You will find every aspect representing in the twelve tribes.

NN: Is it beneficial what I’ve been doing? The affirmations I am saying with the Rosary?

Forces: This is very wise. For remember, you were at one time a high noble in Spain. And a Rosary was very common around your neck.

NN: Also the way I worded the affirmation I said this past week, was that acceptable?

Forces: For you it must be acceptable.

NN: And is it good to sing as I did?

Forces: For you it must be.

NN: Thank you.

DL: What do the enzymes of the body represent on the spiritual level?

Forces: Doorways to the spirit.

RH: The dream I had last night that the room (DL) and (NN) are in now was re-decorated with lights and decorated. I redecorated it for (LC) and (VN). What was that?

Forces: It represents a certain aspect that these two will be going through to be working it out. Or that which is (LC) and (VN) need the aspect that this what would be called (DA)-(N) is going through is the same thing they are going through.

IS: What about that La Guardia group?

Forces: That is what we want to know. We would advise a postponement of meetings for again a period of one month.

IS: With the children, too? Right?

Forces: The children are nothing. At this moment they are extinct.

GL: Am I correct in my understanding that what’s happened since Atlantis at this point…

Forces: It would be advisable to attend this this Tuesday and express what we have said for the moment.

IS: Which one?

RU: For the La Guardia group?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Oh, that we should be separated for a month?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Oh. We can’t just call them up?

Forces: Maybe we will do that for you.

IS: Should we call them up then? Or should we go?

Forces: It would be good to visit one more time. It is to prepare them for the month of responsibility.

IS: Is it going to be a month? Or is it going to be more for this group?

Forces: For this particular group, we are working on that aspect. It would be permanently, what would be said, more than a month in order for them to develop and grow in harmony or at least responsive to it.

RU: Is my understanding correct of the discussion that (G) and I had the other day? Did I understand what he said to me? And have I received it in the right frame of mind?

Forces: It would do not harm to repeat it. It would do no harm to repeat it. That is, to review it with him. And try to express to him what you felt you got out of it. And I would believe he would fill in the missing parts.

RU: Thank you.

JU: Anything in relation to that, that boy from work that came out? That visited us last weekend?

Forces: Or is what in relationship to you.

JU: I don’t understand.

IS: You asked the question about relationship.

JU: Anything that you can say in regards MK, the boy who came out to visit us last weekend?

Forces: If he keeps a positive attitude and washes behind the ears and does away with his dirty cigarettes he might have a chance to see Peter at the Gate.

IS: Am I correct about that you know from ahead of time…

Forces: We know from ahead of time. Period.

IS: So there is really no surprises for you, no way?

Forces: We are so bored.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Destiny has a part to play. But we are only trying to move it faster so we would get other things done in other galaxies. This particular galaxy is causing us trouble because of this planet earth. Therefore, we have come to help you out. Or rather you are appearing to helping us in one way or the other we are trying our best to work with the situation. Everyday seems to get worse and worse.

IS: Is that what happened with the Grecian mythology gods? That they fell down?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And therefore, are these that were gods, are they incarnated as regular human beings under karma?

Forces: They are closely watched over from this point.

IS: But they are actually as normal people under karma?

Forces: As you would understand it, yes.

IS: And they might be walking around right here as regular human beings?

Forces: Some.

IS: And others?

Forces: They are being watched closely.

RU: Two questions. Why wasn’t I able to write my parents until this point, and when I still try to do it, I can’t?

Forces: That is a form of responsibility also. It is time for all of you to what would be said look into the aspect of your parents. Now you should be able to work with them.

RU: Also what (LK) computed in his working with astrology, that I was not a Capricorn like I always thought, but Aquarius. Is that correct by that?

Forces: Let us just say that it is nice to know that we are all signs.

RU: But when we talked about… what I was… how we talked about how you came from the planet that you were born under before you came here or something like that…

Forces: Then do you know the planet you came from?

RU: No. I was just going by what I thought the sign was before (LK) did it.

Forces: If I told you the planet it would put you into Aries. And then it would throw you into Sagittarius, into Scorpio, then into Cancer. Therefore, completing the cycle from Taurus to Gemini to Pisces and to Aquarius, leaving you back where you started from.

RU: Thank you. So what Lobsang Rampa said in his letter to (LK), is that correct?

Forces: Partially correct, as this entity spoke to him on it to discover and to become familiar with the terminologies and the feelings and vibrations of each section. It is not a bad thing to get involved in.

RU: Thank you.

IS: What about Lobsang Rampa? The money, should we continue to send it?

Forces: We would say there is no harm in continuing it, bringing it down would be good also. But there is no harm in not continuing it either. But that will have to be up to them.

IS: Now the… Lobsang Rampa when he says that he visited Venus, is that correct?

Forces: Let us just say that certain situations forced him into writing certain astral travels that were not too interesting. But what would be said, it is not partially incorrect, nor is it correct.

IS: I see so actually he just described an astral traveling experience. And he really doesn’t know that much. He was just sort of on the outskirts of something or other?

Forces: He… yes.

IS: So when he describes what he thinks… but he doesn’t believe that, what he wrote down, right?

Forces: Correct. Because he did not write it.

IS: Oh, he didn’t write it, you mean?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Who wrote it?

Forces: It was not him. It was a force that wrote as what would be said, he expressed the feelings, but he was not truly expressed or quoted correctly.

IS: I see. And then his signature was put on it. Are there many things like this in his books, too? That happened like that?

Forces: Not altogether happening Certain words were left out, giving complete different meaning to the sentence structures and certain sentence structures were left out, giving a different meaning to the chapter. And certain chapters were left out, giving a completely different meaning to the book. And certain books were left out, giving a completely different meaning to the theory.

IS: That is mainly connected when he speaks about Jesus?

Forces: Partially correct.

IS: Because he keeps insisting that Jesus wasn’t crucified.

Forces: He cannot come out with that information and stay alive long enough.

DL: So he really didn’t write that. It was changed. Right?

Forces: He didn’t write what?

DL: That Jesus wasn’t crucified.

Forces: He did write that. But he could not go into it in depth. It gives a whole meaning, a whole complete different meaning to the crucifixion. But as we have said, the crucifixion did happen and Jesus did die on the cross.

IS: Then why is he going on into something without finishing it, where even that something is already contradictory to the truth?

Forces: It is part of a weakness.

IS: Now am I correct that Venus and the moon would be like across the street?

Forces: Umm. Perfectly as we put it.

IS: Thank you.

NN: What you said a few moments ago about (DL) and I and what we were going through, are we getting any closer to working it out?

Forces: As long as you look at one another with love and see one another, not with resentfulness or competition, then that will be your key that you are working it out.

NN: Is that competition thing… that’s… that’s one of the things with me that really gives me trouble a lot and with (DL) and?

Forces: That is an interesting aspect you must work with.

NN: Thank you.

JU: In that Tarot reading that I asked about, am I also following through with the understanding or is…

Forces: What do you think?

JU: Uhhh…

Forces: If I say yes, you will relax. If I say no you will get excited.

JU: Thank you.

GL: Was what I said to (RU) was that all correct?

Forces: Listen; do not make us look stupid. What you said to (RU) was not by you that you have said it.

GL: Are you the guardians of the universe?

Forces: There are many names that we or everyone has been given. That is a nice name to have.

IS: The movie that I watched tonight, that it’s been a repeat, is that something similar? Does this exist? Or is that something…

Forces: It exists.

IS: In this universe?

Forces: Not in this universe.

IS: Thank you.

RU: Why didn’t the people recognize Jesus when he appeared to them after he was resurrected?

Forces: Do you recognize the truth usually?

RU: No, but it seems like… that he like why didn’t they recognize him?

Forces: There is a cer…

RU: Was he physically different? I’m sorry.

Forces: There is a certain spell that comes over us. When you saw (T) and (I) walk from the plane, weren’t they different?

RU: Yes.

Forces: Your vibrations were a different vibrations than they was. As what would be said, they were vibrating from up high and they came down. Your vibration was down. Therefore, it took a certain point of time to adjust your vibrations to theirs. Or theirs to yours. When the spirit travels in the heavens, at great speed, their vibrations become much slower. Therefore, their aging process becomes slower.

IS: Is there anything I can do for myself and for… number one for myself and in removing those particular feelings or those things that come in and I don’t know to explain it?

Forces: The feelings must be expressed and after they are expressed, a decision must be made. There is no need to remove them.

IS: There is a decision made tonight?

Forces: There is a decision, and that decision is being made tonight.

IS: It’s not made yet?

Forces: It is being made.

IS: How can I help the entity (T)?

Forces: This must come from him. It would also come from the individual groups and the group’s responsibility of what they want. As far as you are concerned, you are doing tremendously for him.

IS: Then I don’t know also what is that decision I have to make?

Forces: This would be given to you. You will be guided.

IS: Thank you. For the entities (HA) and (S), is there anything?

Forces: They are being worked with and we will be communicating with them. But all in all they advancing, advancing slowly.

IS: And (HI) and (JA) and just…

Forces: Same as what we have said in the above. They are doing also good.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Little hectic and emotional strains are happening. Nonetheless, they are moving.

IS: Should the entity (T) and me go and be with them on their…

Forces: It would be more difficult. It will be given. There is no problem.

IS: Thank you.

B: Any guidance that could be given to me at the moment?

Forces: Guide slow, move, understand that all things around you is being given to you to develop your true qualities. Be conscious of when you move, when you walk and breathe. Be aware of your movements and what you think and try to understand these thoughts. Guide yourself and move, but not forgetting where you are or who you are.

B: Thank you.

IS: Hercules, was he somebody that was born to one of the Forces and somebody of the earth?

Forces: Let us just say, it represents that quality of the Christ within us.

IS: Hercules, the quality of Christ. Oh, you mean to say like the higher force… the higher centers and the lower centers?

Forces: Correct.

GL: Is there any guidance that you could give concerning my problem with my image?

Forces: It is the image that you do not need. It is something that is not you. Your image is beautiful, if you allow yourself just to be, and not worry what others think you are. Relax. And in time you will understand that by being just you, is your true image. And even that you will not know what it means.

GL: Thank you.

IS: That applies to everybody, doesn’t it?

Forces: This would apply to anyone who thinks it should apply to. In fact, it should apply to everyone.

IS: Can I do anything with the group so they can accept better their responsibilities?

Forces: You have done more than enough. It is up to them now to start doing, working, and contributing to the harmony of the group’s atmosphere.

IS: Is it my impatience that I didn’t want to hear anymore about the mood here and the mood there?

Forces: It is not your impatience.

IS: Thank you.

NN: In Psalm Seventy-two, why does it say that, “Now the prayers of David, the son of Jesse are ended”?

Forces: Repeat.

NN: At the end of the last line of Psalm Seventy-two, I’m not sure I’m saying it exactly, but something like “Now the prayers of David, the son of Jesse are ended”.

Forces: Are ended?

NN: I think that’s what it says.

Forces: In respect, it represents that of total giving up and waiting for the answer. Receiving it.

NN: Thank you.

RU: That arrangement about the vacations, could that change?

Forces: There is no need for it to change. It is something that must be done. Remember, vacations are vacations. If it is to be changed, it will be changed. But the responsibility must be taken. If a bird is to fly, it must be pushed out of its nest to experiment with the wings. The same with all. You must experiment with your responsibilities that are all rightfully yours. It is not a big chastisement being placed upon the group, it is only trying to awaken them to their responsibilities, determinations, and faithfulness to what they believe in. Remember, we do not want to keep you here as a prisoner. We want you to be here under your own free will.

IS: Is there a passage in the Bible that you could give me for this moment?

Forces: You could review the Psalm Ninety-two. And we also want to throw in Psalm Twenty-three.

IS: Ninety-two is the one Jesus read on the Last Supper, is that correct?

Forces: This is interesting, is it not?

IS: Thank you.

RH: Is there anything that I could do that would benefit (D) that you could give me?

Forces: To show him of your love to him and to help him. Not that he needs any help. It is just the idea that to be a good wife. To cause hassles is a problem. He has a great deal of respect for you, but when there is a retaliation or rebellion against the world that must be done, it makes him sad. For all the other problems that are lying within you, these qualities does not have to manifest or be. You have full control over what you would like to be and what you will be. It is up to you to determine that effort to do it. The entity will be guided and directed and helped as the days go along.

IS: Will I this lifetime understand the reason behind the question that I have placed to the entity (T)?

Forces: You will understand it. As far as the element of time, it’s irrelevant. But, of course, the time will grow short and before you will know it, it will be made clear to you.

IS: Thank you. So there isn’t a purpose that I could know?

Forces: There is that purpose.

IS: Thank you.

DL: When I opened the Bible the other night, did I interpret it correctly or am I just making things up in my mind?

Forces: You interpreted partially, but also you did interpret it correctly.

IS: In Isaiah, Chapter Fourteen, Verse Fourteen, it says, “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds.” Does it mean air traveling? Did the Babylonians have it?

Forces: They had it. It meant travel in a spacecraft or a vehicle named air-travel as was known in Atlantis.

IS: So he’s talking about two times. Or did the Babylonians also have space ships

Forces: Not completely.

IS: So he’s talking about you?

Forces: In respect, yes. In another respect, no. In one respect, he is speaking about the travel system in Babylon. And then he is also speaking about our visits to the earth.

IS: But the Babylonians didn’t have space ships?

Forces: No.

IS: So the Babylonians were they developed as much as today America is?

Forces: A little bit less than that.

IS: Less?

Forces: As far as air travel.

IS: I see. Oh, I see. They had more smaller crafts and?

Forces: Like you would call them today helicopters.

IS: I see. Was that also because other parts of the world didn’t need this kind of transportation?

Forces: It was only held for that of the higher office and secretly used.

IS: Secretly used?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So what he’s saying he’s revealing something to the public at that moment that was… he’s giving a political…

Forces: Correct.

IS: I see. Are there things today that are hidden from us this way?

Forces: Correct. If you look at it, the governments of all governments program the people.

IS: Who is Palestina in Isaiah Fourteen, Twenty-nine? And what is meant by “the serpent’s root”? Palestina.

Forces: This is what would be called a being of feelings and a serpent root represents that of the kundalini power being used or misused.

IS: Thank you. Who were or still are today the Assyrians?

Forces: We would find them in Syria as the name sounds so familiar.

IS: Are they the original Assyrians?

Forces: We would say they migrated all over the Far East. There is a hard time trying to pinpoint them as who are the real ones. Real ones will always be found in Jerusalem.

IS: But they also were a big civilization.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Were they equivalent to today’s America?

Forces: Twice that size.

IS: In the same land? Not in the same land?

Forces: As far as power.

IS: And magic?

Forces: Magic is beyond America, for America has not reached the level of magic yet.

IS: Were the Assyrians… they had to be good at one point?

Forces: Correct. We now will get ready to leave. We have only stressed the most important aspect. Each one of you will become responsible. It is up to this entity that he will feel the duration or time in which elapse at meeting of being with you would be needed. It is needed to be discussed and understood, but it is being done that you will take on and contribute a factor to your environment that you are living in. Rather to take a firm personal opinion, personal view of ‘it belongs to you’ if you want to keep it. We will talk to you again soon. Guide yourselves and work with one another. Most of all be in harmony.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…