Session 73-6/29/75

Forces: Greetings to all here present. We have watched and have given certain elements to your progress. It is well advised that the undertaking of financial matters be looked into and worked with slow moderation of force. That is what in not matters our achievement means that of a major stumbling block. We are interestingly not concerned in these items also. Coming with a strong blessing of strength together will be a force of growing that which you have all shown in the beginning to do. We again must stress that ability of cooperating with all around you. As the situation continues, interesting that a ___ of all things in this year can work must be prepared in which they can complete. Certain strengths must be gathered for helping out in all those things we have. As days move on, it will only progress when you all have seen the fruits. It is not where the others to see it. That is you see it and lie on it. All things of government have been changed by our presence. Watch all those things that need to be preformed, needs working and negative quality. Once again, all these groups, all the groups with what would be said, fear, are souls in preparation for, what would be said, other souls.

[Recording becomes inaudible]