Session 74-7/9/75

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have asked that we meet once more. In such troubled times, as we have been experiencing, it is only a form of test after test. We are now living in a period of darkness. In this, we find many crimes being and will be committed in days and weeks to come. We will also find disturbances on the economical balancing of powers. This would cause a great deal of upturn and complexities in Italy, England, and what would be known as the countries of Mexico and South America. All these elements are forces of black. It is well to note that you are all involved in the earth with a great battle that is going on. This battle takes away your rights to live. These rights can add or be measured in many categories of understanding. When this force continues, it will try to interfere with constructive and a democratic force of understanding to be a democracy. The unions at this moment are black. They are forced in a black environment. Remember that the mind is of Satan. The mind us used of Satan. All this is part of Lucifer in the earth. Lucifer is the one that questions and logically reasons things out. It is the mind that we are trying to get away from, and it is the mind that puts us deeper and deeper into that of disharmony. It is only when you call upon that as you know, Michael the Archangel, the power of faith, and most of all, the power of trust in your God, can you conquer the Luciferic sphere of attachment. At this moment in your social evolution, you have the medical profession at times involved in the, the what would be called, Lucifer age. If man only turned within to his Higher Self, then all those things that manifest on the outside, would be healed or worked with or changed. But as long as man continues to use his mind to find and conquer, it is not his mind but that of the Luciferic origin that makes man wanting to learn. Learning is a process given to you not by God, but by Lucifer. So in reality, you have many souls entering into higher forms of learning. Only in reality these forms of learning are that of Lucifer’s origin. This is the battle that Michael has with the earth, for remember the souls continue to evolve on the other planets, and this is the not the last planet of your evolution. You have that of Jupiter, Venus, and that what would be called Saturn. All these things are just beginning. You are now in the earth learning that of love and spirit versus mind and logic. It is when we start using our logical mind do we find trouble, and this trouble is brought to us only by using what we think logically is going to happen. We must accept things in faith and love, knowing that it is God’s Hand that directs us. So, as you can see, the black force is very much intuned in the earth’s crust. Even at this moment as I am speaking, there is a great force to try not to reveal these things, to stop them. But this force, this Lucifer origin, cannot and will not stop you. It is being what would be called every, every trick in the book to prevent this group from moving on. Remember, it is all up to you to preserve the sacredness and to carry it on in the future days to come. Mainly the meaning and reason of calling you is of these elements that we have just described. To give all those things in the Hands of your God and not to think on them would be the best understanding of what He would give if you had given it to Him first. We are all ready to listen, but are we all ready to apply what we hear? We are now ready in that term. Every time the full moon is out, then we would advise the crops that grow underground to be eaten on that first day of the full moon and also the second. All those vegetables that have grown beneath the ground should be eaten at that moment of time. We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Can you tell me what the picture I drew was, that I saw and drew (Like a Popes Tierra)

Forces: This would represent the Higher Self operating through you and in you.

DD: Why is it shaped like that?

Forces: This would be in a force of angles and that which is splitting up the force of vibrations so that all would penetrate the area and enter in.

DD: Thank you.

BR: Can you… [inaudible] …to be positive?

Forces: The idea of being positive does not mean that everything is great. It only means not to forget the Christ spirit within you. To be positive is an interesting aspect that needs to be cleaned on, but not frantically, in which you remove/lose that of common behavior. It is our desires and items that need to be corrected that in order to correct them. There are those times when, an expression other than positive must be said. But to be positive is not a failure, but that which earns and builds up the storehouse, riches that cannot be taken away.

RH: Could you tell us something about the volcano that erupted tell us something what’s happening there?

Forces: This is of many forces of the black trying to take control of man’s mind using it as an independent being in the universe and stopping the soul’s evolution.

RH: Also, could you… is there something changed in the library… something that I feel…

Forces: It is more at home or peaceful who spent here. There are, what would be called, the books of learning are here only to guide you, but the books of thoughts are always within you.

RH: Thank you.

HA: About my relationship with Simon, what’s happening and what should I do?

Forces: It is a questioning and wondering of the validity of strength between one and another. It would not be bad to occasionally call to find out the condition of this man.

GL: Could you tell us more about the Sabbath and why it’s such a special day?

Forces: The Sabbath is when all the forces of good comes on the earth and removes that of black away from it. It is a holy day in which the white forces have power over the black, even though during the other days, it is a battle between black and white.

GL: Thank you.

JU: Can you give us an understanding perhaps of the possibility of the way in which the souls or the souls in this group may have experienced simultaneous lifetimes… how that works?

Forces: Repeat your question.

JU: I had asked the entity Torn if we had experienced simultaneous lifetimes in this group, and the fact that he had said yes, I am trying to find an understanding of what this is… how it works… how it effects us.

Forces: Oh, yes. It can work in an indirect or direct manner. It works through the capillary systems of the body and through that of the blood. It can also work in the light, the shining of a certain color spectrum over the light continuously. It is an interesting aspect to share that of yourself and understanding all around you.

NN: The spirits of the future you mentioned in the last session in Fort Hill, could you tell us more about them… who they are… are they always in that one particular place, or is it a certain vibration, when people have a certain vibration that attracts them?

Forces: [pause]

Group: [Chanting] “Save us from destruction and protect us, let thy light shine around us… ”

Forces: With that force which is in all of us, it would be a test to see how much of the commitment lies within all. It is easy to take. Commitment does not have to offer. It is difficult when that commitment is asked to go out and to do. Question.

NN: Thank you.

HA: I don’t understand the situation with Simon and the way I’m feeling about him. Is my karma finished with him?

Forces: Let us just say it is wise to stop what is and grow from what isn’t. It is an interesting ‘analyzation’ of human beings growing to know one another. It will take time.

HA: So I will be staying with him?

Forces: This would have to be a more direct question and answer for yourself. We do not guarantee everything.

HA: What can I do with the problems at this particular time?

Forces: Slowly make it more available to his understanding.

DL: The entity Woodrow Wilson, was this the entity (T), or was the entity (T) someone close to Woodrow Wilson?

Forces: Let us say close to, but let us say not too much. The entity was involved with many famous characters in history. So also were the majority in this group. Remember, the time is upon you. It is the hour of defense. It is the hour of standing for what you believe in. Now comes the moment of test, whether you believe in what you are doing or not. No longer will you be given those chances as before when mistakes have been made. Now it must be a conscious effort to continue to do that which is right. Question.

RU: In the prayer upstairs, it mentions, “seven-fold blessings.” What does that mean? Are there seven specific…

Forces: Let us say there are many specific blessings that are bestowed upon mankind as it evolves upward. As you know, the world itself is on its decline, and so is man, but the man when he reaches for spirit is on his incline only. Therefore, man must reach above the earth to see things higher than the earth. Question.

RU: Thank you.

LK: Can you give me any information on colors in relation with stained glass and the use of color?

Forces: I would advise that which is blue and green and yellow for the bedrooms. For that of the living rooms of those people that is for the lamps, we would say red and what would be called purple, yellow, white, and orange. For that of the kitchen, if necessary, where food is applied, it would be white, orange, and yellow. Colors are very important, and you are now working with a healing medicine. As you put these colors together, you are also putting a spectrum for a particular disease in the human body to be healed. Interwoven shapes are for the lower parts of the body. Squares or closely knitted shapes which are smaller is for the mental attitudes. Shapes that are of diamond is for the blood, and round shapes is what would be called for the digestive organs and bones.

LK: Also, is there any particular reason that I keep cutting and burning my hands and fingers, other than the fact that I may be clumsy?

Forces: Clumsy is an important element to explain your predicament.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: You have been going through great tests and trials, but remember, lose not your sensitivity in caring, lose not your communication with the entity that we are speaking through, but be close to understand your thoughts and to come in alignment with what should be done and is done. Be not afraid or be not what would be called threatened when this entity comes near to you, but rather be of that of receptivity, of that of joy, and that of no fear. For all things are for the benefit of the future. This is a part of the clumsy attitude. It is a sense of fear and anxiety produced together. This should be relaxed and trust, more so trust in what we are doing.

LK: Thank you.

IS: Does this answer what I went through this morning after we left home about the reading of all these books, and on the one hand, wanting to have that information, and on the other hand, getting frustrated with these books, or was it with me something else?

Forces: It is partially the problem.

IS: Am I battling with Lucifer?

Forces: Correct. All things can be given to you. Reading is not bad, but when you try to go through a complicated maze of logically finding out things and putting other pieces together to such a point, then you are most definitely under the influence of Lucifer.

IS: Thank you. Is my understanding about the plagues in Egypt and their purpose to the Egyptians and the Israelis correct? That the Israelis were just sort of the watchers of something that had to be done for the Egyptians anyhow? It wasn’t done because of the Israelites. It was done because of their own… because of the Egyptian karma that they had fallen down, and the Israelis were just the watchers, and is that why Pharaoh’s heart was hardened? Is that the meaning of that sentence?

Forces: There’s much more about the physical body. It is the spirit in man that stands from a distance and watch the body go through pain, while the body gradually comes closer to the spirit.

IS: Thank you, but on the physical level, it did mean that?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you. The dreams that people in the house had about the return of (L) to the house. What do they mean?

Forces: Here we find it interesting and most evasive. That which is the black forces influencing an instrument in her particular life and that of the child, (SO), for remember the child has been taken away from its normal process of learning and thrown head first into the world. It is a frightening thing that a person should do, and on top of it, do it without even a second thought of it. To take a child that is going through, what would be said, a process of learning and to throw him into another environment of learning at such an age means only to alter his course of progression. That is his ‘absorputation’ into the worldly matters and worldly dreams and ideas. All these things do alter the process and progress. But it is of no avail, for it is the thoughts that are within us. They became so strong that an individual in the group had to manifest them and take them on as a personal deity. That is, at the particular time that such took place, the thoughts in this group was at that point manifesting what had happened, in which each and every one in themselves was thinking more than ten percent on this, therefore, allowing this to manifest to cause a dangerous threat to the survival of this group. How this is to come out is up to the majority of the people in the house. This entity is going through great changes. There is a desire to come back, but then there is that pride of failure, of making a mistake. Therefore, the entity will try her best to look right in what she has done, but in reality, knowing deep down that it was an emotional flare-up and as each step grew deeper and deeper, it got bigger and bigger. Responsibility should and must lie on her impatient and most emotional reaction to the situation. As was said, if she was left to her own device of cooling down, she would have cooled it in an understanding and would have been brought back to a reasonable state of mind, but being that the proper facilities were offered to her to make this, what would be called, escape from her test, it became a bigger and better and deeper experience, and that is a major reason for this condition, also. We would say that this entity is planning and trying to return back in such a way that could be beneficial, but remember, this entity cannot return back if it does not accept what principles and guidelines this house lives under. We will not be threatened by her or by the black forces that are involved with her. It is either for life or for death. It does not matter any longer. Enough is enough with this force. We have had many sharp pauses, but now we will begin to act as we see fit. But most of all, let it be known that the great force of black that is upon the earth is only a manifestation of that in Houston, for the black forces do mostly reside in that desert land. It is more like the desert in which Jesus went in for forty days and forty nights. Many tests will come about, but if the entity returns with a willingness to comply with the rules and statutes and principles, most of all the idealism, of this house, then it would be a gradual progression. The entity cannot return if it does not accept the idealism. There is no place for her in this house or anywhere as long as she continues with her own fantasies, for remember, she is living now in a Lucifanic fantasy life that is just as much fantasy as she thinks that we are living, for it is a different scale, a different measurement, a different reality of looking at things. She looks out in a worldly perception. She has accepted the world with open hands, also accepting their worldly viewpoints and feelings on things, but remember, this is the Lucifanic age of understanding, and it is only with Lucifer that it is ruled. For all those who stand up for what they believe and fight against the stream of knowledge and go for wisdom and go for love, then they are carrying the banner for Michael. It is not an easy task, but it is nonetheless what you will find in the tenth Chapter of Matthew. If you would look on the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st verse, there would be an interesting blessing and most of all, a direct reply in that you are not the first that have gone through this particular test in the spiritual path before you. Question.

IS: Thank you very much. Does it mean that she is getting ready to do something on the conscious level, active?

Forces: Let us say before this month is out, there should be, what would be called, little feelings of explosions happening.

IS: Over there, which will lead her to communicate that desire of wanting to come back?

Forces: Partially of that and the desire of her own safety.

IS: So we should feel sort of sorry for her and say okay come back without her having to commit herself?

Forces: There is no reason for sorry, compassion, but a commitment must be made.

IS: But this is what she is going to hope towards?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much. So these dreams are actually pretty accurate?

Forces: They are basically a fundamental point of reasoning in a logical world of reality.

IS: Oh, I see. Oh, I understand. Thank you. And the dream that I had last night about me and (T), what does that mean?

Forces: It is more of a foundation building under the ground, but remember, this element that has been upon you as a group should only be a catalyst to move you forward more into the spirit commitment, for if you do not make your commitment now, it is the first and the last year which will affect the next seven years to come. So whatever is done in this particular year is that which will affect the next seven to come. Therefore, be strongly committed to the spiritual side, regardless of what happens, even if it means your own death.

IS: Thank you.

JE: In the Exodus chapter that we read this week, it says that Moses and his people they went on the mountain and they saw the God of Israel. Can you explain that?

Forces: We at times allow certain things like that to happen, but remember, they supposedly seen the God of Israel. It wasn’t exactly what Moses had seen. If you would see a flash of light in the sky, you would say it was God. So did these people.

DD: The book I was reading about the Greek mathematics Theoretic Arithmetic of the Pythagoreans by Thomas Taylor, that’s just the Luciferian thing?

Forces: Let us say it is a depth of depths of thoughts it is part of the Luciferian vibration. There is a point in which mathematics can be used, but then when it reaches that point, it becomes nothing but mental. It is like two lines drawing together, and when they meet, they form two other lines going out into space to infinity.

DD: Is that Kabala, the Book of Tokens by Paul Foster Case; is it good to meditate with it?

Forces: It will guide you on the path that is reasonable.

DD: This is not of the Luciferian?

Forces: Remember, as I have said before, that learning is needed, but there comes a point when too much learning is too much, and then it enters into the Lucifanic origin and environment. Learning must be had, but how much and how much is that which is safe?

BR: At my work… could anything be said about my work?

Forces: We are sad. We have a certain amount of compassion on those who have to work with you.

BR: The fire that broke out…

Forces: It’s nice to have friends. We tried to do the best we could to bring a realization that the power was greater than themselves. [Someone sneezes] Bless you. Fires are interesting. They burn up things. Sometimes it is started for a reason. Other times it is just plain started.

BR: Also, in the prayers in the book and it says in the last line, “And I will not interrupt these communions until the end of time.” What does it mean by, “the end of time”?

Forces: Until that which has resided for the evolution of mankind on the planet earth.

BR: Also, thank you. Is there a particular thing that I should get into as a hobby to develop?

Forces: We would say leather and making belts would be a wonderful chore.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: Also, painting of chinaware.

BR: You mean making chinaware?

Forces: If you would like. Question.

BR: Thank you. Could there be any lifetimes given of Seth?

Forces: There is no need for this particular entity to be given, being that he is not here.

BR: Thank you.

RH: Could you tell me what the dream I had meant where (I)… something (I) had been going through, and she coughed and something came out, like first she was choking and then something came out of her mouth, and it seemed like every time it was all over, something new came out, and I gave her a mouth cleaner… what that meant?

Forces: It meant the spirit of God coming out to manifest.

RH: What did it mean that I gave her a pink napkin?

Forces: It meant the love aspect coming from you to receive the Word of God from her.

RH: You said that we have personal guides from the fourth dimension that were with us from the beginning, are these guides angels, or do they incarnate like us?

Forces: Some believe they are Indians: Great Feather, White Moose, May We Pamper, Walking Reindeer, Upside Down Tooth, Broken Feather, Big Feather, Siamese Twins, all these yodel names seem to be guides to so many on the earth. It is a shame we don’t have that many Indians up here to go around. [Laughter] We only bumped into one, and for real, he had a broken feather. [Laughter] There was one called White Horse. After we passed him by, it was Black Horse. [Laughter] Now, there are many souls who persist to give Indian names to American people everywhere. But in reality, you all have guides that do not have the names of the earth. Some are called ‘Yentime Dome’, or other names are ‘Yonty Nigh Oos’. All these names are unpronounceable, and there are many prefix, suffix, and resident areas that could not be explained to the normal ear. So maybe to begin to get the souls understanding the principle of servants or guides, it is nice that they know that they have a Broken Feather or a White Horse or Moose Woose watching over them to develop higher and greater developments as they move on.

HA: Could an arts and crafts work to be given for me and how can I develop my touch healing?

Forces: Artsy-craftsy. That is a particular name that we seem to go to. Yes, the art and craft of living is the most important thing you can develop through service and brotherly love to all those you meet would be the perfect arts and craft that you would leave behind you, and the question you asked secondary?

HA: About touch healing, that the [inaudible] said that I had, how can I start developing that?

Forces: We would say, work with the females of your species. For your vibrations seem to be of a great force to store up and equalize their energy field by touching, messaging, and leaving that area in a better condition when first found.

HA: Just the females?

Forces: This would be enough for the moment.

HA: Then, now, I shouldn’t do any arts and crafts as was given to (B) just now?

Forces: We gave you the important thing to do. The other arts and crafts would follow, as suit will begin.

HA: Thank you. Anything about the group in Vermont?

Forces: It is just beginning. There is a lot of work there, but it might not last.

HA: How about the Atlantis house? Will that become part of the group?

Forces: It would be interesting to see, but remember, a great deal of desire, motivation, and faith is needed.

HA: Thank you.

NN: The number of the speed of light you gave in Session 26, and it was said to remember the number for your own mind and reaching the thought form, that thought form and vibration to begin to leave the body eventually. When you say, “Remember for your own minds”, do you mean just… do you actually mean like to memorize or…

Forces: It would be a good foundation to put it into your mental force.

NN: Thank you. Also, in that same session you said not to be hot and not to be cold, or you would spit us out, and I’d thought… I’d always thought it was not to be cold or not to be lukewarm. Could you explain that for me?

Forces: Is it true that we said not to be hot and not to be cold? There are no errors, my dear.

BR: It was in Session 26 to (R)’s question not to be warm and not to be…

Forces: In reality, it should have been corrected by the one who received it, but most of all, it was there that those would see it and become aware of its meaning. Not to be hot and not to be cold but to be lukewarm is not the ideal position, but to be hot or to be cold is still not the right position. But to be none of these is the ultimate position, but the majority of folks on the earth have to be hot or cold in order to move to the higher sphere, but to be lukewarm is to go down to the lower sphere. So in reality, what we have said is so nice.

NN: Thank you. Also, is there a chant or an affirmation that I should be using right now, something about the white light within?

Forces: You cold use if you want:


And use that two lines, and it should be interesting to see the outcome…either your tongue will get caught or you will find an interesting way of lengthening your tongue. Question.

RU: Can you give us any of the history of why the Tarot was first made?

Forces: It was made for the persecutions of what would be called the priests of Egypt, more so of Atlantis. When the persecution began with that of, we would say the four major kings of Atlantis or five major kings of Atlantis joining together, then the war started the breaking apart. Then the secrets of the spiritual world had to be preserved and was put in metal tablets, carved in metal tablets, then transferred over to Egypt and the Yucatan, and buried, as you all know, in the right sphinx paw and in the box of one of the steps leading up the many pyramids of the Yucatan.

RU: How did the cards come from that… how did they resurface in the public…

Forces: They really did not resurface into the public until recently, but they were always around in the royalty in the high courts. They were always involved with those who were leading governments, but they were not officially as much as they are today and never before involved with the public.

RU: Thank you.

GL: Any guidance at this point?

Forces: We seem to always be telling you guidance at this point. Maybe one day you will repeat everything we have told you, and give us guidance to that point. To be more positive, more aware of your surroundings, more patient, but in reality, we are pleased very much with your progress, more so than would be expected of others. Others should move just as in harmony and in progression and with the faith that you have. Your reward will be given to you, as all must be given a reward. Question.

GL: My eyes? What… what made that film?

Forces: This is the smoke that is being taken in too much. Question.

GL: In the meditation roam what I saw in the wine, did I see the energy…

Forces: This is very good. Question. Remember, as we give you a gift, don’t lose your head. Question.

DL: The stones, are they all right in the plastic tub?

Forces: Oh, it is wonderful.

DL: Should I put them out on a rainy day or should…

Forces: Never on a rainy day.

DL: Why did we visit the Cumberland Gap in the Appalachia area?

Forces: Because I was there.

DL: What is known as the depth struggle, is that the spirit?

[End of Side A]

IS: Can you give me some understanding about Joab, Ben Zerviah their relations to me today? The things that we went through…

Forces: Remember, these elements had to be purified within him, too. They are an element of love, for if David did not combine the forces together; there would have not been an Israel today.

IS: But didn’t actually David at one point I mean become weak without Joab and yet he put Joab aside?

Forces: They were two equal matches.

IS: So it was a personal thing at that point?

Forces: They were two equal matches, one being negative, the other positive. One had to twirl around this, the other twirl around that. It appeared he put him aside, but only to accomplish a particular feat, but then again to bring back that balance within himself.

IS: Has this already happened to me today or it will?

Forces: It is understandable that it might not even apply to you. Question.

IS: How come Archangel Michael is my favorite Archangel and which Tarot card is representative of me?

Forces: We could say Temperance. Favorite because he is strong. Questions.

IS: The name Jehovah, is this the real name of God?

Forces: It is part of His Names. The name of God one cannot even speak in your language. People, we ask you all to guide yourselves. Become strong in your commitments, and deter not by what anyone says to you or for you. Remember, the world is going through a war at this moment, and their conflicts will be bombaded and bombing all those who believe in the Spirit of God, so keep on moving forward, and look not to your right or to your left, but always straight at the Light. And be not discouraged nor discerned about questions and doubts and fears. This has no part to do, but move forward to meet your God. We will talk to you soon. Great changes in America, great uplifting movements. There shall be many, what would be said, battles. As far as personal ones in the city, many robberies of many sorts, diamonds… interesting. There should be that of Fifth Avenue, 48th and 49th… interesting. Guide yourselves, and watch the weather. Greetings to all you here.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens, hallowed be Thy Name…