Session 75-7/14/75

Forces: Greetings to all here. As we have you gathered once more, it is with great feelings that the world will be going through many drastic changes. As far as Israel is concerned, situation over there will not be in harmony with the nation’s goal. There will be many objective fields trying to wither away at the government. As far as at home, there should be more personal groups slowly starting in many forms, ways, and means. From thence shall come many information and miracles upon them. It is well that we try to re-emphasize the importance of being aware of what you are doing, even if it means near the end of the night. It is not easy to see all those positive thoughts go down and try not to replenish itself in the earth. Yes, it could have happened if all those forces and creatures were joined together in a harmony. As a great person has said, ‘a child walks to its mother; the mother walks to its God.’ But it needs to understand that all those things around must first come under the jurisdiction of God consciousness and Living Bread, which is the substance. We here are concerned about certain individuals: one, two, and three. These individuals need to be positive in their tests coming up and least not falter in a logical frame of reference and understanding. Now we shall see great streams/waters take their course. But in all reality, there is only one or two things we can do: prayer and patience. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: You said many new groups will start from this group…

Forces: Correct.

IS: In the very near future?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Have we already seen approximately where… is my understanding… am I…

Forces: At times, correct. Remember this entity does not mind company. In fact, it needs it.

IS: Needs what?

Forces: The company that has to be done or associations with these friends that are called friends to him.

IS: But in reality, they are seeds and beginnings of other groups?

Forces: Correct. Question.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Could you explain the significance of the two volcanoes that are either erupting… or…

Forces: All this represents the feminine aspect within man and woman. They represent that of giving up, of nourishing, and taking care of the humans. All this will be watched closely. For remember, Japan is at the moment of being watched and breaking up is in the course of its interest. The significance of this young entity is in all reality that all those things around him needs to be changed. So is it with the volcano. All those things need to be uprooted and changed. When a volcano erupts on the earth, it means all those must change again the ideas in order to accomplish the ideal. Remember, be calm and be patient and last to the end. And at the end you shall get your reward. Questions.

DL: A group soul, is that a soul that might have two, let’s say two physical bodies or more are on the earth? And if it was a group soul, would they have one… only one soul?

IS: [after short pause]… Should we go on with other questions?

Forces: Correct.

DL: When you said that we visited the Cumberland Gap because you were there, does that mean that you were just hovering above or that you have a base there?

Forces: Both these are correct.

DL: And is the base in the mountains, or under the ground?

Forces: Under. Correct.

GL: The figure that we saw in the sky, I just want to know was that you? Can you tell us more about this figure? What it means? [After a silent pause]… Can you tell us more about some of the history and the origins of the schools of initiation?

IS: [After a silent pause]… Shall we continue with other questions?

The Group: [After a silent pause, chanting] “KADOSH, KADOSH, KADOSH, ELOHIM, TZABAOTH.”

Forces: As all these things move upon us, we must be strong in keeping our connection. There will be those who will try to influence us for the comfortable things the world can offer us. Be careful. Questions.

IS: Were the questions that were asked wrong? Or should… can we ask them again?

Forces: There are points when silence is needed. Questions.

GL: Could you tell us about the figure that we saw in Swannanoa?

Forces: This represents that within man, which will soon come forth. Question.

JU: When the struggle inside me goes on, how can I make my positive self stronger? It takes me so long sometimes to throw that part out.

Forces: That is the end result. You must work with creating positive thoughts slowly as much as you have tried to work on negative thoughts. Positive thoughts or thoughts of creation first. Create from them and then your negative thoughts will no longer be. Question.

JU: Is there a prayer or a Psalm that I might also use to help me or a part of the Bible?

Forces: Forty-eight, Forty-fifth, Forty-sixth [48, 45, 46]. Question.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Does Judah represent the thymus center?

Forces: Does Judah? Judah could represent the Leiden centers. The thymus could be that of Peter or that of Faith and Will together.

DD: Peter?

Forces: The understanding of Peter in it. Remember, the path in the future is a long one, opened up with many trials. Have faith. We are now coming closer to the earth. We are now making ready for our appearance. Question.

DD: Does Genesis and Revelation together form one book? If you put them together, would many… many problems of the Bible be explained and form a key to the rest of the Bible?

Forces: If this can be done, you would find a secret, purpose and the plan that we are working for. Question.

HA: What colors should I incorporate in the seal that was given us?

Forces: Purple, yellow, and white, with a blue trim. Question.

HA: Thank you.

NN: Can you tell me, please, why that happened with my eyes? Was I refusing to see the truth?

Forces: Partially. Others is the tension that builds up within you. Question.

NN: Thank you. Also, is that why that happened with the lungs again and the… that whole coughing thing?

Forces: That is that in which must be uprooted patiently and calmly. It is of a stifling nature that we have the condition in the lungs. It is a depression, self-inflicted. Questions.

NN: Thank you. Also, for like the times when I go through the anxiety like I did last Friday, and I tried very hard to get out of it with prayers and singing most of the day, and I felt like it was from wanting things other than God. And so I tried to not to want them, but… could you give me like a chant or words or something that would… that would be the most effective when I want to combat that kind of anxiety?


NN: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

RU: Are there seven virtues that correspond with the seven sins that we discussed the other night?

Forces: There are a lot of virtues that would and could correspond with the seven others. Just take the major ones and transport the positive side from it.

RU: Thank you.

IS: What can I do to help the group at LaGuardia?

Forces: We would say get them a dog for their cats. More so, a discussion using the Bible and taking it as each taking a personal stand. Let’s say you would take Job. One person becomes Job, one person his friends, and the angels and God and make what would be called each chapter an enactment.

IS: Thank you. That’s good for us, too.

Forces: It would be good to study the Bible all the way through like this.

IS: Thank you very much. Is there anything for the entity (T) and his relations with work?

Forces: We have changed and altered quite a bit from the last course. In the beginning it was deemed him to be moved from that section. But because of other outside influence, we have changed certain parts of the schedule. But remember, what has been done in this particular job is far short, but yet is a miracle in the same standards.

IS: What has been done for the people there?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Then the dream with the beast that the entity (T) had, can it be explained more than what…

Forces: It represents the spiritual side that has what would be called intuitive gifts being bestowed, new gifts that were never before used.

IS: That’s for the entity (T) himself?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you. The Gospel of Jesus by Levi, I started reading it many times and many times, I cannot reconcile myself with it. Is that the truth? Is that what?

Forces: We would say only ten percent.

IS: Thank you. The plane that went down in the bolt of lightening, can you give us any understanding for that?

Forces: All those who were on that particular flight failed to commit themselves to a spiritual purpose. Therefore, they had to be removed from the earth.

IS: But there are so many that do not have a spiritual purpose.

Forces: This is true. But the souls that have come in to commit themselves in a particular life and fail to do it musk be taken away.

IS: I see. So it’s then the feeling as if I would have died at a certain age, if I wouldn’t have gone into… things I’ve been talking…

Forces: Each one of you have before you come here, committed yourselves to do a thing, an act. If you fail to do that act, then you would be removed from the earth.

IS: And the bolt of lightening? That was correct?

Forces: Let us say it was a hand removing.

IS: Oh. I see. So I guess we’ll find out more about it. Which Tarot cards are the most correct that we have today…the most accurate?

Forces: We would say each one has a particular case to offer or a slant of wisdom in them. But the fairly new cards seems to be near to correct.

IS: The new ones? Aquarian?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Oh, they are even better than the old ones?

Forces: They have certain incentive insights that would be good for development. But the old ones have a personality all their own.

IS: Thank you. Mayor Beam, are you working with him? And is he on… our side?

Forces: I would only say that we are watching from here. He is neither here nor there, at the middle.

IS: Well, the floods that are happening today, all these past weeks and?

Forces: This is us and them. It is more like the battle of black and white. For remember, when this entity starts speaking of Satan or Lucifer, there is a battle in the heavens.

IS: So that was those last talks?

Forces: Every single time this entity reveals a weakness and shows signs of Lucifer, there is a double reaction from Lucifer to acquire more land.

IS: Thank you. And then the incense that we do in the house?

Forces: This is changing the vibrations of the house for a new experience.

IS: Well, you’ve said before that sometimes the silent moment is needed when it’s… when you remain quiet. How… how do we know what to do or whether the questions are wrong or…

Forces: We can only know what to do by being sensitive, by having that love in our hearts, and by not judging those around us, by having that which is patience, and ready to listen to those who are near.

IS: You mean to say in that moment of silence you are actually listening in a different way?

Forces: This could be correct.

IS: Then we should not interrupt this silence?

Forces: There is an interruption that cannot be made. We emphasize the fact that harmony and love be incorporated in one and another. And that communication should be worked out slowly with the parents. Remember, all this is in the future days to come. Be strong and do not waver. We are having a short session here tonight. But remember, we must be patient. We must have that quality of love. We’ve given you that of a diet for you to eat for the first full moon. As far as your crops are concerned, we might give you that favor of restoring a good harvest this year. But remember, all things must come to pass slowly. You must be ready to make changes in your life. You must be sensitive and kind with love in your heart. Be open. Remember, you are the children of the Higher Forces of God. And all those who are associated with us are sensitive, receptive, and patient in order to do what we have to do. Those are the four requirements that must be accomplished before they can take over our particular sphere of interest. Remember, also, this great storm that you’ve had is only because of the negativities, thousands upon thousands of people. We’re emphasizing the fact that if they would continue they would have no sun. They, knowing this, now are ready to change their act. Question.

IS: So only when those… in the middle of the session… disharmony among us, that you remain quiet?

Forces: We would say… question.

JE: Why were the… the American Indians almost completely exterminated?

Forces: Let us say that the American Indians are those souls that destroyed Atlantis in the beginning. Not all of them. Just the majority. Therefore, they had to meet that infliction of pain that they had caused their civilization long time past, beginning in the small things that we do.

DL: The rock that we meditated on in the Shenandoah Valley, was it a special place before?

Forces: It is in a good place. Perfectly placed for this. It would be on top of black marble. Question.

GL: That guy at work, Joe, how can he best be helped?

Forces: By slowly working and giving him that love that’s within you. And be patient. Question.

GL: All the question… should I answer the questions? Should I be quiet for a time?

Forces: This would be good for a time. Remember, there will be changes coming again and again in many fields. We must prepare ourselves for our changes within ourselves…within ourselves. Question.

JU: Could you give me any understanding of the feeling that I had when we were driving through Shenandoah Valley just before we got there?

Forces: Interesting feelings. Yes. Well, receptive. But, remember, in the time that you are there, there is a reception to the spirit world. Question.

JU: Is there anything or any way in which I can help MK that I can tell to him?

Forces: Wait and see… Question.

RH: Why is my mother on the phone in a dream?


(Q. Listen to tape and recheck this)

Forces: This is a force field that gravitates and generates around anything that has the essence of life in it. Question.

GL: Then it’s an aura?

Forces: To a degree it is an aura, but more so a electrical impulses that emanate from the body and is transmitted into the galaxies. There it is picked up by the Higher Self and is recorded as information and transmuted to another place of existence where it is screened, worked out, and then coming down once more to correct the certain item. Question.

RH: Could you tell me why I have such large teeth?

Forces: Let us say you jumped three notches. Before you were born and had forsaken that attunement, in the embryo in which the teeth were being developed, the mother was bickering and biting, bite-bickering, producing large teeth in you. Question.

DD: Can you tell me what half-time and time-and-a-half-time means?

Forces: This represents that element within the fourth and third dimension combined. Question.

DD: What is each time when you say one time?

Forces: It represents the measurement of experience in this dimension versus the measurement of experience in the fourth dimension.

DD: Time?

Forces: There is no time in the fourth. Question.

HA: Will we be visiting Israel as a group soon?

Forces: This is highly probable. Question.

HA: How soon?

Forces: Highly probable to be very, what would be said confusing. Time to visit Israel is one item that should be looked into, but not in this particular year or next. Question.

HA: Could you give me particular advice about my relationship with Simon?

Forces: Remember, your attitude is like this. You must work it out and change an attitude barrier between your self-worth and what he advises. That measurement itself can cause trouble. Be patient with him, and give him part of thyself in order to be and work with him. The last three questions before we close this short session…

NN: Could you tell us about the paintings that were just done by the entity that you speak through, (T)?

Forces: Let us say that painting that came through is of a house in the fourth dimension that a soul had built. They build houses there also by their thought forms. Question.

IS: Is there any more information or things you can give us for the house, our house?

Forces: This should come into proximity or into some force of strength in August of nineteen seventy-six. If all goes well, there should be a move coming soon after.

IS: I see and I guess that… then you can… the money, everything is still all right… the banks… can you tell us which banks are the ones that are going to fall down or…

Forces: This bank is in what would be called un-important. There seem to have been what would be said underworld current of political pressure and ties preventing this from happening. This would be found out in years to come, but at this moment, this is the element that is keeping them on their feet.

IS: So everything is all right? Now is there anything you can give to… for the entity (T), for me, and then the group, the group as a whole?

Forces: We would say for the group, for the entity, and for you: be patient and the judgment should be lessened. That is rather to judge not, but to give of yourself to others, to give of yourself without asking that question of why. This should go on for all here. Not to judge one another, but to look and see and be experiencing the spirit world, in which the spirit world will guide you how to handle the physical manifestations about you. We have watched and are finished for the moment. We will come and talk to you again before this week is out if all things are well. The space area this week… we are watching them. Interesting how they work with one another. It is like sending thumb caps up into the atmospheres. Thumb needles or thimbles, this thimble is so interesting. They twirl around thinking they are gods, but in reality they are only on the ring of the tub. We will be watching and we shall try to help you with this weather situation. How unhappy it has many people. But it had to be this way to show them the element of nature is much stronger than they are. Patience. Work with one another, and be prepared for many good surprises. Greetings to all of you.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…