Session 77-9/14/75

Forces: Greetings to all here. We have watched and find it interesting. How long will you all continue to act and react this way? There was that chance of receiving land and house this weekend. But because of the individuals and negative fields of forces beneath all feelings, this house had been reserved and taken away. It could have been done. Now, again, to undo that which has been done means, more than ever, conscious effort of conviction. In the future, in order of finding a residence or abode of living, even though this particular residence or house is there waiting, those individuals who do come down to this area in Virginia to find out prospects of living quarters and settlements in this area, must go through a discipline of themselves. All those who meet this discipline would have the right force field to come down and open this door that we speak of. We again ask that each one of you be particularly aware of your actions. Nothing is undone without you knowing it. We will not go into a lengthy discussion; we only ask that your personal convictions between you and your God be made in accordance. We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Is the four bedrooms the right number as was given in the cards for the house?

Forces: There is a house that has five to six bedrooms plus three more to be made into private quarters. There is a garage that has room for four cars, or more so, two large ones. On this particular house we will not give anymore in explanation for it, or else you would find it. That is how close it is.

NN: When you say nothing is undone without us knowing it, you mean a certain progress or something that’s undone because of what we go through. Or…

Forces: Progress is an everlasting movement. It is not something we gain in order to relax. Question.

NN: Thank you.

LK: Is there something you could me that would help me to understand my feelings better so I can relate better what I really feel?

Forces: Do not demand too much of others around you. At this moment you have placed a particular ideal in front of you, and achieving it for God is important. Your expressions or feelings towards other people will come very naturally in due course. But do not jump at the occasion just to express your feelings. There are those around that are not ready to understand them, or to work by what you see. As one has made commitments to God, one also receives gifts from God. Your gift cannot be seen for those who are less in that of understanding or ‘commital’ to their Gods. Do not worry about what you will feel or say. For you will say everything in a natural rhythm and force of expression. Question.

JA: How am I doing spiritually?

Forces: There is an avenue of reading the Bible at least once a night. Not as much as you would think. Just half a chapter to a chapter would help. Your progression on a spiritual level has advanced remarkable. And we are proud. Of certain areas, there must be improvements. But this in time. Question.

HI: Is there anything that I may do in this coming year to strengthen my commitment to my God?

Forces: By understanding and being conscious of what you say and watching the expense budget.

HI: Thank you.

JU: Can you give me some guidance on how I can stop my imagination from growing at the very start before it becomes a monster?

Forces: The rosaries around your neck is a very interesting instrument to use. When the imagination becomes gross or heavy, prayer diligently used and in progress must be jumped into immediately. Your imaginations are that qualities or those qualities that you yourself work very hard to produce. Therefore, your imaginations is something that is drying up for the lack of use in the right way. But your sensual and physical gratifications have only lent a borrowed light to this center.

JU: Was the… one of the affirmations I was using in that way, was that… was that right? And should it be continued?

Forces: Therefore, in your imaginations, it is not what to do to be careful about your imaginations that suddenly pop on you, but that you nourish and nurture these imaginations in this center to such a point that it becomes a dangerous stumbling-block for your development. Your imagination is weak to begin with. But your desires is what grows that imagination out of proportion making you more than that which is honorable. Question.

GL: Is there any guidance you would give me for this year?

Forces: Discipline your words, actions, and be conscious of your movement in your body. Question.

GL: Thank you.

JE: Is there anything that you could give me to help me with the things I received in the readings and the dreams lately?

Forces: To listen to what has been said and to re-confirm them. And not applying that which is negative just before the sleep and that which is applying your own particular ‘commital’ in what you believe.

RU: How can I slow down my emotional processes and become more conscious?

Forces: Usually one slows down when he is forced to by that of the law of gravity. You should find that time to close your eyes and re-dedicate yourself to a higher being at least five to ten minutes a day. Question.

RU: Thank you.

IS: In our dealings with (JO) last weekend and this weekend been done right?

Forces: It would appear on this side, no. But on our side, yes.

IS: What else can be done with… at this point with (JO)?

Forces: There is nothing that this entity cannot work itself out of.

IS: Did he understand the conversation that I had with him?

Forces: Partially, yes. Question.

IS: Did it appeal to him?

Forces: Partially, yes. Question.

IS: With high… hay fever, or the thing that (L) has, is there something that can be done for it?

Forces: To go to Arizona. Also, taking that which is vinegar and that which is water. Stirring it equally together and then drinking it. But in reality, that secure feeling towards our God must be acquired for individuals who are suffering from these allergies.

IS: Thank you. For myself, the dreams, the thoughts, what can I do? What should I be doing if I’m not doing anything? With the diet… first with the diet and then that… sort of everything is falling out or… I don’t know…

Forces: There is nothing that is falling out, but a falling-in process. Question.

IS: Falling into negative something?

Forces: No. Question.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Is there any guidance that can be given to me for the new year?

Forces: Question.

RH: Is there anything that you can give me about the feelings I’ve had lately? The feelings that… the things I have to work with?

Forces: To work with them patiently and not to be nervous with them. Question.

NN: What main thing should I focus on for this new year to stay out of the traps that I always fall into? The self-pity thing?

Forces: By not becoming those things. Question.

DL: Could you help me understand the dream that I had this morning?

Forces: This is a changing of the centers plus an outward commitment to those that we meet while these changes are taking place.

DL: I’m sorry, outward commitment to those we meet?

Forces: When we say “our” we speak in a singular text. When we say “our” we like to join in to help you out.

LK: Can you tell me anything about how the children are doing? If there anything else that I can do to help them?

Forces: It is not the best environment for them. But it is not the worst. Their environment in a spiritual form is what is needed. Being that that could not be given, then the second and the third best becomes appropriate. Occasionally insights shall be given to the handling of these children. But there comes a greater test of offering up Isaac to your God. God might give something a different offering to receive. Be concerned, but be with understanding of your concern for that which is done. Question.

LK: Thank you.

JA: Is there any ideas about my home environment or work environment that I should be paying particular attention to?

Forces: As far as the home environment, there must be a constant search in the meditation field and that of calmness in that which you do. But, each item, moves faster than we realize. At this moment, things are status, as slowly understood will be all right. Question.

HI: Would it be wise if I would get involved in A.R.E. group activity this year?

Forces: This would have to be up to thee whether you have the intelligence not to get sapped into certain crystalized ideas. Question.

B: Could there be anything given to me for guidance?

Forces: To watch that which you eat. And also to watch your own imaginations and developing that which is the communion and understanding of all we meet. Question.

GL: Is there anything that could be given for (M) and (HO) now?

Forces: At this moment they are progressing in a most beautiful fashion. The love is important, but now comes that of the discipline and getting the authority plan worked out. Question.

GL: Could you help me to understand how to work with… how to relate with that?

Forces: You are not the first to enter such conditions, nor will you be the last. You must have that conviction for your God. Question.

GL: The dream this morning, can you help me to understand that?

Forces: This is a rejuvenation of certain centers. Basically the thyroid and the thymus to be more in harmony with the rest of the centers. Question.

GL: Are they being directed in the right direction towards God?

Forces: We would hope so. Question.

RU: Is there any guidance in particular that could be given for me for this New Year?

Forces: To do what you have been doing minus that which is the discussion and arguments. Question.

RU: Thank you. Is there anything about the problem I have with the dieting and my food intake?

Forces: It is not at this moment needed. Question.

RU: The diet is not needed or the…

Forces: Correct. Even though there is that weight condition, it can be worked out on a different level.

RU: Thank you.

IS: How about me?

Forces: It is needed for you. But also discipline and a working condition of all those other elements around you. Question.

IS: What should… what should I be doing that I’m not doing for this new kind of period?

Forces: To be conscious of a God-feeling throughout your being. Question.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: We here have taken into consideration these questions we find them interesting, constructive to a certain degree. We advise you, also, that the time in the years to come will present many changes. Be prepared for these changes…most of all, the foundation between you and your God. There is no need to be rocked or shaken by these experiences. If it is interesting, then it will be understood in time. All the money in the world cannot buy that which is peace of mind with yourself and your God. Be careful and work together so that that which is powerful might come through all of you. It cannot be done if each and every one tries to prove that which is, “I am right. You are wrong”, concept. You have all the powers of the universe at your disposal. Some of you are still acting like that of a child who knows not that the caller is waiting for him. We are waiting. We have not received the proper calling. Get it together that each and everyone of your personal lives might reflect your commitment to your God. We have this place for you, but it is up to you to have a place for us. Watch your words and actions and maybe we will come to see you again in a better environment of attitudes to give more information that will be helpful in your development. We are to leave now, but leaving only to look behind to see what will be. Greetings to all of you here.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…