Session 80-10/31/75

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been away at a distance for a while. There have been interesting occurrences since we last spoken to you. Amazing how you little ones find that which was hidden. In respect, it was not to be found until there was a unit of cooperation established by everyone. As we had said before, that this particular house has always been there for you, as a group. Yes, this house has been built by us. It started long ago from a ‘mutative’ to help. But little do they know that that motive was given to them by us. You see, we are not bad architects. Each room represents a specific function. And if you find the measurements of this house, you would become aware of a secret measurement or doctrine incorporated into this house. Interesting, as it might seem, do not disconnect the fact that this particular parcel of land might have oil on it. In fact, my dear ones, it does. In time we will direct you to it, and it will come up. It might get messy, but I tell you, the land in itself could be extremely valuable to this country. For in this area undiscovered, is enough oil to supply all the major industrial countries of the world for two hundred thousand years. This would produce a climatic upsettment in the Arabian countries. It is strange that we say this particular news to you. But remember, it is in the base of the land. It will take only the cooperation of the spirit to release it. If you enter into it with greed, you will never find it. That is how we work it. Interesting. But remember, the time, the place, the circumstance. We are already moving the liquids underneath that particular part of the land, but we will only release this oil when we feel it is necessary. On a worldwide, national level, it will only come forth when the United States comes to an agreement with themselves on this issue. This particular land will have healing waters coming from the ground to heal all manners of ulcers, cancerous ulcers, sores, liver disorders, and sinuses. There is also a force of electrical energy meeting northwest from this particular parcel. This force is one of the major centers that are spotted throughout the earth. As far as the future of the world, it can change. But there is tremendous pressure in the Far East. Light is very important, for from this light all source of energy has its start. In time it would be wise to replace the regular glass with stained glass in various parts of the house for healing purposes. But remember, all these things and much more can only come into manifestation if there is a cooperative in achieving that end. We are now ready for your questions.

JO: I had a dream and I would like to know what this dream is about. My wife and I went to Italy on a boat to see my brother (S) who passed away.

Forces: It would be that of re-evaluating old ideas by bringing them up from that which appears to be dead and coming to an understanding of the new ideals within you that have been planted, causing a awkward tendency. But nonetheless, causing a change in both you and your wife’s life. In short, it deals with a re-evaluation of your principles and beliefs.

JO: As I went in, to see my brother (S), my sister-in-law says, “He’s dead.” And I said, “I know he’s dead, but I want to see him.” She says, “But you can’t see him, cause he is dead.” And I say, “Look, I want to see him.” So she took me to the grave and we dug him up. As we opened up the coffin, it was all full of dust. And I said, “What the heck is the matter with you people? Don’t you take care of him?” And I took him out of the coffin and I was starting to brush the dust off of him. Then I got a voice that… I believe it was God… It said, “(JO), go home. (V) and (P) needs you.” Then… I don’t know how fast… how we got back, but the next scene I’m at (P)’s house. And I knocked on the door and (P) answered me. She had a knife in her hand and she had a black spot under her left eye. I said, “What happened?” I said, “What’s going on?” She says… she started using some words I don’t want to use. And she said, “(V) is locked in the bedroom.” And I’m knocking on the door and I’m telling… asking… asking (V) what’s happening… what’s happening. And he says, “I’m not coming out.” He says, “Because that ‘S.O.B.’s’ got a knife and wants to kill me.” So as I kept knocking on the door, blood started coming out of the door. And I turned to (P), and I says to (P), “(P), you stabbed him.” She says, “That’s right.” And then I woke up, and it was… the time was two, twenty-two.

Forces: This is a decision that has to be made within the whole understanding of the group. But nonetheless, it is a re-evaluation of your principles, of sacrificing and bringing it into the earth.

JO: Thank you. That’s all.

Forces: It would appear that this dream would seem to be of the future, but in reality it deals with self.

JU: Could you give me any type of understanding of the nature of or perhaps the karmetic relationship between myself and the supervisor that just left the job? And what his leaving may signify? And any guidance for what I should be doing now?

Forces: This particular person represents the attitude of self-dictating and negating responsibilities within the framework of this particular house. For remember, what you meet in your particular jobs, is what you create in this particular abode. To have that of work that is chaotic and chaos all around, and those who are there not working in a unit or function order, only represents that of self not working in a unified and functioning order of cooperation. For remember, what we produce to others, we must receive by others. This is only a reflection of a quality within you that is being worked out. By this particular person leaving, it means an evolution of thought to a higher consciousness.

JU: Thank you.

NN: Why have I been having lately the reaction at certain times when I hear certain music, especially in the church that I’m going to? Where I start getting like all choked up and I… for no particular reason…

Forces: It represents again a quality from another life in Switzerland in which you were devoutly involved with the monastiric life.

NN: Thank you.

V: When will I overcome this fear of… that’s been in me… for the driving and the fear of going out and the fear all around me? Will I be able to come toward the preceding months? To get out of my shell?

Forces: This here can be done and will be done. For at this moment we will send you a Force to help you in your strength. ES SA DO, EN DAI NESTE. NE-PON-OS E DAI. ES SA DO DA NESTE, ES SA DO ENEST. It is only the question to serve now. Question.

VI: Will I still be selling papers on Forty-second Street in ten years from now?

Forces: Of course not! You will be selling papers on what would be called, it would be funny to say, but we could use papers here also. We can arrange it to pick up the stand and move you in. We have those unbearable people her also that you can talk about and watch. But be careful to have this aspect. No, you will not have to. For there will be other things coming your way that will be exciting in itself. Question.

P: I’m very concerned about my daughter Rita floating while she’s dreaming and also about her health.

Forces: She must be at that point of awareness that she does astral travel and is conscious of it. She should do research on what it is and what it can do for her to benefit her as a person. There should be no serious dilemma in this. To do only that which is natural and protected.

IS: So it’s her fear that causes her to wander around, not…

Forces: Correct. Question.

M: I’m concerned very much about my daughter, about her breast. Is everything, is everything going to be all right with her breast?

Forces: There should-be no problem as long as water is drunk by her. If the attitude is preserved and the desires are disciplined, all this will work in a more harmony for her physical body and soul. Should be no trouble in this area at this time.

Carolyn: I’m wondering what my spiritual name is.

Forces: Finally you get to ask that question. Lucky you. [Quietly] Give me the Book. Your name on the spiritual side and evolution is (BH). More the word (BH). This would be the name.

BA: Thank you.

Forces: Now you can use it. But remember, wisely and not foolishly. Question.

DO: I have no questions, but I just want to show appreciation for myself and the rest of the group that the Forces saw fit enough to make themselves known in our presence. And I for one am very appreciative to be there. And hope that I become even better and closer to God for it. Thank you.

Forces: It is only that power within you that makes you become closer… When you extend it out to others. If you will understand that there is much work to be done. You have that influence to bring a bridge across to those souls that need that service. It is a blessing to you and to all that we can hear and listen to what you need. But it also understanding what we say that you might comprehend your needs. All of you have names on a spiritual level that some have not tapped into as of yet. But when you have that time and want to know, then it will be given. Question.

LC: Could you please tell me when my sister will get better?

Forces: That would have to depend upon her forgiveness and also that of revenge. It could be now or it could be fifteen years from now.

LC: Can you please tell me when my son will get married?

Forces: Oh, that is nice. Your son would come into his own in two and a half years from now, preferably in November or in February. This would have to depend upon his spiritual commitment to his God if he wants to find his mate.

RH: You told me about my eyes before, and what to do to help them. Is there anything else that I could understand now?

Forces: By not being anxious. Relax and accept it. Like a coaster of riding up and down. It is your attitude that must be relaxed in this aspect. And in time it will be taken care of.

RH: Thank you. Is there anything that can be given for the children at this time for them?

Forces: They have had enough. At this time there are things that are going well. There is no need to give information at this moment. Question.

JE: Could you explain my dream?

Forces: That was explained to you already, my friend. When a soul terminates, it behooves others around not to make “yet” or light of the incident. In so doing the soul is attracted to the person or individual. Question.

DD: Could you tell me more about Psalm Eighteen?

Forces: Psalm Eighteen was used to lift stones for the Pyramids, if sung to. It is camouflaged and not really recorded by David personally. Some of the Psalms are not recorded by David personally. They are handed down secret doctrines. Question.

B: Could there be anything given for my parents and my family?

Forces: A parking ticket. They should be worked with, discussing and giving as much as possible in understanding. Their time is running out. Question.

GE: I would ask for spiritual guidance at this time.

Forces: Who is this? Spiritual guidance for a falcon for a bird of the air First, clip your wings. Second, cut your nails. Third, bind a piece of cloth around your eyes and sit still. Fourth, fifth, and sixth, change your attitude and perception of what others think of you. This would help if you have a more conscious effort of how your appearance looks. For remember, appearance seems to express the soul’s force-field of communication and expression of its development. If you need help, there is many people here who would like to rip your clothes off and throw them into the washing machine and give you new clothes of understanding and consciousness in your behalf. But remember; it takes time to develop and change from old principles to new principles that have always been there. And more of a commitment in your life is needed. Question.

GE: Can you explain the question about the psychiatrist and should I continue going to him?

Forces: If you would like to, be my guest. I can charge a fee also. Question.

RO: Could you tell me what’s in store for my future for my husband and I and family?

Forces: It would take a great deal of stress and a great deal of time. There are the ups and downs to come, but most of all you must become aware of your own self and speech. For what you speak is what you will attract to you more than ever. If you understand this particular secret, you will be more careful in what you say to prevent those things from coming upon you. Question.

GL: Could you give us some more information about the Rosary, its history?

Forces: The Rosary is used as a force in which raises the spiritual one hundred and forty-four thousand cells in the body. It is a combination of ethics, principles, and philosophies across the whole continent of the earth. There are many galaxies and star-satellite systems that are used and is in combination with the design of the Rosary. If you would look closely, a solar system is derived in that shape of a Rosary. Rosaries or that of beads are used for conscious objective in stirring up the healing energy forces from the lower centers to give that power of light and healing to those who say it. Question.

GL: Thank you. Question about how to apply the aspect of love?

Forces: Apply it whoever you meet, whenever you meet, wherever you meet. Thank you.

GL: How can I start to… start to begin to understand this?

Forces: Begin by taking a small step, one after the other, my friend. Question.

GL: Thank you.

RU: Could you help me to understand the dream I had in?

Forces: Sure, we can help you understand it, but can you understand what we understand? Of course you cannot. But in time you will understand what your dream will be and has been for many years. Be patient and open your eyes and it will come to you.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

IS: The Psalms that we sing, are the melodies correct, or near correct as we…

Forces: They will be changed again, but some of them are correct. At this moment we have found our selves in the end of our communication. We will speak to you more again in the future. But remember, come closer together to the spiritual objectives that is set before you and you will be lifted up. Peace… and good hunting.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…