Session 81-11/13/75

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have watched and find it a successful weekend. Tremendous power has been given from this particular incident. We ask that the days to come will be filled with only that of thoughts that would be positive, constructive, and demonstrating the ideals of cooperation. There must be that closer walking with the spirit. As far as this house is concerned, it is in the manifestation of accomplishing certain works of endeavor. If it is to succeed, it must succeed with the cooperation and the harmony of spirit. It cannot succeed without this harmony. It is, of course, a test to measure the worth and standard of the group. But if succeeded, it will prosper and grow. We only wish that a more conscious effort would be involved in what you do and say as you move through the day. We are keeping this particular Session to a minimum for the amount of revealing certain items aren’t to mind necessary at this time. We then will now enter into your questions.

IS: What is wrong with the entity (T) that we can help with the physical pain?

Forces: It was from his dream in which he, too, was in that of the battle between the black forces and the white. The heat packs of last night was excellent. We wouldn’t mind you sending us one or two.

IS: Is it with the castor oil?

Forces: Correct.

IS: An hour, no more? Or…

Forces: An hour and a half, two hours.

IS: The thing that happened… it’s not the same thing that happened with Jacob? Wrestling the angel?

Forces: It is a battle on the same lines, but on a higher degree.

IS: What is happening to the… to the group? The La Guardia group… that… can you give us the individual people, what we can help them? Or in any way to…

Forces: They are going through many changes, slowing them down and bringing them in alignment to the spirit. By doing this would save them many, many hours of pain and they are also putting together their karmetic debts.

IS: So there is nothing that we can do at this point? I mean me and this group.

Forces: Prayer and that is our listening ear for those who need to express themselves.

IS: About (H) and (S)… what could be… could they be helped in any way? She asked me is her karma with him finished. But what…

Forces: There is always room for development and help. But if the force is breaking, then a review and if cooperation is not working, then the moving or away from. But remember, they must meet one another and try for that realistically in achieving their status.

IS: Is there any hope or… that they can… that… let me ask it this way. Are they supposed to leave Vermont or are they supposed to stay in Vermont at this point?

Forces: It would be well to look within themselves. To leave Vermont would be beneficial for what? Eventually they would have to look into themselves.

IS: I see. So it’s not the Vermont that’s going to… them leaving Vermont that is going to change anything for them. So they should stay there. Am I understanding correctly?

Forces: This would be interesting.

IS: Is it still in the plans that the group a group in Vermont?

Forces: Everything is possible.

IS: So you’re really not saying yes or no?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you very much.

RU: Could you tell me… explain to me some of the things I’ve been experiencing when I go to sleep… before I go to sleep?

Forces: This would be the drifting in and out of other dimensions.

RU: Is there anything that I should… I should do when it happens?

Forces: To concentrate your effort on regard for prayer and reiteration of the Bible.

RU: Also, should we cut (HO)’s hair?

Forces: If you feel it needs to. We like Indians, also.

RU: Then it’s all right to cut his hair? He’s… he’s not a Nazarene or… would it hurt his development?

Forces: No.

RU: Thank you.

DL: Could you help me understand the dream that I had with Dr. (FR) and a cart and…

Forces: That of removing and moving that of forces within self to be more in harmony and more developed in their function.

GL: Is there anything you could give me concerning the situations at work at this time?

Forces: Be of service to others and do not complain.

DD: Could you help me understand Psalm one-thirty-nine?

Forces: Yes, we will. Into that look to see the centers being developed from man to a higher consciousness.

DD: Thank you.

Forces: It is the development of Christhood written within the secret passages.

DD: Secret passages?

Forces: Correct.

JU: Is there anything more you can give us on what… what happens when we do the Rosary? Why it becomes… why it keeps on becoming so powerful?

Forces: You are all tuning in to a field of love and force.

NN: What are the “Stars of the Light”?

Forces: They represent the actions of love, kindness, and the Christ spirit within man.

NN: Thank you. Also are Psalms Twenty-three through Twenty-seven a group?

Forces: You could make them such.

NN: Is there a group… like… or what would be the group… say… that would include Twenty-three and Twenty-five? Or is there… are those two, say, in a group of…

IS: Can we ask more of another question?

Forces: Correct.

BH: I’m wondering if you have any advice as to where I should go for a divorce.

Forces: There is a nice one to be had on the street corner where they sell drugs. Do not worry where you should go. It shall be given to you.

LK: Should I try to make any attempt to communicate with my children? Or would it be better at this time just to… whatever happened happened?

Forces: This would have to be a personal interpretation within self.

LK: Would it have any bad effects on the children themselves?

Forces: Bad or good, the effect would still be done. The motivation factor is important. How it is utilized and interpreted is out of our position and power.

LK: Thank you.

RU: How come I was asleep in Vermont when that happened during the night-time?

Forces: Maybe to safeguard certain forces within you that were weak.

RU: Thank you. Is that the whole reason?

Forces: That would be enough for you to handle now.

RU: Thank you.

IS: With… with the La Guardia group again… with Dominic… is that his correct name, (P)?

Forces: He can vibrate very strongly into that name.

IS: It seemed to me today that even though he says it is finished, it is over, it’s not. And is there anything special for him that can be done different than for the others?

Forces: A special diet would help him. Removing the salt and heavy meat.

IS: Not to eat any salt?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And no meat?

DD: Heavy meat. No heavy meat.

IS: No salt and no heavy meat. What can I possibly say to (H) and (S)… and (H) herself… or… was it the correct conversation this morning… the things I saw? The things that opened up in the Bible?

Forces: There is nothing she can do but keep firm that which is cooperation from at hand. She must at least try at first to cooperate. And if that does not help, then that of leaving would be in a position advisable.

IS: And that cooperation must take place in Vermont actually?

Forces: It can take place there or anywhere in life.

IS: Oh, I see. Thank you. And with the other people like Trafton and Laura and all, am I understanding correctly?

Forces: Let that be in itself, in its place.

IS: Is it accurate that the prophecy of Edgar Cayce that was given about the activities in Vermont?

Forces: Remember, there are activities that have been going on. At that particular time, there were more forces of white being utilized throughout the durance or that of the area of Vermont. You were just a part of that play that was being done.

IS: You mean to say there were other forces whether physical or not physical. Is that?

Forces: Correct.

IS: But it was all in the Champlain Valley?

Forces: Correct.

IS: That was all at this particular time?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: We are going to end this particular Session and talk to you again tomorrow. Tonight we will discuss those things that have to be said. But remember, cooperation and the spirit of unity and harmony and watch your pennies. Cooperate in every way with that force of your own strength. For the future days will not be easy. But if the cooperation is done, for this particular group it will be easier. We will talk to you more again tomorrow.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…