Session 82-11/19/75

Forces: We have seen what is being done. Greetings to you all. We have watched and noticed the act will be accomplished. It is not only a day of rejoicing, but remember the days in which led up to this one. Yet it took those days or years to manifest and patience the things in you. As far as this particular land is concerned, it is roughly speaking a beneficial aspect in purchasing the smaller. To receive a good buy is more interesting than to receive a bad. But with all these things happening, it still is and will be an interesting accounting. We seem to have those up in the North more than the South confused. We will try to help them today or tomorrow. We have watched and planted all final the chores in order to sign this and the key to know and to understand it has been sent. We will now be ready for your individual questions. Question.

JU: Is there anything that… any provisions or things that we should put into our agreement concerning the house and the land that we have overlooked?

IS: Should we ask the next question?

Forces: It is interesting to see that all rights and forces of development will be given to a higher existence. It is also interesting to see the accomplishment aspect of hard work. Question.

IS: Was J’s question answered in what you said? Or that question is not to be asked?

Forces: The question has been partially answered.

IS: That means no need to put anything further because it’s going to be taken care of from a higher?

Forces: This is always true with all things around. The quality of belief in your God is stronger than your belief in man. Question.

IS: So that means that even if something is not in the contract, but if we keep to our God, then that thing will never come up?

Forces: This is the interesting aspect again that can happen. Question.

NN: Could you tell us about Psalm Twenty-five?

Forces: it is a Psalm that is used to calm the inner center down. Question.

BH: I’m wondering the significance of my toe-nail turning black and about to fall off?

Forces: Yes, we see the predicament and will only say that there is not much of a progress down there. There is a significant problem of transporting old philosophies into new philosophies and trying to accomplish your beliefs in that structure.

IS: Is there something wrong that we are doing now that the voice is not coming through, or…

Forces: There is nothing that is wrong. You must remember that there are other elements in this aspect.

IS: Not dealing with us?

Forces: Correct. As far as this particular session is concerned, there should be no misunderstanding the deliverance of the spiritual values over man’s life. Question.

IS: Is there anything wrong physically with (BH)? The pain in her abdomen?

Forces: The pain in her…

BH: It’s gone.

IS: It’s gone. Oh, it’s gone.

Forces: This is a chance of changing again of the food and the elements of eating too much. Question.

DL: Would there be individuals that we should meet or places that we should visit or go to in the area this weekend?

Forces: Individuals will be up to you. To meet other people, it would not be wise for them.

IS: It wouldn’t be wise for those other people?

Forces: Correct. Question.

DL: Is there a reason why it wouldn’t be wise for them?

Forces: Not ready for it.

DL: And any specific places that we should go?

Forces: Wherever the heart dictates. Remember, people, this house represents the culmination of all the thoughts and powers of strength and faith combined. We will be now entering into a new process, a new life-style. In such, there are jobs waiting for all of you in many areas, even to the point of finding (D) a bookshop, where he can browse around all day long. [Laughter] It is an interesting life that will be given to you. It will be an individual life that would have to be planned or dreamed about. For many individual to dream for a house like this, but would never see it. Here, we not only dream it, but have it. Use it well. Be patient with one another. Read not negatively into, but understand what is before you. One way or the other, it has to have its fruits. Question.

DL: Would there be certain Psalms or a particular prayer that you would give us to be said for the house or in front of it?

Forces: That has already been given in a dream, to this entity. Question.

RE: Could you tell… tell us why… why some of us had… get headaches and why we feel some kind of… on the “moon days”?

Forces: The moon days are interesting defusing. They are bringing your force-field down, causing a certain amount of chaos in the living room. It also prepares for the future days to come, and that all things and energies are ready and available to continue. Question.

RE: Also, I haven’t found my wedding ring yet. Can you tell me…

Forces: This has to be done in such a way that it can be found in an area in which you had left it. Chances are it will be found if in a proper attitude. Then it will be seen and recovered. But also, the ring was removed to transport a higher feeling, to spiritualize and transport a higher essence, for his had to be done this way. Question.

IS: You said purchasing a smaller… something about it. I didn’t understand… I didn’t understand at the beginning. It sounded as if you’re saying we are going to purchase something else.

Forces: In time.

IS: Is that what you were referring to, that house next to that house?

Forces: Well, we will not say that. In time all things will unfold.

IS: With the… with the contract the way it stands… can I ask… should we then let go or should… or are you taking care of it… or… why is all this back and forth thing with the contract? Why did this happen?

Forces: It is also a test to him. Remember, that this is in essence a development of discipline and harmony. There will be many years to come. Let us enjoy the moments of great happiness when things in which we see our discipline. For the future is holding out to all of you in a most positive manner. It is up for all of you to take hold of it and utilize it, not squabble among yourselves nor argue. There is no place for it.

IS: About what happened, has that lawyer passed the test, or is it still in progress?

Forces: It is still in progress.

IS: And obviously (SP) and (PP), all of them are under the same test?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And if (SP) passes the test, will he continue being the county person.

Forces: They might get tired of him.

IS: So… I felt at one point that maybe I’m… I’m selling out because of the house by not looking at, you know, at what was with (PP) and all that.

Forces: Needn’t worry about the trifles. More important things to do then to worry about a trifles.

IS: Was…

Forces: Continue.

IS: This whole…

Forces: Continue.

IS: Please, you speak.

Forces: Continue.

IS: With this whole month… the things that happened. This whole month, it seemed like one thing after another without things resolving.

Forces: It had to be accomplished in this particular month when the forces were ready and able to work.

IS: The thing that happened with (BR), (GS), (M)…

Forces: It was a chain of effect for their own physical bodies. For they worship their own health and comfort, which should soon be taken from them.

IS: All three of them?

Forces: Occasionally we can have them.

IS: Does (BR) understand anything of what she has given up?

Forces: It is not the problem. She has looked for comfort first and foremost. And then God and spiritual things come second. We now will terminate this particular conversation and return to you again soon. But remember, go with a joyful heart for this house belongs to all of you. Greetings to you all.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…