Session 83-11/20/75

No tape BH shorthand notes
Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We wonder why you are calling. There should be no reason. We had given you the answer yesterday. Go forward and don’t hesitate in what you know to do. As far as this roof, it would be wise to have it repaired in the month of April or March. This would be the best moment for all concerned. Paying for it, as has been mentioned, could be out of an area of fund or investment, but as far as this particular house, it has its ups and downs, but do not worry about the downs, for we will take care of them in our own special way, but in reality there are certain things that must be manifest and met. There is this possibility that things that are happening here might not have happened if it wasn’t for the commitment of the few individuals in the beginning to that strength that now has it. Guide yourselves directly and listen closely to the wind. Do not worry about this investment, for it is an investment, but each part will be taken care of in its own time. Therefore go ahead and continue. Question.

JU: It was mentioned that this may be land we are going back to that we once lived in or on. Can you tell us anything about that?

Forces: This particular land. As all here had lived in this vicinity during the second war as what would be called the Revolutionary War or [inaudible]. There, some individuals during the Second War were in the spirit form and hovered in this area to pick up their individual [inaudible]. For remember, when you all lived in Virginia in the Revolutionary War, the majority of you left your bodies behind. The law is the soul must go back to the area to pick up the chemical elements to pass to the physical. For the mother must go back to the physical area before she picks up that of the child. In respect, there are three individuals here who have made the laws of the particular state of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia to that point that it is still in practice today. The three individuals were… but remember, these individuals… Some lived long lives. That which was named (BH), (GL), and that which was named (DD). Two other individuals had important land holdings. One was named Dinah which was now called (E) or (IS) and the other named Helen which is now called (NN).

NN: Was Psalm 25 what you sent last night called for in our centers all 7 centers or one?

Forces: It migrates around the center of the light in the Solar Plexus area. Question.

NN: Does it also help to heal the mind as…

Forces: Mind comes from pituitary and pineal helps that of the thyroid.

LK: A lot of music in the house seems to be in the key of A minor. Is there a significance to that key?

Forces: Yes, it is the key of hope.

DA: The entity (JL) and his physical illness. Can you tell me about it?

Forces: Yes, we would have him go to the Everglades in Florida and meet up with crocodiles, and then truly he will be a (JL). Tack him up on your wall to enter this house that is to be given.

IS: The dreams I have been having this morning. Some things with (DO) and others that I can’t exactly recall but only feelings about.

Forces: It is the recognizing the power of the one called (DO), (P), that this force must be utilized and not thrown around wildly. It is a force that could be misused if allowed to. All in all, the particular dreams you have been having this weekend deal with that of meeting not only the qualities within you, but also that of the opportunities before you where you must have that strength and courage to carry on what we give you to do. It is through you that we give you the impulses to receive what must be done [inaudible]. You must re-organize your thought processes in order to receive these thoughts.

IS: About the house and the man (SP), has he done this on purpose or (PA) did it on purpose or is that not important?

Forces: First it seems it was there all the time, but indirectly it was not done on purpose by him. The one who is named (PA) is half as you would call dingy. Therefore, she really was not paying attention but not done on purpose but on rights and causes. Be not surprised if he goes half with you in fixing. But in reality all things must be done in order to accomplish all [inaudible].

IS: [What about the lawyer?]

Forces: This would best suit him to work with both parties, but we will not come into this directly. He is trying his best to bring harmony with both parties near and far. He is trying to see the light.

IS: In that case he is good.

Forces: He is a struggling lawyer. Each day will be a test for him to do that which is right and honest.

RU: The feelings that I have been having this week about myself…

Forces: You must meditate more on your toes.

RU: I’m not sure I understand.

Forces: Somebody here will tell you. People, do not hesitate with this house. It belongs to me. I want the room. I like it.

IS: Which room?

Forces: It will be found more or less in the dormitory.

IS: So it is the dormitory…

Forces: It is nice, isn’t it?

IS: And that garage and all that. Is that to be something else?

Forces: That will truly be something else. When I say the dormitory, you will find that throughout this house will be tremendous history of things to come. Certain rooms which are cold, certain rooms which are hot, certain rooms which squeak, certain rooms which are small, certain rooms which get light, certain rooms which hold smells, certain rooms which are weak, other rooms which are strong, certain rooms feel dim, others feel hot. I can go on. I have seen it, but this room there; the ones in the rooms are interesting rooms. There will be spears and shields and armor and all the likes of defense around. There will also be hammers and nails. There shall also be knickknacks and unusual parts. Be not surprised if you are there sooner than you think. August is a nice time, too. We will finish now. Have respect for that which is being done. You have our permission to tell Mr. and Mrs. (SP) to go get sperried. They do not know who and what they are dealing with, but [they will hear] certain clangs and bangs in the house that will move them out.

IS: The room (T) and me first saw. Maybe that is the meditation room?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Have I personally gone very far down?

Forces: We would say you haven’t gone far down, only a little further in your development of what we want, but be more patient and kind so that our laws might filter through you more often.

Forces: Greetings to all. Do not hesitate. Do not call on me with respect to this particular house. Do not hesitate.

Group: Our Father who art in the heavens…