Session 600-3/18/94 We are at this point bringing that (Attack?). There are again many different changes that will come from their own area of work. Then can you see that (?).

IS: (whispers) DD, is the tape recording the whole time?

FORCES: We are now ready for your questions. We find the Chinese again coming out with a (?) and (?). Each one has it’s own chore that must be (made there). We are ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. The first things that you said, uh, the first time, I didn’t understand any of it. If, if it’s possible …


IS: Thank you for the, for the birthday party. Ah did it work out the way it was supposed to?

FORCES: Yes. (?)

IS: Ah have the objectives been achieved in it?


IS: Or were there any objectives?

FORCES: The continuation and moving on, the coming together of people under one roof many different habits and voice.

IS: Um, does it matter that not ah that, does it really not matter that we are so few? Left?

FORCES: We do not understand why you have to focus on your numbers. Numbers do not make it. It is under the (?), but please do not keep focusing on that.

IS: Um. I’ll try.

FORCES: But it’s not difficult.

IS: Well I keep thinking that it’s a failure if people aren’t …

FORCES: Again, it is not a failure. You are labeling it and programming negative thoughts. Making it the way you want it. It is not a failure. Question.

IS: Should… I wonder sometimes about moments in time and the turns that we took as a group when we have those, all those people, Barry and the Dooley’s and all of those people. Should we have at that moment in time when the Trivets just came, should we have moved in another direction, like families or I don’t know, something else? Should something else have taken place and would that have been a better thing for the group?

FORCES: We’re not a social service.

IS: Well, that’s what I felt… but ah at the time, but I mean I, I don’t know so it’s not … but I’m thinking back, it’s like probably if we would a had the allowance of couples and things …

FORCES: (?) come other things that you don’t need of (?)

IS: Well Benjamin maybe would have stayed… I don’t know. I mean, because that’s how we begun, so I thought …

FORCES: Let’s not waste our energy in telling (?).

IS: Okay. Thank you.

FORCES: Question.

ES: Um, in the hospital why do I seem to keep going to the alien babies?

FORCES: There is a caring. Just make sure that there is a caring.

ES: But is that something that is okay to do? Or do we …

FORCES: It is a drawn to it. It’s not bad. They’ll have enough of their problems throughout their life.

ES: Thank you very much.

DD: Is there any way you could help me to study the enneagram. To show me that there’s nine numbers there, what they each mean, and, a lot of people they mean a lot of things, but I think they’re kind of off.

FORCES: They all are off, one way or the other. And it just means the evaluation of the individual to many different centers and fields of within development.

DD: Do I understand that that goes along with the twenty-seven Hebrew letters?


DD: How would you assign … three letters to each one, or …

FORCES: It could be done that way, yes.

DD: It’s not the time now to ask you for each individual number, what it means, or is it the same as that Tom gave me as numbers … triple numbers?

FORCES: They will help you. Question.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Uh, my … the sleeplessness that I experience mostly, of course, at night, and the heat, why is that and can something be done about it?

FORCES: Well you could have the body dead and you’ll be cold.

IS: But… why am I so … why can’t I sleep at night?

FORCES: There is many different forces coming in at night. (But don’t) that difficult to sleep.

IS: Well at this point it’s impossible, almost, it’s like I sleep …

FORCES: There are times when you can.

IS: But at this point it’s like an hour, two hours, something like that during the night, and whatever else I pick up in the morning, but that’s it. It’s like, it’s like I’m trying to heal and I’m feeling that I’m not … that’s definitely not something that, that is good for me. And …
FORCES: Again, again you’re labeling and now you’re saying it’s not good for you. The heat is a lot of negative.

IS: The heat is the menopause, right?

FORCES: Well there are many changes going on, not just the…

IS: What are the changes?

FORCES: There are many different cellular changes and structural changes, informational changes.

IS: Well, in that case, why do I have such pains now that I’ve never had before?

FORCES: These will be removing of many different toxins and many different environments you have to deal with.

IS: I thought I was already finished with toxins.

FORCES: When did that happen? A red bike show up somewhere?

IS: Well a doctor told me that I no longer have toxins, but…

FORCES: That’s not the case.

IS: And the swelling … why is my body not taking in the protein and why is my hair falling out and why is the ah the pains going all the way … shoulders, arms, hands? Any answer?

FORCES: We are listening. There are many different changes, many different removing the toxins in the body.

IS: The lags and the itching is back worse and it seems like, and why isn’t my body not taking in the nutrients appropriately or something?

FORCES: You’re taking it in. Question.

IS: Thank you. So there is no answer for that? I mean…

FORCES: It’s all moving according to plan.

IS: Is there anything else in my body that shouldn’t be there?

FORCES: Worry?

IS: Worry? Yeah. But my blood test didn’t show up right and is
there any other stuff …

FORCES: You already know that you need to eat health foods. Question.

IS: But how… okay. How can I … what can I do so I wouldn’t be tense? How can I do it?

FORCES: Just give it up to the Lord.

IS: And what can I do to those, for those people, I mean in the house? I mean, what I’m seeing is, is ah, I know what you’re saying … but I, it’s what I’m seeing with my human eyes. That’s why I’m asking for divine guidance. Because when I’m seeing with my human eyes it’s like a, a, a slothfulness, like a non-caring … like my drawers are still not done in the closet and there’s a couple people that are trying to do some things but it’s like the general atmosphere in the house is like let’s just get through the day and through the night and I don’t know. There isn’t any kind of will of spirit.

FORCES: There’s a lot of movement and a lot of changes out in the world that’s kind of causing the breakdown.

IS: Well what can I do to get those drawers from the closet done? I … I mean, it’s like, this is what again, I’m seeing with my human eyes and …

FORCES: The drawers will be done. Question.

IS: Thank you.

ES: You mentioned last time a bomb in a concrete box that was detonated by smoke… was that what you said or could you tell us more about it?

FORCES: Many different forms of movement in a bomb. Many different ways to it. Question.

ES: Is it, is the, is it one bomb in one place or just a …

FORCES: Just one in one place. Question.

ES: In the Unites States?

FORCES: Not at this moment. Question.

ES: Thank you.

DD: I understand this book I’m reading about the secret societies starting in the 1700s, was that the grays already being involved
with that?

FORCES: Yes. Question.

DD: They originated its order?

FORCES: They worked through it. Question.

DD: And these are what’s known as the political groups like NSA or …

FORCES: It can be done that way. Question.

DD: Also the numbers in the Cabbala like 54, 18, they’re all … they all come from the enneagram?

FORCES: Yes. Question.

DD: And one thing in the Zohar about the three different directions with the nine (hierarchy?), that comes from the enneagram too?

FORCES: Yes. Question.

IS: Ah has S.P. been able to tell ah the P.’s wife about the message?

FORCES: There is something going on about this.

IS: Is it because of our source or other sources?

FORCES: Well there’s a lot of information on different levels coming in all over. (And it is exactly that’s what was given to him.)

IS: Ah, ah was it that L.F. couldn’t really make it or is it that something else that…

FORCES: He could not make it at that evening.

IS: But it would be something … but is everything ah worked out to where it needs to be, to where I… How do I question…Ah I needed to bring it back from that Easter disaster, what I call the Easter …

FORCES: There is no disaster there. Everything was in its right place.

IS: I wasn’t, right?

FORCES: Well then we move on. Question.

IS: Have I made up for it?

FORCES: Nothing to make up for. We move on in time and space. Question.

IS: Thank you.

ES: Um, can you help me get together a time period in the morning at some point for reading my Bible again …

FORCES: Yes, will do that. At this point we will have to leave and will speak to you again soon. Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father who art in the heavens…