Session 601-4/20/94

Greetings all here present now. We are in the area and have seen many changes again in your area. We also see that the … that space is becoming a country, an empire and referees who will busy their time in doing such things. We see that countries in Europe are inadequate and incapable of dealing with Bosnia and (?) in this (?). Many times the projection of sight into this creates a stronger bond of experiences. We see that different countries love to contribute in helping the Muslims and this creates more conflicts in the precedence of the danger. There is a tremendous change and upheaval in China (?) throughout the districts. Japan will go through its metamorphous and demanding more changes within its system. And this will take a tremendous stress and toll on the system in Japan. We see that the particular (?) arrangements at this time can be challenging and yet (?) or one system supports the other. We find that a range of (form?) and a stronger economy is the cutting down of directional jobs and from the government where there is ten employees they’ll be knocked down to four along with the numbers. We find the opening strange, challenging situation and even to the point of a change about to happen without the proper guides. We see that Alaska will show resources and conservation; how to be there in their own district. Some of these changes coming about we see that in itself a still quiet version of the major changes. We are ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. Is the new schedule as we are attempting to do, is that a good thing?

FORCES: Yes. We will do that.

IS: Ah how … what is the process for a person to be able to let go of things? Or forgive if the two things are the same. I don’t know if they are. What are the mechanics of how to do that? What exactly is it?

FORCES: You must reevaluate your thinking. Right thinking and thoughts are a positive action. It’s all in the thinking and attitude of how you see things.

IS: How should I be then thinking in order to reach that place of letting go?

FORCES: It’s more like having a positional problem all the time, there’s others will never know when you’re in (moving?).

IS: A positional clock?


IS: Um…is there anymore that can be given of the mechanics or … are there mechanics? Or is there any way of how to describe what a person needs to do? Besides I mean, yes, it’s in the thinking of course, but what exactly? Is there an answer? When letting go does it mean you don’t care?

FORCES: Letting go you will find that you develop new thoughts. We all care but letting go is the valid thing at many times.

IS: What kind of thought? What should that thought be?

FORCES: A new way of looking at things?

IS: How?

FORCES: That is something in the creative mind you need to develop, how to repair things.

IS: But I don’t quite understand if it’s not, not caring then what exactly is it?

FORCES: It’s a commitment to the moment.

IS: A commitment to the moment?


IS: I don’t understand. Is there any more clarification at all?

FORCES: Just changing your thinking process.

IS: To what? What should the thinking process be?

FORCES: Process (?) with more of a constructive and moving personality.

IS: But how does one get to it?

FORCES: By doing it.

IS: What do I …

FORCES: This reminds me of a dog catching its tail.

IS: Yeah.

FORCES: Just do it one do at the time.

IS: I don’t understand all… if you could give me somehow a picture of what are the …

FORCES: You have to change your thoughts.

IS: To what? Like if you would say from Hebrew to English I can understand. I’m looking for I guess something maybe that doesn’t exist. An explanation of …

FORCES: It would be more in a control situation of change.
Changing is necessary in everyone’s life. But change is happening and these should be stepping stones for a spiritual path.

IS: Thank you.

Q: What are the elves and fairies? Where do they originate? What do they, what do they do, what is their existence, their purpose?

FORCES: They are the elements of the second dimension to the third. They are more of a watcher and balancer of natural elements of stone, mineral, wood, water, fire, air, and their job is to keep at bay until necessary.

Q: How do they, how do they come into existence? How do they …

FORCES: They are an offshoot of the servants of Atlantis.

Q: Well how are they sustained, do they—?

FORCES: They have foods of air, oxygen, moss and vegetables.

Q: Are they that new ones they propagate, do they survive, what kind of existence do they have?

FORCES: (?).

Q: Thank you.

IS: Should we close the air conditioner so we can hear better?

FORCES: If you want.

(air conditioner turned off)

IS: Thank you.

Q: With the change of the seasons now, what atmospheric changes are going on and how are they affecting our bodies?

FORCES: Less and less of oxygen and more carbon dioxides in the air and in the elements, and they do make you ah if not in the right approach and attitude, kind of a darkish gray to happen.

Q: Is there something as far as metaphysical going on at this point?

FORCES: Yes. It is good to be in an area that will be protected.

IS: Is the whole area of this Charlottesville and Nelson county that’s protected, the whole of Virginia, or is it …

FORCES: Well whatever we say it will be.

IS: You mean at that time.


IS: So it’s not yet for sure what is and what’s not.

FORCES: Well it has some tremendous impact, yes.

IS: But people that say that ah that have a feeling that as long as they are in the vicinity of the group then they’ll be okay. Meaning if they are let’s say in Charlottesville or something, is that how … are they right?

FORCES: At one time they were but no longer. Because the circle becomes closer and pulls in so it no longer is as far out as it used to be.

IS: And why does it pull in?

FORCES: Because of the resources and the times of the moment.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: In this book by Cooper (William Cooper-Behold a Pale Horse) he talked about the powers that be they discovered that he laws of a, that govern electricity and the formulas govern the same flow of money too. Is that true?


DD: So you can use those same formulas to calculate the flow of money?

FORCES: It can be done.

DD: Is that how they control the whole earth?

FORCES: Well they have to have two more of these, but yes it’s true.

DD: Two more what?

FORCES: Of what would be considered focus points.

DD: What two focus points would they be?

FORCES: Those of the elements within the pineal gland and the thyroid gland.

DD: So they’re aware and use this ability? Try to use it?


DD: Also he mentioned the … that they work with the group theory. How do they use that? The numbers?

FORCES: It is displayed in such a way that it can be activated just by calling up these big numbers.

DD: Is that similar to what they use in the circular calculus or connected with it?

FORCES: We think it could be done that way.

DD: Also, the eighth, the eighth sphere, I never understood it, what that meant. I hear people say many things but it seems confusing.

FORCES: What would you want us to say?

DD: Uh… some people say it’s like a negative thing. Hell, and some people say its… I don’t know what they say it’s just a lot more of a positive thing.

FORCES: We do not make a judgment on it. Question.

DD: Thanks very much.

Q: Several months ago in a session you said that in a coming February would be the beginning of sort of an opening of a gate or a door that would lead to, I think by 1997, some horrible events that would take place. Did that event take place in February? You said it wasn’t definitely had to lead to that but a lot of things had already been … a lot of parts of the die had been cast. Did that event take place in February and could you say what it was?

FORCES: Repeat your question.

Q: Several months ago in a session you said that in around February, the coming February, there would be an event that would take place that would be the beginning to a series of things that would culminate, I think in 1997, that could mean horrible destructions and things of that nature, and when asked whether it definitely had to happen it didn’t, but a lot of the die had already been cast, and the question is did that event take place in February and did you say what it is?

FORCES: Well the event is the conflicts between Palestine and the Jewish people in Israel, and the conflicts and the die is between them both going back and forth along with the sharing and caring of raising and doing in a setting that would be a land kind of focus. So these items are necessary but at the same time they have arenas of the, of resistance.

Q: Will this lead to destruction? So far still on that same path, is that correct? Or can it be turned around?

FORCES: Well we see conflicts coming from it. Hopefully there might be a big change into something more positive.

Q: Is the ah and the fate of New York City, still is it, is it possibly for destruction that’s heading that way that comes from the Islamic world?

FORCES: Well it can be applied that way, yes.

Q: Can that be prevented in any way?

FORCES: Sometimes yes.

Q: And the … another subject, the amino acid DLPA, taking that, does that have any beneficial or harmful effects or…

FORCES: It could, yes.

Q: Thank you.

Q: In the North American Indian (?) they talk a great deal about of course the earth and honoring the father and son, but they in Atlantis they talked also about the fire crystals and (?) being able to work with the force of the earth and running Atlantis. Is one – is the Native American the younger and innocent offshoot of that? I mean have they just not developed it?


Q: So is there … are they following that along the same lines of development just like Israel and all of the other religions are coming through with the same and they will have the same experience?


Q: Have they had a Messiah yet?

FORCES: It comes in different ways.

Q: So, so with Mary then as well it will be in a different format?


Q: Thank you.

IS: Well talking about the American Indian, ah is the understanding to the, correct about the mother earth actually being Leah rather than the Shekinah that was ah the manifestation after Rachel passed on, the exchange. Is mother earth the Shekinah or is mother earth Leah? Or neither?

FORCES: Let us say it grew to be Leah. It grew out of Leah to be the Shekinah.

IS: So, mother earth like the Indians are represented is Leah evolving into Rachel that brought down the Shekinah?

FORCES: It could be interpreted that way.

IS: Is there another thing?

FORCES: No we’ll leave it at that.

IS: But mother earth in general, when they talk about mother earth, who do they … who will it stand for?

FORCES: It would be the Shekinah at a later point.

IS: Ahh, the Shekinah at the Leah point. So the Shekinah was not on the earth, is that … that’s correct, right? That it had required Rachel’s passing dying so the Shekinah could come in.


IS: That was the exchange?

FORCES: Right.

IS: But Leah would stand more for the earthly things going into that because from her sons Judah came for the Christ which would be of course equal to the Shekinah?


IS: Thank you.

ES: Thank you. Ah when we went to the civil war reenactment that was a pretty strange experience. Ah, had I been there?

FORCES: Well let us say not directly in the battle.

ES: No, was I … that’s nice … was I on the sidelines watching? I felt like I was watching …

FORCES: There’s a lot of work on the sidelines doing, yes.

ES: In a medical profession, or…

FORCES: Well you would try to fill in as best as you could as a nurse (unit?).

ES: Oh okay that’s (?).

IS: And who was Jesse at that … in that incarnation?

FORCES: Let us say we are not giving out reincarnations tonight, right on that.

IS: Okay I’m sorry. Thank you.

FORCES: Because we would be involved with doing that and saying other things and it’s up to the individual if they want it.

ES: Thank you very much. Also, ah the beta carotene scare that they’re doing right now, is that ah something that the pharmaceuticals or the businesses are doing to get back at the alternative people?

FORCES: It has no merit, no value and its yes.


ES: Thank you very much.

NN: Would it be wrong for me to go to San Antonio tomorrow for my dad’s birthday for a couple days?

FORCES: It would… it has already been said not to go by your own mouth. And it would be against, at this moment what the house stands for. And it would not be in alignment to the principles of what the house is trying to regroup and its bad timing. There are many times its bad timing. In this particular case it is not in good timing.

NN: Thank you.

Q: Thank you for the miracle you did with Rosie. It’s pretty … it was nice to see her like right in front of you.

FORCES: In this particular case it is the ability of people’s prayers to come together in strength to try to save and regroup the individual. In this particular case it’s the prayers and the asking by the force of the entity and the group prayers that really change and alter the outcome from a dead dog to a living dog.


Q: When there’s a wound or an old fracture in the body that has scar tissue, can anything be done to lessen that amount of scar tissue to, you know, get back more activity in those parts of the body? What would be a good thing to do?

FORCES: Are we talking about a human body or a dog body?

Q: Human body.

FORCES: Is it the scar tissues happening right away, or is it a scar tissues that happened in the past? If it’s happening are the way that something that can be done, but if it’s already happened so that’s two different categories…

Q: Well it would be for old scar tissue.

FORCES: A rubbing of Aura Glow on that spot of tissue every day and the rubbing of the caster oil packs on it every day will be the treatment for it.

Q: Would that also be for scar tissue that’s like inside?

FORCES: We will eventually go to the inside.

Q: Thank you.

IS: With everything that we have been through, this group, could you give us, could you give me a prediction five years from now? If what we are doing, where we are at, is there such a prediction or is it all free will?

FORCES: Well everything does have that strength of free will to it, but ah it is itself, we must remember our own commitment and movement in this area. This of giving predictions is a strength of the group to lead and to direct as best as one can. But given five years predictions is something we’re not going to do at the moment because it’s like opening up the bottle for aspirins.

IS: That bad, huh?

FORCES: No. It means slick. We did not say it was bad, but you’re trying to get information. And let us say not good.

IS: Thank you. I could use all the encouragement I can. Obviously I’m having lots of problems in all of these places. And, uh, and I’m talking also as the group and as the people in it and I don’t know to feel about the people that have left. Should I feel anything? Should I feel compassion, should I feel …

FORCES: We would not have compassion on one who has left for that one has been in itself from the beginning and it cannot be that one who has been in the group from the beginning can do this. What we are saying is there is some commitments to be made and that’s why we have mentioned with the question of going to San Antonio is bad timing. Bad timing for the question, bad timing to go, because the group needs a moment of regrouping and refocusing. Unfortunately it is this moment that is happening. The reason why this particular person is celebrating his 80th birthday is because of us and because of the group that has allowed him to live. If the entity was on her own this particular incident would not have happened. While life is given equal to the parents versus the commitment to the group. As far as ah the allowance to travel or to be, well, sometimes its better to send the regards while one is working on one thing here. There will be a time when other things will be allowed to travel and to spend and say regards. There are those moments when that type of —- is much stronger and when and if you ever had to travel or be there, so what we are saying is the one named BB who left, left with a price that will be very heavy to pay for she was at the beginning and we will see fit as we say in this particular sessions, to take all payment from and to take the full amount of payment.

IS: Is it something that we will see?

FORCES: Question.

IS: I mean someone like …

FORCES: We will move on to another person or question.

IS: So, okay, but in general should I have anger towards them? How should I feel? I mean I think I can adjust myself …

FORCES: We will move to another person or question.

IS: Thank you.

Q: In the sessions back in ’78 there were two other groups like ours. What has become of these two other groups?

FORCES: Let us say there is only your group left.

Q: Thank you.

IS: What about groups like Twin Oaks that seem to try, I don’t know, some others like that throughout the country. What is their mission, what is their purpose? Is there any?

FORCES: Well it is a concept of more responsibilities identified. So it is not a item of responsibility or mission.

IS: Are they successful or do they just seem to be so?

FORCES: Well if you have a tremendous turn over like they have you can always look successful.

IS: Thank you. I also want to thank you for helping me continue learning my driving. And, uh, am I getting better?

FORCES: Yes, yes you are.

(loud crash)

IS: Sorry.

FORCES: Because you had run over the car the pasted you by.


IS: Heavens, hope I don’t do it shew, is it long since I’ll be able to really drive around by myself? In cities I mean.

FORCES: It won’t be that long.

IS: But I will be able to do that?

FORCES: Yes. Question.

ES: Did, um, the group that was in Australia when whatever was happening with them, is that the reason why Australia has the atmosphere and the natural elements there are sort of haywire now?

FORCES: Repeat it.

ES: The course that the group that was in Australia, I think, did has the natural course for that continent followed the course for that group that was, I suppose, trying to be a spiritual ah mission, when they failed, is that the reason why the country is now having more trouble with their, with the sun, with the radiation?


ES: Okay. Thank you.

DD: In the tarot cards, making them, should I, how should I put the symmetrical figures on there? Should there be a center on the thing, or something on the side, or…

FORCES: Whatever you seem to do.

DD: But do you have an idea that could help me? I know it must be that way somewhere in the (Bible) it must be that made.

FORCES: We would focus on the sides.

DD: Also on the figure 8 that I was reading in this book, it talks about the figure 8. I didn’t understand it. Can you give me anything on it? (?)

FORCES: Not at this moment.

DD: Thank you.

Q: The explanation that you gave earlier on the elves, is that that they maintain a balance between the elements, elementals, is…


Q: Is their function still, they’re different from that, but they maintain a balance. So the balance is disturbed, does that mean something has been done to … like if there’s an earthquake in California … does that mean that something has happened within the elf level that’s interfering with it? Or is it something they
consciously change, or…

FORCES: Well it’s a combination of elf and man.

Q: Man going out of harmony and then …


Q: The chemical Zoloft that’s now being introduced through a lot of pharmaceutical prescriptions, etc., does that have harmful effects? Is it beneficial effects, or…

FORCES: Is this for ulcers? Is this for hair loss? Or is this for prostate problems? Or is this for chemicals?

Q: I’m not sure exactly what its purpose … I know some of the purposes it’s used for have to do with controlling emotional levels, but I don’t know what else it would really entail. I don’t know much about it. I know that it’s new.

FORCES: Well it would not have too much recognition here.

Q: With the entities JN situation, um, is that going to lead to differences between her and her husband, is that going to lead to divorce or will they work it out somehow? Will you guys help it to work?

FORCES: It’s a growth with her husband to be understanding in this.

Q: Is there anything I should let her know from you? Some advice, or…

FORCES: Sometimes it’s good just to be patient and try to be understanding his viewpoints too.

IS: I tried to tell her that. Did she hear it?

FORCES: Well its kind of difficult to understand him. Sometimes repetition important.

IS: Thank you.

NN: For music, in general, the Baroque period, is that the strongest as far as uplifting the heart?

FORCES: The Baroque period is good for the heart, and it is a strong force. But we would also see the harpsichord to have the same effect.

NN: And what about the composer Bizet? That wrote for the guitar?

FORCES: We would find that to be true too.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Now, is there some correlation between asthma and some other spiritual laws? The woman in, I don’t know, Washington or Baltimore or wherever, the one that has the stigmata, the very spiritual woman…

FORCES: They deal with the dark side. The oppression of the dark side battling effect of the individual is what is going on. Arming itself in asthmatic effects.

IS: I see. So is it specifically the dark … is it one faction or another, is it just dark forces or is it the UF, the aliens?

FORCES: It’s a combination, but a, the, a wanting to stifle and stop and suppress the spiritual turn, energy and the factors coming up.

IS: That woman that has the stigmata, I mean, she is truly a spiritual woman, is she not?

FORCES: She is moving towards that, yes.

IS: And the stigmata, is that something that ah is it her devotion?

FORCES: It is such a thing.

IS: Thank you.

ES: Is there anything actually wrong with my heart or is it just, um, or what is it that I still seem to need the corgard?

FORCES: Focusing on the heart and sending that light around it can help heal it and calming the heart, too, and that will get to beat faster.

ES: Like saying if I did that correctly would I perhaps not need any (—-) medicine?

FORCES: Corgard could be cut eventually start down the road, but then the centering of it must be worked on too.

ES: Thank you very much. Could you give me a –

FORCES: Prescription?

ES: Yes! Exactly. From ah meditation, ah,, either another prayer or a picture or a focus?

FORCES: Well ah, let me be of service and let me be the listening ear to where you would have me and what to do.

ES: Thank you very much.

FORCES: At this point we will be leaving. Again, we will say that the strength is lying within ourselves to move forward. Remember, tomorrow has to come and the tomorrows will have to be there to be prepared for. As far as the entity NN going to San Antonio, we hear that it is your father’s anniversary of birth. It is no problem to us if you go, and we don’t find this to be a problem, if you want to, you can go. But you must remember that in the things we do, everything, everything has a strength and a weakness. Focus on the strength, avoid the weakness. Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father who art in the heavens…