Session 630-3/20/00

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and have been showing out quite a bit. We find much activity in much of the same way as we have left. There is a tremendous conflict that is around you and in your galaxies. The conflict is of a reptilian force revisiting as it did in the time of Moses and beyond. Those that have created the Pyramids have now entered into your area of earth and reestablished themselves in this sector again — meaning many anomalies will appear in this vicinity and a new reawakening of cultural events in Egypt will now begin. Children will begin to play music never heard before, write poetry never wrote before, and paint masterpieces never painted before. You will have a surge in Cultural Revolution in all the countries in the world, and there will be great masterpieces in the cultural arts and sciences to come. There will be those who will stay up for hours on end painting masterpieces on canvas frames after frame, poetry page after page, and music note after note. There is also a concern within the countries of inner turmoils, and that would mean Turkey, that would mean Iraq and Iran, Syria, but also in China and parts of India and Pakistan. We still haven’t seen the end of Hong Kong nor that of Taiwan. We have experienced a great cultural revolution that is about to begin at the 1st of July, the 16th of July and the 23, 24 of July. There is a experience that has happened, all many years ago, that was what would be considered 1600, that hasn’t happened since then. Around the first of July, you will have your, what would called eclipse. And, again, revisited again, for three times, one solar, one lunar, one solar, again, This had never happened since the 1686 area and also the next time to happen is two thousand and eighty six, two thousand eight hundred and sixty, more or less in those vicinities. But what we are saying is this is the beginning of the cultural revolution of energy coming down and what would be called the anomaly of the change slant not where the re-velation and revealing of energy force fields of the extraterrestrials’ UFOs will now begin, in which you will all be part of, happily, or unhappily, it’s up to you. But this is in itself what is to be about around you. We also will see vast changes within deserts and storms. We also will see many of the plaques being very contagious and wiping out. And there are those, which would be called the new dreamers, or the gift-givers, and they will show on their own force. We have seen many different elements of creativity and change, but none have been ever noted on the earth since this time, It is a resurgence, it would be called, of the arts and music. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. Ah, what kind of plaques are there going to come that are worse than what we already have, or more of the same, like AIDS and…?

FORCES: You will also have both, but there is a plaque that would be a virus that has, and its laid for so many dormant years, to resurface and you will also see plaques that have not been on the earth for a while reappear. TB, of course, is there, and of course, you will find a certain aspect of what would be considered the “quick death�? syndrome — walking and talking and just falling down dead. This is a virus that is found a lot in pork and pork meats that hung in the meat plants without proper storage or conditioning.

IS: Thank you. Are we talking about leprosy coming back stronger, too?

FORCES: Oh, you will have your hands full. Leprosy is not one of them.

IS: Ah Is there anything that can be done to, to somehow make it less, or get through it, or?

FORCES: Unfortunately, it will hit the third world countries rather than the other countries.

IS: But just like AIDS, it’s spread everywhere.

FORCES: Unfortunately, that will eventually happen.

IS: Thank you. You mentioned the reptilians are going to come in. Are the reptilians a good force or an evil force?

FORCES: The reptilians are many in number and form. The ones who have created, are, the pyramids in the constellation Orion. In conflict with them, from other constellations, but there are good and bad, — one powerful, many powerful, but many not so powerful. But they are the oldest species in the galaxies.

IS: So the reptilian is one nation, so to speak, or many alien nations?


IS: Ah, how many of the good ones, and can, do they look different than the bad ones?

FORCES: The good ones are known by their eye color and also their eye shape. The bad ones are more fierce in eye conditions and tiles or reptiles in their manner of skin. The bad, as we would call, the negative ones, or the aggressives, are more harsh in their looks and not as soft and refined as the ones who are the creators of the beginning.

IS: When you say creators, are we talking about the gods or are we talking an alien nation?

FORCES: There are many nations, many alien forces, what would be called gods is all of you. As you would know it, in your own creation in the embryo, you all go through different stages of birth. One of your major stages is your backbone, your spine is reptilian.

IS: Thank you. But the gods of Olympus…?

FORCES: Gods of Olympus was thrown out (by us), They were reptilian.

IS: They were reptilian? Then, were they good, bad, and could they also change their form to look like human?

FORCES; Yes, and there were many types good and bad.

IS: Thank you. Many more questions on that, but ah, you said they are now going to come into the open?


IS: And you said we are going to be involved?

FORCES: You are already involved.

IS: How ah, what would be the nature, I mean.., of the involvement, other than as it is now, for us?

FORCES: First-hand experience.

IS: We will have first-hand experience?

FORCES: Second-hand experience

IS: First, also? First-hand experience?

FORCES: Third-hand experience. Both of your hands will be experiencing(-)
IS: Ah The good ones, I hope?

FORCES: Well, let us say this, we are the overlords and seers, so therefore it is through us that they get through. We will not have you involved with any that is not of us.

IS: Thank you. Do you look reptilian?

FORCES: We have an opinion of ourselves, and very fair indeed, the best looking in the universe,

IS: So, yes?

FORCES: If you want to dance? Sure.

IS: How come the angels look so beautiful to us, like human, like we are?

FORCES: They also change their forms and they don’t stand in one place long enough for you to get a glimpse.

IS: Ah.

FORCES: Any moves by fast is beautiful. You don’t have to see it; you just experience it.

IS: I see. So everything in the universe, from a certain level on, has the power of changing?

FORCES: Well, yes

IS: The physical?

FORCES: Everyday you change.

IS: But I am talking about physically, like shape-shifting.

FORCES: Well, the body changes every, every, every day. Every seven years you have a complete new body.

IS: Yes, but in my case, it is a whole different story.

FORCES: We know that.

IS: May I ask questions about it?

FORCES: If it is decent and proper.

IS: Um, could you help me, what is wrong with me physically? My eyes, what is wrong with them? My…

FORCES: There are times you need to do silent exercises and also just movements. We would suggest one of those cold packs that you have hanging around, like liquid forms, just to rest your eyes. They need rest, too, just as everyone, but that won’t hurt for you to rest while you need to, relaxation in it.

IS: My legs and now my hands… I can’t…

FORCES: Of course, all this is exercise in what would be called the operations of your phone, but all that is workable and able to be moved out.

IS: Can you do that? Could you…

FORCES: The entity has already taken it over.

IS:I mean I still have it… mean, I still…

FORCES: Not as much as the pain that you did have.

15: That is correct because I was ah, I couldn’t sleep from the pain, ah and, ah, the same thing with my, um…

FORCES: Castor oil packs in that area won’t hurt you then.

IS: Ah Also, the lightheadedness that I have, is that related to the blood pressure?

FORCES: Well, we just see sometime there’s that build up of exhaustion that causes this, but we would not be concerned with blood pressure issues on that.

IS: No, not to be concerned with the blood pressure?

FORCES: Not with that no.

IS: Ah, so the light-headedness is not from the blood pressure? Or should I not worry about the blood pressure?

FORCES: Well, of course, you have concerns about the blood pressure by what you eat, you can’t go hog wild. But at the same time, it is related in a different way so the blood pressure is, in its own way, immeasurable.

IS: So, the light-headedness comes from what?

FORCES: There is a consistency of built-up anxiety, exhaustion, and tension. But at the same time, the ability not to keep moving to relax the eyes. That will calm that dizziness now.

IS: Is there anything else, like my legs and everything, that ah, ah, the my shoulder, I mean, this whole thing, is there anything that.

FORCES: You also wouldn’t hurt to have hot salt baths, too.

IS: Hot salt baths? Like what kind of salt, Epsom or?

FORCES: Either that or even Dead Sea Salt.

IS: Oh, sea salt? I don’t know if I can get that., maybe I can, dead sea salt, yeah. Ah That’s of that. Ah Can you help me with these things, or.. I mean, I feel like every time I take on a new thing I have to do, and I do it, and then I get stopped again and again, and its like, I feel like, my God, if would been allowed to just do something, I could have maybe been a big, a much, you know, successful, much more successful, in what I do, I keep getting, its like my body keeps stopping me every time I go a little distance with it. You know, just like, I feel like a, what is it, “carpool�? or whatever the heck…

FORCES: Well, you do not have to overindulge in the distance Breaking it up in hours of stands, or, you have when you do your little stitch there, in which you have seen and all that, remember, a half an hour of work is what you need. You must never to through the whole day doing it. So, you need ten minutes to the hour of a break, and after three hours, a 15 to half an hour break,

IS: Oh, why didn’t I think… even though I may have peoples waiting on me, like a…

FORCES: Again, you have to do It this way.

IS: I want to thank you for making me ah so successful with all those, the fair people, the fair things, is that correct? Is that, It wasn’t because there was any shortage of psychics right, it was specifically me?

FORCES; Well, there is a shortage of psychics, too,

IS: You mean real ones? Is that what you mean,

FORCES: Well, they are not to be found,

IS: You mean the other psychics that were around me were not really psychic?

FORCES: Well, they receive a certain amount of information, but none compared to what was in and was received.

IS: How did the word spread so fast? Was that, were thy not there?

FORCES: Yes, these things happen.

IS: Well, thank you. Will it continue like that?


IS: And that’s what I want to ask, Should 1 try and find somehow a way in which to go into these fair things?

FORCES: Could be, ah, a good experience.

IS: Where would I find those?

FORCES: The magazines.

IS: Thank you. With the bible class that I want to start.,, that’s a good idea?


IS: Will I be successful at it?


IS: That is what you have in mind, including the free pot (luck) and stuff, the food?


IS: Thank you. And the other thing is, with Susan, what shall I, what shall I do with that?

FORCES: What is there to do but move on and make up.
IS: Has she received my, the message?

FORCES: Of course, she understands.

IS: She didn’t before, correct?

FORCES: Well, there was a kind of a situation of not wanting to, but again, we say that this needs to be put into line and put into a form of resolution. We do not accept it nor do we appreciate it,

IS: So, does she feel, how does she feel?

FORCES: Well, we see that you both are hurt, but it is not the first time in life that people get hurt, so we dust off our wounds, put a band-aid on it, and move on,

IS: How does she feel, does she want to at this point, or..?

FORCES: It is our decision that she has to.

IS: Ok, without the hurt, how does she feel, does she want, does she, is she picking it up? Does she want to ah, what kind of relationship would she like, I just want to…?

FORCES: It is something that you will have to discuss together.

IS: Thank you. With the car, the Volvo, is that the car that you had for me? Was that the car?

FORCES: This is what we talked about. Yes.

IS: Thank you. Is everything all right with that car, or is there little things, or something?

FORCES: Always little things, but it is OK,

IS: Thank you so much. Sorry I took up the time.

Q: Thank you for all the help at work lately, especially today, that was so nice, Was, I read that Elijah the Tishbite and Enoch were the ones that are going to resist the Anti-Christ at the end of the world and then be slain and raised after three days — are they the candlesticks that are mentioned in Revelation?

FORCES: We would also have them as the open sepulcher or that of the stillness of the earth.

Q: Those two characters, Elijah the Tishbite and Enoch?

FORCES: It’s when the stars are standing still.

IS: Hasn’t Elijah already come?

FORCES: This is in the form that had been materialized.

Q: Has materialized now?

IS: Already? At the time of Jesus,

FORCES: It is a form that has been materialized,

IS: Will it then materialize again?

FORCES- Not in this particular case.

IS: And Enoch, has Enoch been materialized already?

FORCES: This is to become.

IS: So the two candlesticks are something else.

FORCES: They represent that of the illumination and also of the awareness that the mental mind cannot take over the spiritual soul.

IS: And, will there be actual, physical representations of that?

FORCES: You already have them in science and religion.

IS: So science and religion is the two candlesticks?

FORCES: Find them as such,

IS: Ah, but did Ed Weinberg, ah he opened, did he get a lesson, a bible lesson? From this last, more than he expected?

FORCES: He appreciated it. Quietly.

IS: So basically, all this fight between religion and science, it’s like what I showed that there is really no separation because the Bible is exactly, it knew all along what science is now confirming. That’s correct?


IS: Thank you.

ER: Thank you. Is there any advice you can give me for my mother? I think she’s falling short on her things that she should be doing for herself, like the juices, and the flaxseed oil.

FORCES: It won’t hurt her to have the baked potatoes with flax-seeded on it. It won’t hurt her to do flaxseed every other day and it won’t hurt her to do what she has to do but every other day she must do what she should do.

ER: Thank you very much.

FORCES: Make it every other day and she’ll be a happy woman.

ER: Thank you.

Q: How accurate is the book of the Essenes: The Hidden Life of Christ?

FORCES: You will have them as close to the description but there is much more which will be uncovered in what would be called Masada.

ER: Oh, my God.

Q: Thank you. And with John the Baptist, his transition from fear to that which we know of as John the Baptist, can you tell me what went through his head? What caused the transition finally to happen?

FORCES: In time, when things go wrong, we find fault with others. In time, when things go right, we say how good we are. In these times when John the Baptist was moving, remember he had a following. They were very astute with their own food intake and also mannerism of prayer and disciplines. In fact, they were more disciplined than the athletes in the Olympics. But in say-soing, he, of course and all people who move on, find ‘help me to be good’, but in regards to being good, you have no choice. For everyone is made the way they are, good and bad. But in reality, the good cannot be bad no matter how hard they try. It is not in them to be bad. Good people have been made good in the sight of God. In the manifestation of this is what the struggle was for John the Baptist. He wanted not to take on that responsibility but he had not choice because everything in his life forced him to take on, like a vise, more and more. As we say, no matter what you do, your own make-up is to harmony and the completion of that harmony. There are those who create for the creations sake and there are those who destroy for destroyings sake. His illumination came by knowing that he could not run away from what he didn’t want to do. All great spiritual leaders come to that point in their lives. Every spiritual leader must go through the dark side of the soul, it is a must, they must experience the bottom of hell, they must experience the dark side, for by doing so they bring that light within the darkness for they cannot change that light for that light stands out, it cries in the desert, make straight the way of the Lord. In so doing, the voice of the Lord was made straight, and the mountains stood still, and the ocean abate. And in such doing, even the stars watched closely, for the kingdom of heaven is from the beginning of creation, the beginning of time when man was created by the Gods. In so doing, the play is what would be considered wrung out. And in this doing, John the Baptist had only brought the light into the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not and the darkness knew of it not. Therefore, the light is the light and the light stands in the light and no matter where the light goes, all see. You cannot hold the light under a bushel for all see the light and in so doing, that light is the strength in which forces us to understand that it is not of ourselves that we move into the commitment of who we are, but who we are is the commitment.

IS: Thank you.

Q: Thank you very much.

IS: At the point when they asked John the Baptist, his disciples, about Jesus and almost with a petulance, and John the Baptist says to them, ‘I told you I am not he, I must decrease and he is going to increase’, is that the point where he didn’t want to take on or whether he did?

FORCES: You asked us a question that brings a different force of energy. It is not that he did not want to take it on. Everything has a cycle and the cycle is divine and inspired. John the Baptist realized that his decree of existence is by fate and in that fate he has existence for who he is and what he is is of that character. We all realize the things we need to accomplish. We fight and fight to get this accomplishment done, but when we see that which we serve to raise up it is in the rising of that person that we too are raised up. None of us are raised up on ourselves or alone. We all have stones underneath us, some big some small. We are not to be elevated without the help of our brother, therefore even the Son of Man needed to be raised up by the hard work and the back breaking toil and the salt of the earth. For in so doing, everyone contributes to the whole, regardless of what you do and all is in unison to the ultimate point of the rising up the Eucharist. In so doing, Jesus was raised up by that of the hard works of the disciples and also of the disciples that followed John the Baptist, for they merged with the disciples. They were all of the Essenes, “amu-tifou-dimont”, which means ‘they walked the land and faced the east’.

IS: Thank you.

NI: Should I get into more quantitative things at work more the analytical and also should I get more involved with Internet? The Internet kind of bores me, but should I make more of an effort to at least become more aware of it and just be more knowledgeable about it?


NI: Thank you. Also, is… and I don’t need to become more quantitative, I don’t need to become more doing things like say the catalog selects or trying push myself into those kinds of things? And just keep… cause I feel like the magazine stuff is becoming like a dinosaur, in that it is not… but is it still going to be around? I mean…

FORCES: Let us say, be assured that when the dinosaur falls to the earth you will have something else to do.

NI: Ok, thank you. Also, is the vitamin C that I take all right, the particular one that I take?

FORCES: Is this the coated one?

NI; It is a capsule and has it says it has calcium carbonate or calcium ascorbate, and I wasn’t sure if that was OK?

FORCES: You’ll find the coated one to be OK.

NI: Ok, thanks. And may I ask a quick question for TOBY?


NI: She’d like to know if her book is, how it’s going to do and also if you would bless it?

FORCES: It’s done. And it will do good.

NI: Thank you.

JU: Thank you very much for the help that you have been giving me in my meditations. Can you help me with the things that I am dealing with at work, now especially some stuff tomorrow, or is there something that you could tell me that I need to do so it works out, or …

FORCES: Well, the entity has spoken to you. You must image and keep the image of positive ness and also correction and believe in the image, presenting then focusing and projecting a can-do attitude and the image of positive ness in this will give you the answers when you least expect it.

JU: Thank you very much. Question: what really happened, has been happening in LasAlamos, they seem to be destroying the whole area? With the fires and the things happening to the people and secrets being stolen and everything else?

FORCES: This is ah one of the attacks that has been going on with extraterrestrial forces.

JU: Thank you very much.

FORCES: It is a major extraterrestrial base.

IS: Good or bad?

FORCES: Well, it is not good.

IS: Thank you.

DD: I made a diagram I have of the, I have this cube but it would probably do better as a pyramid with the Exodus on the north and Numbers on the south, maybe on the east…

FORCES: Levi is on east yes, Exodus on the south.

DD: Exodus would be south?


DD: Would numbers be north?

FORCES: Numbers will be north.

DD: And Levi?


DD: East?

FORCES: Numbers north, Exodus south.

DD: You switched it around…?

FORCES: Levi’s east, Numbers north, Exodus south.

DD: And Deuteronomy is the west?


DD: Revelations is the apex?

FORCES: Apex or top.

DD: And Genesis is the base?

FORCES: Is the base or center.

DD: So that would be the pyramid shape or the cube?

FORCES: Pyramid.

DD: And, the idea of having the Dee material as the board and the Bible as the cards? Is that correct?


DD: The time travel idea of, the way I finally came up with it, they would be in the pyramid and they could rotate in their mind where the night sky would be..?

FORCES: Pyramid is then in the cube.

DD: Is that idea in how they time traveled correct?

FORCES: That is your form.

DD: Is the time travel idea within?

FORCES: It is already being used today to go to Mars.

DD: So they rotate the sky to time-position they need?


DD: And then go there automatically?

FORCES: To Mars.

DD: Or to anywhere else you want.

FORCES: To Mars. From Mars you can go anywhere.

DD: So the portal is there?

FORCES: To Mars.

DD: And then they…?

FORCES: The Earth is connected to Mars. The Earth is Mars. Mars is the Earth. They are both twin planets.

IS: Are there humans like us there, or are they human?

FORCES: They left the Earth to be there. Yes.

IS: Are there humans from Earth there?


IS: Is there underground colonies or…?


IS: Is it, its not the slave colony is it?

FORCES: Some is, but they don’t know it.

IS: Is it people that disappeared from Earth that went there?

FORCES: Well, that too, yes.

DD: Could you help me with the Bible code, ah to use it?

FORCES: How so?

DD: What would be the best input, it seems very primitive, one man wrote a, did a whole scenario where he could find, is he accurate?

FORCES: More information is being duck tailed on top of it. All the larger ends are directed into it like a window that will be laid on, on it.

DD: And the input of ah Moses-Laban is it right for Tom?

FORCES: This would work.

DD: Thank you.

Q: The reptilian race, if they were the creators of the pyramid in that time period they seemed, those particular ones seem to be positive, how does that affect, like, human evolution and how it like from the beginning till,, how does it evolve? It is not really an invasion because who was here first and how did all that start?

FORCES: When we would say invasion it is a, what would be considered revisiting and also there is an invasion of a different alien experience species that would be considered conflict and also not to be or should not and they have found themselves to be here. This is what the conflict is all about around you and in the galaxies.

IS: Ah… Does this go back all the way to the beginning of the Bible as we know it?


IS; So we are talking about millions and billions of years ago?

FORCES: Well, if you say 5 billion years you be OK.

IS: Wow, So the struggle has been going on for all that time.

FORCES: Nothing ever changes. It boring.


IS: How, what is the longevity of these races and to each person, I mean..?

FORCES: 20 thousand year for some, some 5 thousand, some 11 thousand, some 20 thousand, some 100 thousand.

IS: We are not even little ants to them?

FORCES: Well, humm, humm, humm, humm-mm. The difference is your soul is eternal and you have emotions they don’t have. Unfortunately, you guys are not made to see all your life times that you live here, that you think you don’t know, in all reality you do know, but you are put into a state of sleep not to remember others because it conflicts with you doing this job that you have to do now. But in all reality, you just move from one position of the play to the other position. Does it mean that you die, no you don’t die. Your soul just goes into a different body or player to take and to resemble and to take on that experience of the play. A continuum, no death, So you are no different but your experience is much shorter 70 years if you are lucky for some, there’s is 2000, 5000, 10,000, 17,000. So they experience one character for a longer time. You have many characters that you experience.

IS: Do they incarnate, too?

FORCES: They do, yes, they can move on but because of their level they move on differently.

IS: Is there a limit to how… how old is this earth in its congealed form?

FORCES: The moon is much older.

IS: That’s why it is called the Old Man, the face of the Old Man?

FORCES: Those are just craters, but underneath them are colonies.

IS: With beings?

FORCES: Yeah, sure.

IS: Our beings, our beings, our kind of beings?

FORCES: Any type of beans, even string beans.

IS: Is there the life forms that would be in this third dimension recognizable to us?


IS: With intelligence?


IS: Thank you.

FORCES: The astronauts saw it when they landed.

IS: Did they communicate with them?

FORCES: No, they ran.


IS: Will we run? We the group, the people, that was what I was asking before?

FORCES: Well, we hope not but the fact is do you know what you would do when you meet one of those?

IS: No.

FORCES; Chances are you would have to wear brown pants.


IS: Can we be prepared somehow to act a little bit more dignified?

FORCES: Dignified is just a concept.

IS: Thank you.

FORCES: You could say to them: “I am acting dignified. Please ignore I wear a brown pair of pants.”

IS: Will they actually come and acknowledge us, I mean, I know we are, were talking about…

FORCES: Well, if you start screaming in their face they will acknowledge you all right.


IS: What I mean is here we are, we have been talking about aliens for about the last 30 years as a group or whatever is left of the group, but ah will we actually be acknowledged, meaning as a, as an actual ah player or will they go to the presidents, they will go to all of that stuff?

FORCES: All those who are in the vicinity know the message you have carried for years.

IS: Why was it brought up with—- with that whole thing and I know that you said he didn’t have the faith and that’s true but was that not calculated?

FORCES: We can’t reveal everything to you.

IS: Because, had nothing been said, we would have still been just fine, it’s like we created a problem by adding something?

FORCES: We did not create a problem, the destiny was there and could still be there, oops, excuse us, we shouldn’t have took it.

IS: Thank you. Um..

Q : What happens when the planets align this next coming month?

FORCES: Are you speaking of the eclipse?

Q: Yes.

FORCES: There will be emotions; there will be feelings of evolution, of awareness, and enlightenment, of knowing who you are in this awareness and all the work you have strived for, for so many years. You will begin to see the pattern and the fulfillment of the vision.

IS: We will actually be able to see it as a group?

FORCES: You will see it and be revealed about it.

IS: Thank you. Did you say next month when the planets are aligned, is that when aliens are going to come down, openly I mean?

FORCES: Well, if you haven’t seen them the last few days wait.

IS: No I haven’t. Where should I have seen them?

FORCES: You haven’t experienced anything yet.

IS: You mean to say that they are already revealing themselves?

DD: Lightening.

IS: Oh, the lightening, yeah. Oh you mean that.

FORCES: They were showing themselves.

IS: That? No, I am talking about actually…

FORCES: That, that, there showing themselves.

IS: That’s how they are showing themselves?

FORCES: No they show themselves.

IS: Physically?


IS: Thank you. And I will see them physically?

FORCES: You have already seen them in front of your house. When you ran under your covers.

IS: Oh, the light coming down. But I stood there and I didn’t know what to do. Is that what you are talking about, the beam of light?

FORCES: That. It’s obvious.

IS: I didn’t see them like a form physically, right?

FORCES: You saw enough.

IS: Well I didn’t know what else to do? I thought maybe they are going to come down while I stood there and then I didn’t know what else to do?

FORCES: It all will be done.

IS: I mean, will they physically come down in like a physical body?

FORCES: It is already happening.

IS: But, thank you. So will we be acknowledged or not? As…

FORCES: Sure, they’ll say hello.

IS: OK, now another problem or something is AC Can, how is she going to do in Washington? Thank you very much for that thing with V.G. for AC.

FORCES: She will do fine.

IS: How does V.G., was he a little insulted from the last conversation I had with him?


IS: No. Is that letter a good thing for him?

FORCES: It be all right.

IS: Oh, I shouldn’t have done that?

FORCES: We didn’t say that.

IS: How does he feel about us?


IS: Like he did before?

FORCES: Better.

IS: That? Oh, oh, oh thank you.

FORCES: The best.

IS: Oh, thank you.

FORCES: Fantastic.

IS: Thank you very much. And AC will do OK, will she?

FORCES: She will be doing good.

IS: OK. And the car with her, she will be ok with that.

FORCES: It will work out.

IS: Tom had a dream. Can that be negated?

FORCES: It will work out.

IS: Thank you very much. Also, with my diet, it seems I can’t do nothing, I can’t lose, I can’t do nothing. I try, it doesn’t work. Can you do for me what you did for Tom when you wanted him to fit into that ship? Controls? Or something?

FORCES: Well you must understand the entity is used physically and his astral body is used enormously on these space walks as he calls them. And also plucking him out for this space walk. They are not just space walks, as he calls them, but we don’t have a problem with that. They are not space walks, but it does take a tremendous amount of energy for him to learn how to steer that ships. He must pay attention and learn as we go with him. We have gone to several satellites moons and galaxies this week. He is quite defiant. It is not just space walks.

IS: What is it?

FORCES: Inter-galactic-al travel. And he has to master it. The last time we came to do this with him was in November, December. He mastered a major part of the ship movements. Now he is moving a mother ship which is much more interesting, but it is a huge, huge force ship that he must sit and move. If he goes the wrong way, it would cause a great deal of disturbance in the force, as they call it in your language. So, he is going through this next course which will be even more intense, so as to you coming aboard to lose weight…

IS: Yes, please. Take me on any course…

FORCES: That’s not what it is all about. And unfortunately, we can’t put you on this ship for to lose weight, but if you want to sign up, we have a waiting list.

IS: Yes, I’ll sign up.

FORCES; But you would have to go through the course. Losing weight will be an aftermath of it.

IS: Ok. Can I do it?

FORCES: We’ll have to bring it before the council.

IS: Do I have the tolerance to do it?

FORCES: Well you do drive fast on earth.

IS: Am I a good driver, though?

FORCES: If you slowed down a little bit and not get upset when people pass you.

IS: Thank you. You said that he is going through the course now again so he is going to again start losing the weight.

FORCES: It is already happening.

IS: The entity doesn’t seem to sleep very much. He sleeps like 2-3 hours and that’s it.

FORCES: He is too busy with us to have time for sleep.

IS: Is there, is it ok though, is he alright physically?

FORCES: Well, he belongs to us.

IS: Yeah, and he is healthy now?

FORCES: Yeah, he is doing as best as you humans can do.

IS: But is his health, physically, is he ok or does he have anything?

FORCES: Well, he is mastering his asthma pretty well. He is putting an itching… TAPE STOPS SIDE ONE; SWITCH SIDES… the force now.

IS: ?

FORCES: Sure, be with him. More align the force be with him by the very fact that he is in it unfortunately anyone he touches is drawn to the force. So, you are all in the army now.

IS: How about those that left?

FORCES: Well, those that left without a connection they are still in the space that they left.

IS: What does that mean?

FORCES: Another life-time they must come back. Unfortunately, for this type of situation to happen again be lasting for another what would be considered 20,000 years.

IS: Geez. What do those people do in the meantime?

FORCES: Stay in the army in the place that they are at.

IS: Those that left I mean?

FORCES: Yes, stay in that particular army where they are at. They will be marking time until that time comes.

IS: Is somebody like Benjamin aware of anything? Or is it the veil came down?

FORCES: Well, let us move on. We cannot comment on, we don’t mean to say those who left to be insane and negative, it is just what we are saying to be true, not to be rude. But there is an evolutional cycle that is cyclical and cannot be matched at that given time again until the cyclical happens at the same details and arrangements and configuration are aligned again. And the next time this happens again will be 20,000 years.

IS: When you say ‘this happens again’ are we talking about all of these entities here in the group, me included?


IS: We are going to come back in 20,000, we are still going to be here?

FORCES: I don’t think you understood us.

IS: Naw.

FORCES: Did you leave this group?

IS: No.

FORCES: So, you are not going to be back 20,000 years. You will be moving on to the destiny that you have chosen to hook up to.

IS: So there is going to be another set of people reaching that moment of evolution?

FORCES: 20,000 years from now.

IS: And there is going to be a whole other souls, somebody that will take the place of Tom that is not going to be the entity Tom?

FORCES: Something like that, yes. You guys will be in different, different galaxies at that time, yeah. In fact, you’ll be running Empire.

IS: So basically, …

FORCES: We are preparing you to run an Empire, each and every one of you.

IS: Really?

FORCES: By yourselves of course.

IS: Do we want to do that?

FORCES: Well, we would hope so.

IS: Without being, you mean to say, somebody like me will be completely separated…

FORCES: You mean for each to do that, yes.

IS: And Tom will be in a whole other galaxy and I will be in a whole other empire?

FORCES: In, In prospective, yes.

IS: That is sad, no?

FORCES: No, not particularly. It is all unified.

IS: Oh. So are of these other aliens, the bad, ah the bad, ah reptilians, are they looking at humans with a jealousy thing, because they are looking at us through the eyes of our incarnations, meaning that we live many maybe billions of years, or something? Is that how we seem to them, that we live eternally or we live like thousands, more thousands of years than them, through our incarnations….

FORCES: Well not only that, with your emotions and your feelings and your insights of things they don’t have.

IS: But if they are so warlike or so negative, is not negativity and warlike an emotion?

FORCES: NO, their type of approach is set in a strife light and no highs, no lows, just that.

IS: Like robots?

FORCES: Well, a little bit less, little bit more than robots.

IS: So they have been sort of created just for war?

FORCES: Well, something like that.

IS: Is that then, ok something is coming in my head, is that then like, are you showing it to me.

FORCES: Something like this, yes.

IS: Like this whole universe was unified, or this whole, everything was unified in one type, in one collective wholeness and as things went against let’s say God or whatever they split and all of a sudden we are dealing with the splinters and each split was really a function and sort of, these things took on that were this particular function as a whole they were very important, maybe their function was the needle or something, but now that that is all they are is the needle, is that it?

FORCES: Well, the concepts you got, yes.

IS: Shew! And they are sort of floating until this one time or eventually they too can be unified back until the whole?

FORCES: The concept is true, yes.

IS: So it is not just us being unified with God, it’s everything splintered unifying back into the whole of God.

FORCES: The concept is true.

IS: Any galaxy? And when you say we will run an empire we will be unified then into something.

FORCES: The concept is true.

IS: Thank you. Thank you very much.

ER: The infants that we are receiving now in the unit are younger and younger of course, the 22-week babies that are coming in, Tom is mentioning about they should be in a fluid. What would that be that would maintain them?

FORCES: It would be a gel state.

ER: Is somebody working on that since they are having, it seems to be a more frequent..?

FORCES: Well, the more you talk among yourselves the more you come together with that.

ER: So just talking to the doctors about it, or like… that that would be a more helpful thing to have happen?

FORCES: Sure. Exactly. The child does not have to be complete covered in gel but as long as it is supported by gel.

ER: I see. And the skin, the infections that happen so quickly, what would be better?

FORCES: Well the gel would be like a, what would be considered a life-giving gel then it will nourish the skin to make it grow.

IS; So it is like the silicone implants or something like that?

FORCES: NO, no, no, no, no, no, no, let’s not take it to that. It is a gel like aloe. Aloe gel.

IS: Now in that…

FORCES: But of course it must be protected from the outside so a dome would be have to, and protect it from germs in the aloe, so it would have to sterilized. But not sterilized to the point of losing its natural force.

ER: Was everything shown me? Everything?

FORCES: Well, we don’t waste time.

ER: Thank you very much.

IS: Now the Apocrypha talks about when the time comes where 20-week babies are going to be born and live to fruition, these babies, if we are 22 we are really close. Is that going to happen very soon, and followed by the signs in the Apocrypha.

FORCES: Well you have a couple of years before you reach it.

IS: But that is so. Now, also the sign, the person at Ed Eagleton, he threw out a question at Tom, in that case I want to know and he threw out some scientific question. Can that question be answered to him?

FORCES: He threw out the creation of which was created, where you spoke Tom the entity God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the earth. And the next question was what was the next creation. And God created the lights, greater light to rule the day, the lesser light to rule the night. And the greater light he called day and the lesser light he called evening and(—-) that. What he was speaking about was that the light was created not first and the entity said the light and the creation was the soul being created within of its own light and the lesser light is the light that you see that he’s caught on. So the answer is there. He is not looking to the greater light but to the lesser light, to knowledge.

IS: Did I though, am I correct though where he says oh, there is scientific proof that the sun or the whatever was created before the earth and I said and that is what it says in the Bible: in the beginning God created the heavens, and it says the heavens first and then the earth. Is that not so?

FORCES: Yes you answered it. Question.

IS: Thank you.

ER: Is there any help you can give me for my, the irritable bowel syndrome, the stuff I am taking from P.O. — is that all that I need to do, it seems to be kind of flaring up again?

FORCES: Well unfortunately you must calm yourself down, meditate more, and as the entity has said to you be receptive not defensive. In so doing, that symptom will disappear.

ER: Thank you.

IS: In that thing with my client T., is she going to get any of the….

FORCES: We would say the funds will constantly trickle in.

IS: But…

FORCES: It will be a constant.

IS: But as it has been up till now?


IS: Not any more?

FORCES: Constant.

IS: I see.

FORCES: What is the difference between a lump and constant? Constant.

IS: Well, there was before it was like a lot.

FORCES: Constant. Question.

IS: Thank you. So the big lump won’t come, right?

FORCES: Question.

IS: Thank you.

Q: In the Pyramid that David was speaking about before you said Genesis was in the bottom and the center. What would be the, the, the key or the entrance way into Genesis?

FORCES: Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh. We tell you we won’t. You find that out yourself.

Q: Is it represented by a Tarot card?

FORCES: Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh.

Q: All right. I’ll work on it. Thank you.

FORCES: You all know the answers, its very plain as the nose on your face but sometimes we don’t want to see the nose on the face so we waste time. But it is on your face, the nose. You can’t take it off. It grows and grows. Reminds me of a joke we can’t tell here mixed company you know. Not the earthlings, the angels. Question.

IS: They are talking of angels; the dark angel that Tom saw in Vietnam was that…

FORCES: Winged.

IS: The winged angel, the winged woman, was that a good angel or a bad angel?

FORCES: Well, it was an extraterrestrial and it wasn’t bad. It was doing the job.

IS: So are they winged physically?


IS: So there is a…

FORCES: At a 45-foot span to 50-feet span.

IS: Wow. And is this a whole race of aliens that are like that?


IS: That are like that?

FORCES: Oh, yes.

IS: Are they the ones that we mistake for angels?

FORCES: Some do get mistaken, yes, ah for angels, yes.

IS: But they are not THE Angels as we think of?

FORCES: No, no, no. But that’s how angels got started, too, by seeing these.

IS: The workshops that Tom….

FORCES: The difference is they have red eyes, you know angels don’t have red eyes.

IS: So they’re sort of scary?

FORCES: Well, angels have white eyes and white eyes and fire in their eyes and they are even more scarier.

IS: Actually, come to think of it, we are scared of everything, aren’t we?

FORCES: We didn’t say it. You did.

IS: I know, but it’s the truth. We humans are scared of everything.

FORCES: At this point we will have to leave. Greetings to all here present.

IS: Our Father, who art in heaven…