Session 629-3/19/00

Greetings to all here present now, we are in the area and find that the stress and strain of countries are abounding and there are many different planes of aggravation and also focus to put in order renovations by the example relationships. The individuals and the organization. We have found in this time many different changes; some of these are not so obvious, in the medical field. Looking back in the years we would have this and their concepts to be applied. But you know when each patient is, there is this service, when he is felt…entirely by the department…pediatrics and consult, but this form of focus is of new children’s technology and rehabilitation of the nerve centers within paralyzed children. It can only be done at this moment for children because of the structure and the neurons presentation within the spine and the back and arms. But again this will have to slowly be discovered. We also find that there will be different fossil fuels discovered and ways to make energy so that the oil dependence in the Middle East will not be so dependent. We also see that…un…nice that people are very positive and are with all of them. We find also that the ins and outs of this (term) and family whom we have a kind of (flattery) has a few more moments. We find again the teeth surveys within your country and the (?) sent, submitted appears to be 1995 (?) ah, what would be considered transports of these labs along with the section of chest pain ER, what were trying to say is that there will be new recognitions for these areas of the hospitals. We also are aware that the nurses have been exhausted beyond compare and that a new refocusing of the skills dealing with that of nursing along with the opening and hiring of jobs dealing for this. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you very much for coming in. Ah the person of ah EV., have I given them correct or wrong information?

FORCES: Well let us say it is right as far as information; it’s just their ability of hearing.

IS: Thank you. Ah can I find out about what kind of a car I should look for myself and when, when?

FORCES: Well you can choose this week for one, ahm yes, any particular ah four wheel drive which you want would be ok, along with a comfortable relationships in the fact of driving all in all is fine, there will be a car submitted and provided for you to review and look at.

IS: Thank you so much. Ah do you have a make or a, or doesn’t, where I should go for it?

FORCES: They have plenty of makes and models on our lots.

IS: Thank you so much. I have, I, may I go down the ah this the ah person of starting with T, ah ok ah is that going to continue even past the ah what I’ve got now already with me, is that?


IS: Yes.


IS: Ah does that mean that the person already has it or does it mean that the (?)?


IS: Thank you so much. And also with the person of starting K., have I done what I could for that person?


IS: Will that continue?

FORCES: There are times when you (?), but yes it will for a while.

IS: For a while?


IS: So it will stop?

FORCES: Ah wane back and forth.

IS: Ok thank you, and will there be, is there others of the same caliber as T?

FORCES: Many more to come.

IS: Thank you so much. For LFP, that I see is that equivalent of an announcement for him?

FORCES: Yes (?).

IS: Ah is there any prediction of what ah is going to happen?

FORCES: Ah it would be that those who do the work around him become faithful and supportive and dedicated to take him off with a big bang, this is the situation that is appropriate for the moment.

IS: So there is no prediction at this moment whether he’ll make it as governor or not?

FORCES: We’ll there’s a lot of obstacles, not too many, for we, we have removed some, in fact we have removed a lot at this point, but there is the ability to present a plan and dream as we have stated for the children and for the middle ah ground families of, of high school and even grammar college levels. A big plus would also be to heighten the teachers pay salaries and to keep them well anchored and trained and learned in their fields.

IS: Thank you so much. Ah So ah basically as it stands now is Mark W. running or is he out?

FORCES: He hasn’t made his announcements yet but at least it was pushed to the point that it is a second announcement, which gives him less of a sting, ah the fact is this is still up in the air to withdrawing.

IS: Thank you. Am I correct in perceiving what is one of the hidden things of that entity MK W.

FORCES Well we find it to be an aspect of it, but his family life is estranged in it’s approaching this area.

IS: May I ask a question now for AC?


IS: Will AC get into the ah, will she get into the Summer Honor Council this year, this summer?

FORCES: We see the availability to be very good.

IS: If not what should she do at, this summer, what kind of thing should she (?) this summer?

FORCES: There will be many roads for her to take, even if she does get in she can still think about serving in some other prestigious law firms.

IS: So V.G. is not an option?

FORCES: That is a prestigious law firm.

IS: Yes it is, thank you —

FORCES: Even though it is run by the government.

IS: Ah thank you so much.

DD: The little man that I saw on the soapstone was he, I interpreted him as being one of the letters of the Enochian alphabet, was that right?


DD: So all the, all the letters were solidified in the soapstone when the (?)?

FORCES: It was created.

DD: So it was created, as I understand it when the coming out of the Lemurian Age, like a spark that jumped into the physical?


DD: And ah do I understand the 14 phosphene’s, if you divide those in two you get your letters?

FORCES: This is true.

DD: Thank you.

NN: Ah is it a real thing the repeating of the first four letters, like in that story by Elie Wiesel (Souls on Fire), is that, is using that a real force that can actually, what would be the effect of doing that?

FORCES: It does create a force around yes.

NN: Is it all right to use it just on a, just during you know, regular time just as like a mantra?


NN: Thank you.

JW: The sins that the Catholic Church call omission and commission (?) in the Bible?

FORCES: You would find the what would be called the intent, in the Book while one’s intent is forgiven, the sin of the King that was give 15 years extra to live. But then you have also the sin that was those who had built the graven image, and they lost their lives instantly from that. So about this commission and omission what it really adds up to is the heart the intent and the focus of the motivation of not the sin, but the heart in which the sin is committed and that is where all things are balanced at.

JW: Thank you.

JU: The ah, thank you for your help ah the last couple of weeks especially the anxiety stuff that I asked about it’s now seems like it’s more at a distance and then close ah that cause of following the things or how did that, how did, was that able to happen so that I’m able to keep it that way?

FORCES: Might be instructions that you had been given to do this, umm, we would say to increase those instructions still.

JU: They’ve been working very, very well thank you.

FORCES: You should keep them up very, very well.

JU: And at the, in terms of the job continuing on course ah would the idea of a, of a buyback type idea, does that have any merit to it or just?

FORCES: What do you mean?

JU: Something where, ah arrange financing to buy the company back and then to ah —

FORCES: Sell your room.

JU: Ah I’m not sure, (?), see if we get investors to do it.

FORCES: And who came up with this thought?

JU: Uhh, it was a combination of different comments from different people. It was just an idea so I don’t know if it has any merit or.

FORCES: Who came up with the idea?

JU: Ahhhhh, I don’t remember, one, one person that works for me had the idea of subcontracting the work.

FORCES: What we are trying to say to you quietly, be very careful, because this concept as you allude to and have spoken to others about, might blow up. Companies do not like the concept of buying back their company or even the thought of others taking over their company, even though it’s far away from the mother ship or company, ah they have a certain personal attachment to what is theirs. So if your speaking about buying over the company, buying back, they might take a personal affront on that and feel like a union has stepped up in their back yard. Ummm, it is very, very tricky to bring up such a subject and pad it very nicely, but we are trying to say to you that such concepts should be handled with kid gloves and carefully.

JU: thank you.

ES: Thank you for all the help with my knee, rather self-inflicted —— ah can you tell me who I saw in the sky last night, was that you?

FORCES: Well if it was there that would allowed us to be here.

ES: That’s when you came in?

FORCES: It allowed us to be and to be able to have this meeting with you.

ES: And the part that came back which was very nice when I requested it, who was that or what part of the ship was that?

FORCES: Well let us say it was the ah welcoming party.

ES: That was very nice. Thank you very much.

FORCES: Now as far as your foot is concerned, kneecap or whatever to be exact, um it could and was slated to be a lot worse, but the entity of course moved it quiet fast along it’s way to healing. But a word to you, watch your thoughts and your mind and justice trips of things you do. And remember it did not have to go that way, no need to rush in this place, get what you have to do done, but get it done in the right approach and attitude and therefore you won’t have to be cracking your knee on, on all fours, slowly move in with a purpose and these things can be put at bay.

ES: Thank you

AL: Should I change schools?

FORCES: We don’t see at this moment you need to.

ED: Ah, who was I in ah my past lives?

FORCES: We will give you one of your lifetimes.

ED. Ok.

FORCES: You were the keeper of ships and the fighter for England’s seaworthiness. You’ve put he Spaniards at bay and fought their, what would be called Armada, and several times you had fought with them to save England and this is the what would be considered Sir Walter Scott.

IS: Thank you. Is there any life then that would correlate to his ah, is that the lifetime that would correlate or is there something other that would correlate to his difficulties this lifetime?

FORCES: We would leave it at that for there was many complications that he had to overcome to do that particular job.

IS: Thank you.

JN: Ah thank you for coming, ah what could I do for my children so they can overcome their um, ah whatever ah unease ah spiritually, mentally, physically and ah so that they can proceed with ah a normal life and to fulfill their potentials and do what their here to do?

FORCES: If we had the answer to all of that, we would all be able to have a happier life, but the bottom line is, they should know that they are very strong souls and then they can do alot for the benefit of mankind by even calling upon us to help them to become stronger in situations that they feel weak in.

JN: So is there anything AL could do to overcome her difficulties right now?

FORCES: That she should understand that she always has a watcher over her to give her the strength to accomplish the human, and human, humanitarian type concepts in her life.

JN: And what about ED?

FORCES: Learning of his past will help him to deal and work strongly with his future.

JN: Ah should he go the (?) High School?

FORCES: Again that will be up to him to decide by keeping his grades up to a standard. But if he refuses — not do his test right, that is taking his test to achieve the highest scores, rather than to not take the highest scores, but to play around with the questions with ah fantasies, then he will not get the highest mark, and in so doing he’s actually sabotaging himself. So we would advise that he strives to do his work and do it well and focus on doing it rather than fooling himself and others, he needs to at least sparkle into concentration, when this happens he can master everything.

JN: Would a trip to China help AL this summer?

FORCES: Well look into that, could have some strong possibilities.

JN: Thank you very much.

IS: Thank you. Ah is there some, some information for that girl that AC wanted to ask about, that I, that is either wounded, injured something?

FORCES: Her recovery would be slow, but it is a emotional situation also. Heal that problem first and the recovery on a physical that will, will be done.

IS: Thank you. Ah with ah JS, is there anything for JS that at this point can be given?

FORCES: That knowing of his true self with the one’s that the entity has been sent into the earth to accomplish will be the continuation of his mission and purpose and what would be considered ah, vision and the entity will create and illuminate the vision that he will continue with.

IS: Thank you so much. Ah did Dr. S heal my Epstein Barr?

FORCES: Well it had some merit, we must say.

IS: What healed my, I am healed now from the Epstein Barr right?

FORCES: You are not showing of it and listed of it anymore.

IS: Thank you, so that was really more you, correct?

FORCES: Ah we do dabble in everything.

IS: Ah do I need Dr. S for anything else at this point?

FORCES: Ah no.

IS: Thank you very much, on the lines I ‘am having such a difficult time to get there, should I continue trying?

FORCES: You can try your nervous with it.

IS: So the way I have been doing it, like —


IS: Once a month, once every two weeks?


IS: Ah thank you, ah the psychic festival should I, I am undertaking it is that correct, will I do well at it?


IS: And Tom’s lecture there.


IS: Ah that’s correct that, what ah, what best would be the method to use, is the one that I call the Gypsy or the Celtic Cross or the ah just the way I start up with things?

FORCES: Each one will be different, but the Gypsy would be the best.

IS: And in that case thank you, and in that case ah what is the first ah car that I should use and how many cards altogether?

FORCES: Seven cards altogether down and seven around and three on the side and of course always start off with the seeker.

IS: With the seeker, Ah something that they would recognize that I know what I’ am talking about, would I don’t understand?

FORCES: What would be considered the visionary, seeker, emotions the Prince, what would be considered of cups.

IS: So my first, the way I have it now is I start off with longevity ah I don’t know, health love, all of these things, so how?

FORCES: Start off with what there seeking.

IS: Ahhh, what they are seeking, they seeking ah I see, thank you and ah where, do I bring that like past, present and future the way I have?

FORCES: Everything else will follow.

IS: Thank you so much, and ah in the Bible specifically I mean I’ am I want ah, I’ am not splitting it up I just wanted, take one section sort of at a time the Laws, the Five first Books of Moses, how accurate are they?

FORCES: All the Laws of the Bible are infinite and interpreted with Mercy and Love first and foremost.

IS: Ahhh.

FORCES: If we were still under the Five Books of the Laws without the Spirit of Christ, they would be tightened around our necks.

IS: Who gave those ah, who, where did the information for the first, for the first Five Books come from?

FORCES: It came from a source to try to put the earth into a sort of Formation.

IS: Ah correct, is that the Jesus say, saying ok you did what you did but go and sin no more, is that the Mercy, your referring to?

FORCES: A component, but there is other Mercies involved in it, the Mercy of non-Judgment.

IS: So there is the Mercy of non-Judgment does that though change the, has, did Jesus ah Book, has the Jesus coming in has that changed any of those laws, yes the Mercy and yes no Judgment, but has it actually changed those Laws.

FORCES: It is a concept of transforming the Laws into that of the Spirit. Where the people had no Spirit, they had to have Laws, now they have Christ and that is the Law of the Spirit which is Love, we must move on.

IS: Thank you.

DD: The Fourteen phosphemes are they the phonetic signs?


DD: And the Ah man who wrote a book about taking a ship to the moon, Cyrano de Bergerac and his twenty sided figure, some kind of a ship, was that a real trip or, or on an astral level, or?

FORCES: We would say it was an etheric travel.

DD: The idea that I have that Noah’s Ark is the three islands of Atlantis, is there anything to that?

FORCES: It could be applied as such.

DD: And the Sulphur being a Mars —

FORCES: This is correct.

DD: And Mercury being Venus?


DD: And the Salt being the Earth?

FORCES: Yes as applied, right.

DD: And one more question about the Olive Leaf Extract is that, have any what I think it has in it, all the things you need?

FORCES: This and an immune rejuvenator. Question.

DD: Than you very much.

NN: Thank you again for all your help at work, is there guidance that you could give me specifically about it now?

FORCES: Just keep on with the work and it will be there.

NN: Thank you, also is it possible to know ah why that young girl had to cross over at this point?

FORCES: Unfortunately sometimes the blood of others is a catalyst of unifying people with that expression of love. So it is through her sacrifice, up to the very end, unfortunately in her rushing about and her inability to be confident and confident ah comfortable with her driving skills, she was one that should not have been driving ah by herself. Again her life was that to teach others to come together in the common good.

NN: Thank you.

IS: While we are on this young girl H. am I correct what I saw?


IS: Should that be then given to the Mother?

FORCES: Eventually in time.

IS: Thank you.

JW: Tom spoke to me of the Path of James from the Book of JW, could you explain that to me?

FORCES: He was the rejuvenator and the Focus of the Age to come, and in it say’s it all.

JW: Thank you and just in dealing with, with ah personality conflicts, the best way to center yourself so you are not drawn in, and for immediate (?)?

FORCES: The best way to center is centering. The individual needs to center, while centering, knowing if one is let off center, then to be drawn into the conflict. But unfortunately we do have those who are off-centered and react and that is not our business. But we need to very calmly as we said put one foot in front of the other, what we said in that verse is at your feet, meaning the feet of a tree, that it is centered, that it doesn’t vary. If all the trees decided to uproot themselves right now and not center to where they anchored, then we would have a tremendous earth problem at this moment, but because they are anchored from the very moment of there planting there able to be centered in there place of blossoming and shade from the hot sun of emotions. So every single time we look at a tree we see the roots crowding into the earth, this reminds us subconsciously that we must center ourselves so we could get the job done.

JW: Thank you (?).

JU: Ahm currently in the market, stock market there’s tremendous movement up and down and six thousand different versions of why it’s happening, what’s causing it and is this all being manipulated right now?

FORCES: As we have admitted to it many months ago, yes, it has been manipulated. When the market crashed it was pumped up, but it’s also indigestion.

JU: Thank you very much. Ah in, last night and occasionally, not often though, occasionally it, ah it seems like the whole series of difficulties sleeping and dreams. Can you tell me what’s causing that and what I could do about it?

FORCES: Again it is what you eat before you go and also resting of your mind, which you have a difficult time of.

JU: Thank you.

ES: Ah letter energies of the Hebrew Alphabet placed in the correct order; can they be used simply as the Time Machine?

FORCES: Um this is right.

ES: Do each letter have a different Archangel or are the Archangels that we know of divided amongst the twenty-two letters?

FORCES: Each letter has a different energy field.

ES: Ok, thank you very much.

ED: Ah ok ah what’s my past (?) now?

FORCES: Repeat.

ED: I don’t know (?).

FORCES: Repeat.

ED: Ok, what’s my Internet name?

FORCES: Your Internet name from this galaxy to the next is the Bright Mouth One.


AL: Who, who was I in one of the past life’s?

FORCES: Seeking of the past life could be an exciting adventure, but if we will start with the most simple one, that of a nun in Notre Dame, a simple nun of that order, who took care of the aisle’s of the churches.

AL: Thank you.

JN: How is God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit related to the, in relationship to the Higher Forces?

FORCES: It is a concept of the hierarchy, The Higher Forces are that element of the Hierarchy, call it the Paraclete or that of the Spirit of the Wisdom, and it would be the Holy Spirit.

JN: So the Higher Forces would be equivalent to the Holy Spirit?

FORCES: We would address that issue as such.

JN: And ah so the, ah Jesus Christ also is part of a whole entity?


JN: And God the Father is another entity?

FORCES: He pays the bills.

JN: And where does He reside?

FORCES: There is a thought, in all of us, He does.

FORCES: At this moment we will be leaving. Greeting to all the (?).

GROUP: Our Father who art in Heaven…